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Agricultural Journal (2019 Volume 14)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1816-9155 (Print)
ISSN : 1994-4616 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 7 Issue 5, 2012
Assessment of Air Pollution Related Health Problems and Willingness to Pay for Improved Environment in Hanoi, Vietnam: An Application of Contingent Valuation Method
Nguyen Viet Hanh and Shin Hio Jung
Response of Weaner Rabbits Fed Graded Levels of Bambara Groundnut (Vigna subterranean (L.) Verdc) Offal Diets
M.O. Ironkwe and K.U. Amaefule
Adoption of BRRI Dhan47 in the Coastal Saline areas of Bangladesh
A.K.M.H.U. Chowdhury, M.E. Haque, M.Z. Hoque and M. Rokonuzzaman
Soil Carbon Accumulation and Soil Microbial Biomass in Two Use Types as Influenced by Parent Material
E.U. Onweremadu, A.C. Udebuani and P.N. Abara
Analysis of Resource Use Efficiency in Yam Production in Yakurr Local Government Area of Cross River State Nigeria
Ntuokwa Ejor Tiku and James Happiness Enoibor
Spectrum of Insect Pest Complex of Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) at Lambapeepal Village in Kota Region
Uttam Kumar, Pawan Kumar Sharma and Surabhi Shrivastava
Necessary Competency of the Researchers in Community Based Action Research to Strengthen Training Curriculum for University Researchers on the Aspect of Agricultural Community Development
Phassakon Nuntapanich
The Potential Use of Certain Protein Metabolism Parameters as Biomarkers of Heavy Metal (Lead) Stress in the African Catfish, Clarias gariepinus
E.A.A. Olojo, A.A. Abass, K.B. Olurin and G. Mbaka
Characterization of Polyphenol Oxidase from Feijoa Fruit
Li-Zhang Fan, Meng Zhang, Dan Wang and Shao-Xiong Ren
Quality Protein Maize under Low N and Drought Environments: Endosperm Modification, Protein and Tryptophan Concentrations in Grain
Claver Ngaboyisonga, Kiarie Njoroge, Dncan Kirubi and Sam M. Githiri
Climate Change and Cropping Techniques among Farmers in Oyo State: Implications for Extension Systems
R.G. Adeola, F.A. Kuponiyi and O.O. Adebayo
Agriculture and its Integration with National Accounts Statistics: The Indian Case
Ankush Agarwal and Arup Mitra
Comparison of Nutrient Composition and In vitro Digestion Characteristics of Four Forage Legumes from Two Agro-Ecological Zones of Rwanda
Rebero Emmanuel and Mupenzi Mutimura
Utilization and Determinants of Institutional Credit of the NACRDB by Small Scale Farmers in Imo State, Nigeria
J.S. Orebiyi, C.C. Eze, A. Henri-Ukoha, F.C. Akubude, N.G. Ben-Chendo and S.J. Ibitoye
An Assessment of Youths Participation in Agriculture and Rural Development, Benue State, Nigeria
V.A. Okwoche, A.I. Age and F.O. Alegwu