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Agricultural Journal (2019 Volume 14)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1816-9155 (Print)
ISSN : 1994-4616 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 8 Issue 4, 2013
Different Cereal Grains Alter the Daily Metabolizable Energy Intake of Broiler Chickens
B.A. Stammen and J.D. Latshaw
Scriptaid Improves Histone Acetylation and in vitro Development of Porcine Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Embryos
Zhengsan Wu, Qingyou Liu, Peng Zhu, Shuai Liu, Guihua Bian, Sufang Yang, Fenghua Lu and Deshun Shi
Evaluation of Chemical Composition and in vitro Fermentation Parameters of Moringa oleifera Leaf Meal Based Diets as Feed for Ruminants in Nigeria
G.O. Tona, V.O. Asaolu, O.A. Amao and A.A. Akingbade
Optical Properties of (Polystyrene-Wood Buckthorn Peel) Composites
Hani Najm Obaid, Angham G. Hadi, Farhan Lafta and Ahmed Hashim
Rumen Liquor from Slaughtered Cattle as a Source of Inoculum for in vitro Gas Production Technique in Forage Evaluation
M. Mutimura, C.B. Myambi, P. Gahunga, D.M. Mgheni, G.H. Laswai, L.A. Mtenga, D. Gahakwa, A.E. Kimambo and C. Ebong
Attaining Sufficient Yield of Sugarcane in Bangladesh: An Empirical Approach
Md. Sohel Rana, Fahim Hossain and Shuvangkor Shusmoy Roy
Persistency of Common Fodder Grasses under Melia azedarach Based Silvipastoral System
S.R. Barsila, Naba R. Devkota and I. Barshila