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Agricultural Journal (2019 Volume 14)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1816-9155 (Print)
ISSN : 1994-4616 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 2 Issue 5, 2007
Farm-Gate and Retail Price Relationship for Selected Food Stuffs: Implication for Increased Food Production in Nigeria
A.A. Ezekiel , J.O. Oladeebo , J.A. Oladejo , F. Olapade and O.A. Adeleke
Farmers` Perception of the Relevance of Agricultural Technologies Promoted under Plan for Modernization of Agriculture in Uganda
Buyinza Mukadasi
Meat Demand Analysis in Umuahia Metropolis Abia State, Nigeria
K.C. Igwe and O.N. Onyekwere
Evaluation of Trichoderma harzianum, Some Botanicals and a Fungicide on Sclerotium Wilt of Potted Tomato
V.C. Okereke , R.C. Wokocha and M.I. Godwin-Egein
Effects of Extension Activities on Poultry Production in Ondo State, South Western Nigeria
Okunlola James Olaniyi and A. Olofinsawe Akin
Spatial Variability of Soil Properties Related to Salinity and Alkalinity in Meliorated Grasslands of Horqin Sand Land, Northeast China
Xiumei Liu , Chunjian Shi , Wenju Liang , Yong Jiang , Deming Jiang and Yosef Steinberger
Distribution of Latoia Viridissima and Oryctes Monoceros in Cross River Oil Palm Estates, Nigeria
D.A. Ukeh
Income Transfer and Inequality Among Farm Households in Orlu Agricultural Zone of Imo State, Nigeria
U.C. Ibekwe
Development of Irrigation Requirements and Water Scheduling Model for West Africa
E.A. Adefisan , S.O. Gbuyiro and J. Omotosho Bayo
An Evaluation of Youths Involvement in Agriculture and Adoption of Agricultural Technology Information
Sabo Elizabeth , J.M. Purr and Y.Z. Dia
Growth, Herbage and Seed Yield and Quality of Telfairia occidentalis as Influenced by Cassava Peel Compost and Mineral Fertilizer
W.B. Akanbi , C.O. Adeboye , A.O. Togun , J.O. Ogunrinde , S.A. Adeyeye , J.A. Akinfasoye and O.A. Olaniran
Effect of Tillage Systems and Different Fertilizer Rates on Growth Parameters and Fruit Yield of Okra (Abelimoscus Esculentus)
S.O. Afolayan , O.A. Oladapo , O.A. Akintola and E.F. Muibi
The Role of Youth Associations in Empowering Youths in Agricultural Activities in Adamawa State Nigeria
J.T. Pur , Ibrahim Shehu and Elizabeth Sabo
Formulating an Environmental Friendly Fish Feed for Sustainable Aquaculture Development in Nigeria
O.A. Akinrotimi , U.U. Gabriel , N.K. Owhonda , D.N. Onunkwo , J.Y. Opara , P.E. Anyanwu and P.T. Cliffe
Studies on Variation in Physical Characters and Chemical Components of Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Tubers
Zira Sunday Peter
Reaction of Agronomic and Reproductive Characters of Cowpea Breeding Lines under Meloidgyne inchognita Inoculation
Adeniji Olawale Taiwo
Studies on Awareness and Accessibility to Agricultural Technology Information by Dry Season Vegetable Farmers in Mubi, Nigeria
Sabo Elizabeth and O.T. Adeniji
Assessment of Potential for Domestication of Termitomyces microcarpus: An Indigenous Edible and Medicinal Mushroom from the Lake Victoria Basin
D. Olila , G. Kyeyune , J.D. Kabasa , L. Kisovi and P.K.T. Munishi