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Agricultural Journal (2019 Volume 14)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1816-9155 (Print)
ISSN : 1994-4616 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 5 Issue 3, 2010
Biodegradation of Triplochiton scleroxylon K. Schum Tectona grandis Linn, Gmelina arborea Roxb, Nauclea diderichii Linn and Terminalia ivorensis A. Chev by Lenzites palisoti Fr.
A.C. Adetogun, F.M. Oladapo, A.O. Omole, K.M. Ogunjobi and R.O. Adejumo
A Review of Literatures Related to Kenaf as a Alternative for Pulpwoods
Ahmad Azizi Mossello, Jalaluddin Harun, Seyed Rashid Fallah Shamsi, Hossein Resalati, Paridah Md Tahir, Rushdan Ibrahim and Ainun Zuriyati Mohmamed
Effects of Feijoa Cutting Diameter on Seedling Quality
Meng Zhang, Dan Wang, Shao-Xiong Ren, Li-Zhang Fan and Ren-Dao Liu
Nitrate and Nitrite Contents of Some Vegetables Consumed in South Province of Turkey
Firdevs Mor, Fatma Sahindokuyucu and Neslihan Erdogan
Supply Response of Rubber Farmers in Nigeria: An Application of Vector Error Correction Model
C.S. Mesike, R.N. Okoh and O.E. Inoni
Determinants of Food Insecurity among Arable Farmers in Edo State, Nigeria
O. Ojogho
Economics of Scale and Cost Efficiency in Small Scale Maize Production in Mubi North Local Government in Adamawa State, Nigeria
Y.Z. Dia and Jimjel W. Zalkuwi
Immune Response of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) Fed with Herbal Immunostimulants Diets
Hajibeglou Abasali and Sudagar Mohamad
Determination of Superior Almond Genotypes in Diyarbakir Central Districts
Mikdat Simsek and Ali Riza Demirkiran
Rhizosphere Microflora of Potato as Affected by Organic Treatments
Bibhuti B. Das, Nagen Rajak, Neilhousano Nakhro and Mumtaz S. Dkhar
Determination of the Rate of Calcination During Cement Production
C.I.O. Kamalu and E.C. Osoka
The Effect of Different Levels of Full Fat Sunflower Seed on Performance of Broiler Chickens
Mahdi Malakian
Knowledge, Opinions and Practice of Last Year Dentistry Students of Shahid Beheshti University Regarding Diagnosis and Differentiation of Malignant Lesions
Jamileh Beigom Taheri, Mahkameh Moshfeghi, Fahimeh Anbari, Zahra Namazi and Sedigheh Bakhtiari
Beekeeping for Rural Development: Its Potentiality and Constraints in Eastern Tigray, Northern Ethiopia
Gidey Yirga and Kibrom Ftwi
Evaluation of Pepper Intercropped with Tall-Companion Crop in the Management of Pepper Veinal Mottle Virus Potyvirus Disease and its Vectors on Cultivated Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) in Nigeria
A.A. Fajinmi and O.B. Fajinmi
Breed and Environmental Factors Affecting Body Measurements of Beef Cattle in Yewa, Nigeria
B.B.A. Taiwo, O.D.D. Olaniran and F.A. Aluko
The Effect of Different Weaning Ages on Fatty Acid Composition in Rack Joint of Male Kids
Serhat Karaca, Ulku Uzumcuoglu, Dalmis Askin Kor and Ayla Soyer
Nutritional Value of Cassava Wastes Ensiled with Albizia saman Pod as Feed for Ruminants in Off Season
O.J. Babayemi, U.A. Inyang, O.J. Ifut and L.J. Isaac
Quality and Chemical Composition of Cassava Wastes Ensiled with Albizia saman Pods
O.J. Babayemi, O.J. Ifut, U.A. Inyang and L.J. Isaac
Environmental Sustainability and Profitability of Integrated Fish cum Crop Farming in Anambra State, Nigeria
C.O.A. Ugwumba
The Influence of Soil Characteristics on Plant Species Diversity and their Distribution Patterns in Western Serengeti, Tanzania
Herbert Valentine Lyaruu