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Agricultural Journal (2019 Volume 14)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1816-9155 (Print)
ISSN : 1994-4616 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 4 Issue 5, 2009
Candidate Agroforestry Technologies and Practices for Uganda
Clement Akais Okia, Jacob Godfrey Agea, Jude Sekatuba, Gerald Ongodia, Balikitenda Katumba, Vincent Ibwala Opolot and Henry Mutabazi
Feasibility of Using Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato as an Alternative to Carrot in Nigerian Salad Preparations
U.J. Ukpabi and E.N. Ekeledo
Income Inequality and the Welfare of Rural Households in Imo State, Nigeria
I.Y. Ajani Olubunmi and A. Babalola Daniel
Response of Lowland Rice to Iron Toxicity at Different Slope Positions: A Case Study in Upper Oueme Basin, Benin Republic
Amit Kumar Srivastava, Claude Kanninkpo and Thomas Gaiser
Supplementation of Probiotics on Feed Intake, Digestibility and Conjugated Linoleic Acid Contents in Plasma and Meat of Growing Goats
Pramote Paengkoum and Han Yong
Replacement of Soybean Meal with Cassava Pulp Mixed with Urea Gelatinizes (Caspurea) in Concentrate Diets of Beef Cattle
Pramote Paengkoum and Kanin Bunnakit
Performance of Some Plant Extracts and Pesticides in the Control of Bacterial Spot Diseases of Solanum
E.U. Opara and F.T. Obani