Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 12 Issue 5, 2017)

Designing and Modeling of an Infrared Scene Generator Using SMD Resistor Arrays for Use in the Simulator of Hardware in the Loop

Mehdi Asghari ASL and Ali Reza Erfanian

Assessing Relationship Quality Elements by Using the Conceptual Approach of Customer-Based Brand Equity (CBBE): A Literature Review

S. Gholami

Presentation of Rain Water Saving Method in Rainy Regions Using ArcGIS and Regressional Analysis of Non-Dimensional Numbers (Case Study: Ziarat Basin, Golestan, Iran)

Hamid Shojarastegari, Seyed Hamed Shakib and Mojtaba Shakeri

Proposing a Model to Create Value in Organizations Through Forming and Establishing Communities of Practice (COP)

Saeid Shavvalpur, Morteza Bayat and Fahimeh Sharif

A Fire Protection System with Thermo-Sensitive Tube by One Cylinder for Two Switchboards

Kyung-Jin Jin and Ha-Sung Kong

New Approach to Contact Pressures Determination Provided to Layer Soil by the Basis of Lining One Row Shield Section

N.I. Sysoev, U.V. Turuk, B.B. Lugantsev, A.C. Nosenko, A.V. Otrokov and A.A. Domnitskiy

The Relationship Between Self-Awareness Skills and Spiritual Well-Being with Quality of Life among Married Students Universities in Ilam

Seyed Rahmatollah Mousavimoghadam and Ahmad Kamarbeigi

Development of International Trade Mechanisms

V.A. Nikiforov and E.A. Khovanskaya

Processing of Ferromanganese Concretions with the Use of Sulfatising Roasting

Alexey A. Darin and Nail M. Telyakov

Prospects of Equipment Use for Scientific Research

V.V. Kachak, V.E. Moiseenko and A.V. Kostenko

Improvement of Macaroni Products Technology on the Basis of Flour from Plant Raw Materials

G.A. Umirzakova, G.K. Iskakova, B.Zh. Muldabekova, M.P. Bayisbayeva and V.Y. Chernykh

Multifunctional Anti-Reflective, Self-Cleaning and UV Protection Coatings Made of Electrodeposited Nanostructured ZnO Arrays in Pulsed Mode

V.V. Ivanov, G.V. Tsepilov, N.V. Porfirov and A.N. Voropai

Linear Distribution Algorithm Concerning the Weights of Alternatives During Decision Making Support

V.V. Lomakin, M.A. Mamatova, A.S. Tyuha and I.M. Zaitsev

In Silico Determination and Validation of FhuE Structure and Ligand Binding Site as a Vaccine Candidate in Acinetobacter Baumannii

Bahare Baharie, Fateme Sefid, Reihane Ragheb, Vahide Saeidjavan, Hamed Karamizade, Sepide Akhgari and Nazgol Emamian

3D Structure Analysis of VhhP2 Protein in Vibrio harveyi

Faeze Shafi Naderi, Fateme Sefid, Mahsa Khosravi, Fourozan Esmaili Dahaj, Haniye Ashkani, Fateme Sharaf Nahal and Golnaz Kalantari

Identification of Functionally and Structurally Important Residues of HutA Protein in Vibrio cholera

Hamed Karamizade, Fateme Sefid, Nazgol Emamian, Vahide Saeidjavan and Sepide Akhgari

Homology Modeling and Topology Prediction of OMPL1 in Leptospira

Haniye Eskandari and Fateme Sefid

Optimization of Central Patterns Generators

Abdalftah Elbori, Mehmet Turan and Kutluk Bilge Arikan

Study: Mechanical Properties Optimization of AISI 3115 Alloy During the Electrical Discharge Machining

Mohd Razif Idris and M. Imad Mokhtar

Mechanical Characteristics for Different Composite Materials Based on Commercial Epoxy Resins and Different Fillers

Marwa Mohamed Naeem, Mostafa A. Radwan, Mohamed A. Sadek and Hany A. Elazab

An Enhanced Encryption Algorithm for Database Protection Based on Dynamic Key and Reverse String

Waleed Khalid Ahmed, Muamer N. Mohammed and Norrozila Sulaiman

An Improvement of Indoor Navigation System Based on Fingerprinting Technique Using K-Means Clustering Algorithm

Jirapat Sangthong and Sathaporn Promwong

System of Environmental Education and Upbringing for Schoolchildren

Pavlov Alexandr Alexandrovich, Demyankov Evgenii Nikolaevich, Fedyaeva Tatyana Vladimirovna, Tyapkina Anzhela Pavlovna, Mityaeva Anna Mikhailovna and Baranov Yuri Nikolaevich

