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Agricultural Journal (2019 Volume 14)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1816-9155 (Print)
ISSN : 1994-4616 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 8 Issue 5, 2013
Response of Sorghum Cultivar’s to Nitrogen Levels on Yield, Water Productivity, Stover Nutritive Value Traits and Economic Benefits to Crop-Livestock Farmers in the Semi-Arid Areas of Zimbabwe
Munyaradzi Mativavarira, Patricia Masikati, Andre Van Rooyen, Eddie Mwenje, John Dimes, Michael Blummel, Bright M. Jumbo, Joseph L.N. Sikosana and Kizito Mazvimavi
Characterization of Village Chicken Production Performance under Scavenging System in Halaba District of Southern Ethiopia
Nebiyu Yemane, Berhan Tamir and Kelay Belihu
Puddling Effects on the Shear Parameters of Paddy Field Soil
R. Tabatabaekoloor and M. Rezaei
Crop Residues for Mulch, Feed Yield and Quality as Influenced by Low-Input Maize-Based Cropping Systems and N Fertilizer
A.T. Omokanye, F.M. Kelleher and A. McInnes
The Effect of Dried Rumen Content on Growth Performance and Carcass Traits of Japanese Quails
Hakan Inci, Bunyamin Sogut, A. Yusuf Sengul and Turgay Sengul
Smallholder Farmers’ Livelihoods and Their Adaption Capacity to Climate Variability in Meru County, Kenya
Gilbert Muthee Mwoga, Eliphus Mutuma Murithi and Fuchaka Waswa
Evaluation of Dual Purpose Sweet Potato [Ipomea batatas (L.) Lam] Cultivars for Root and Fodder Production in Eastern Province, Rwanda
T.N. Niyireba, C. Ebong, S. Agili, J. Low, B. Lukuyu, J. Kirui, J. Ndirigwe, G. Uwimana, L. Kakundiye, M. Mutimura, D. Gahakwa and C.K. Gachuiri
Profitability of Smallholder Dairy Cattle Farming in the Kamuli Plains of Eastern Uganda
T. Kagoya, K. Natukunda and D.R. Kugonza
The Effect of C-Jun on Leydig Cells Proliferation of Elemental Status in Rongchang Piglets
Xiaobo Zheng, Lijuan Qing, Zhiwan Zheng, Jiao Li, Rong Xiao, Libin Wang, Yinzhu Yao, Boqing Wu, Huihao Xu, Maosen Xu, Jing Li, Qun Wu and Liang Ge
Importance of Agricultural Land Use Evaluation in Nigeria: A Review of Literature
Abah Roland Clement