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Agricultural Journal (2019 Volume 14)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1816-9155 (Print)
ISSN : 1994-4616 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 2 Issue 1, 2007
Estimation of Potential Soil Losses on a Regional Scale: A Case of Abomey-Bohicon Region. Benin Republic
Lawal Olanrewaju , Thomas Gaiser and Babatunde Nuga
Improving Efficiency in Food Crop Production for Food Security in Nigeria
S.O. Ojo
Effect of Different Temperature Regimes on Seed Germination and Growth Parameters of Dacryodes Edulis
I.M. Ojeifo , F.N. Emuh and B. Igbenije-Ogor
Effect of Different Temperature Regimes on Duration of Fruit Softening and Sensory Evaluation of Dacryodes edulis
F.N. Emuh , I.M. Ojeifo , B. Igbenije-ogor and I.O. Emegha
Effect of Mexican Sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia (Helms) A. Gray) Interference in the Performance of Melon (Citrulus lanatus Thumb. Mansfd)
O.S. Olabode , S. Ogunyemi and G.O. Adesina
Effects of Children Involvement in Agriculture on Their Education in Southwest Nigeria
O.O. Fasina and A.E. Adekoya
Crop Water Stress Index and Water-Use Efficiency for Melon (Cucumis melo L.) on Different Irrigation Regimes
Bernardo Barbosa da Silva , Jose Alberto Ferreira , Tantravahi Venkata Ramana Rao and Vicente de Paulo Rodrigues da Silva
Effect of Establishment Techniques and Nitrogen Management on the Leaf Nitrogen Concentration (LNC), Flowering, Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Quality of Rice Hybrid (Oryza sativa L.) ADTRH1
S. Ramesh and B. Chandrasekaran
A Novel Technique for Measuring Root Activity of Small Crops in Mixtures Using Lithium as a Non-Radioactive Tracer
M.P. Tofinga
Land Use Effect on the Profile Distribution of Sulfur in an Aquic Brown Soil
Yong Jiang , Yuge Zhang and Wenju Liang
Intercropping Citrus Rootstock Seedlings with Watermelon in the Nursery
I.M. Ojeifo , M.A. Jolaoso and I.O.O. Aiyelaagbe
Intercropping Citrus Rootstock Seedlings with Seed Melon in the Nursery
I.M. Ojeifo , I.O.O. Aiyelaagbe and M.A. Jolaoso
The Effects on the Blood, Carcass and Organs of Finisher Broilers Fed Groundnut Cake Diets Replaced with Urea-Treated and Fermented Brewer`s Dried Grains
J.O. Isikwenu and S.I. Omeje
Combining Ability and Genetic Components for Length and Width of Pods in West African Okra (Abelmoschus caillei [A. Chev] Stevels)
O.T. Adeniji and O.B. Kehinde
Studies on Stability and Interrelationships among Stability Parameters for Fodder Yield in Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata [L.] Walp)
Adeniji Olawale Taiwo
Effect of Manure or Fertilizer Application on Height of Sorghum almum Harvested at Different Maturity Stages
T.P. Lanyasunya , H. Wang Rong , E.A. Mukisira and N.K. Kibitok
Five Years of Phenologic Observations and Agronomic Features of Three Local Poaceae Fodder in North East Algeria
M. Boudelaa , S. Slimani , T.O. Boutebba and S. Boussora
Growth Study of Three Local Populations of Graminaceous Fodder According to Bioclimatic Index of Sum Temperatures (E0)
M. Boudelaa , S. Slimani , A. Boutebba and S. Boussora
Development of Callosobruchus maculatus Fabricius on Grain Legumes Used as Cover Crops
B.N. Iloba and S.B.A. Umoetok
Wood Carving in South-Western Nigeria a Techno-Economic Analysis of Tree Species Utilization
O.Y. Ogunsanwo , A.A. Aiyeloja and A.O. Owowa
Changes in the Apparent Digestibility of the Lupinus rotundiflorus Forage in the Pelibuey Sheep
H. Verdin-Sanchez , J.R. Orozco-Hernandez , R. Rosales-Ramirez , A. Ramos-Mendoza and C. Jimenez-Plascencia
Gender Participation of Melon Farmers in Ibarapa Area of Oyo State, Nigeria
Stella O. Odebode
Nitrogen Recovery and Utilisation Efficiencies for Biomass and Fruit Production in Pepper (Capsicum annum L.) As Affected by Fertilizer Management Strategies/Methods in a Humid Zone of Nigeria
S.O. Agele , I. Adeyemi and Adebayo
Complementary Effects of Rice Mill Waste and NPK Fertilizer on Some Physico-Chemical Properties and Productivity of a Degraded Ultisol in Southeastern Nigeria
P.C. Oguike , G.O. Chukwu and U.B. Ekere
Techno-Economic Analysis of Wood Waste Utilization in the Manufacture of Wooden Souvenirs
O.Y. Ogunsanwo , A.A. Aiyeloja and T.O. Akerele
Production Technique and the Influence of Wood Species on the Properties of Charcoal in Nigeria, A Case Study of Oyo State
O.Y. Ogunsanwo , A.A. Aiyeloja and C. Uzo
Measurement of Fresh Tea Leaf Growth Using Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy
Yuzo Mizukami , Kengo Yamada , Yusuke Sawai and Yuichi Yamaguchi
Physico-Chemical Properties of Egg Plant (Solanum melongena L.) Fruit in Response to Nitrogen Fertilizer and Fruit Size
W.B. Akanbi , A.O. Togun , O.A. Olaniran , J.O. Akinfasoye and F.M. Tairu
Leaf Anatomy of Eight Species of Indigofera L.
C.U. Nwachukwu and F.N. Mbagwu
Insecticidal Evaluation of Some Plant Materials as Grain Protectants Against the Maize Weevil, Sitophilus zeamais (Mots) (Coleoptera: Curclionidae)
S.T. Arannilewa and O.O. Odeyemi
A Linear Programming Model to Compute the Optimum Yield of Sweet Potato at Various Locations
K. Somasundaram and V.S. Santhosh Mithra
Perception of Botswana College of Agriculture (BCA) Lecturers Toward Consumption of Genetically Modified Foods (GMF) in Botswana
Stephen Kayode Subair and Ithuteng Moagisi