A Review of the Impact of Neighbourhood Crime on Residential Property Values

Olajide Sunday Emmanuel and Mohd Lizam

Evaluation of ZnuA (Zinc-Binding Protein) Linear and Conformational Epitopes in Propionibacterium acnes

Fateme Sharaf Nahal, Fateme Sefid, Golnaz Kalantari, Faeze Shafi Naderi, Mahsa Khosravi, Fourozan Esmaili Dahaj and Haniye Ashkani

The Cultivation of Ethics and Morals Values among Malaysian University Students: A Case Study at a Malaysian Technical University

Shahrulanuar Mohamed, Safiah Sidek, Norliah Kudus and Mahadi Abu Hassan

Juggling Work and Family Life: Developing a Framework for Women Entrepreneurs in Malaysia

Wendy Ming-Yen Teoh, Chin Wei Chong, Yee Yen Yuen and Hishamuddin Ismail

The Use of Modified Emoticon Symbols for the Designs of Traffic Warning Signs

Sodikin , Ahmad Munawar and Bagus H. Setiadji

Outsourcing Waste Selection in Manufacturing Industry to Improve the Performance of Green Supply Chain Management (A Case Study)

Chairul Saleh, Sakinah Ulandari, Fitriani Rahman Diny and Taufiq Immawan

Firm’s Size and Solvency Performance: Evidence from the Malaysian Public Listed Firms

Ahmad Kaseri Ramin, Mohd Lizam, Shafee Mohd Zabri and Mohd Fauzi Ahmad

Determinants of Profitability a Comparative Analysis of Islamic Banks and Conventional Banks in Asean Countries

Ahmed Nazri Wahidudin, Ulaganathan Subramanian and Pg. Abd. Mutalib Pg. Kamaluddin

Containerized Microservice Architecture Performance Increasing by Using a Cache Subsystem and Multithreaded Application Server

Vladimir N. Solovyev, Andrey V. Prokofyev and Roman G. Chesov

Design, Construction and Evaluation of a Cylinder Lawn Mower

P. Okokpujie Imhade, O. Okokpujie Kennedy, O. Ajayi Oluseyi, Azeta Joseph and N. Nwoke Obinna

Containerized Architecture for Software as a Service Applications Development

Vladimir N. Solovyev, Andrey V. Prokofyev and Roman G. Chesov

The Relationship between Sensation Seeking and Identity Styles with the Mediation of Religious Beliefs among Students of Payam Noor University and Islamic Azad University Ilam

Seyed Rahmatollah Mousavimoghadam and Falaknaz Havasbeigi

A Systematic Review of the Current Policies and Implementation of Screening for Foetal Abnormalities; the Use of Ductus Venosus Flow in Screening for Down’s Syndrome

Edoghogho Tracy Lawal, Venessa Eseohe Oigbochie and Agbonluai Richard O. Ehimibgai

Basic Requirements of Investment Planning Calculation Efficiency in Hydraulic Engineering

F.K. Abdrazakov, A.V. Pomorova, S.V. Zatinatsky, A.V. Povarov and A.A. Halmetov

Hybrid System for Using Renewable Sources of Energy for Local Consumers in Agriculture

Seitkazy Keshuov, Rashit Omarov, Amanzhol Tokmoldayev, Dauren Omar, Murat Kunelbayev and Sabit Amirseit

Revisiting the Choice of the Sowing System of Broad-Cut Seeders

Anatoly Gribanovsky, Askar Rzaliyev, Valeria Goloborodko, Shabden Bekmukhametov, Darkhan Karmanov and Akmaral Sagyndykova

Development of a Specific Energy Model and Optimization of Machining Parameters for Minimizing Energy Consumption

Quoc-Hoang Pham and Trung-Thanh Nguyen

The Method of Air-Fuel Mixture Preparing in the Front Module of Low Emission Aviation Combustion Chamber

M.V. Siluaynova and O.G. Chelebyan

Evaluate the Potteries Designs of Giyan Hill from the Symbology and Semiotic Perspective

Seyed Mohsen Madineh, Ahmad Reza Sohrabi, Abdolmajid Mohammadi and Akbar Veismoradi

An Improvement Method of Surface Water Extraction Based on Remote Sensing Data

Yu Ming, Lan Ting, Wang Qing-Qing and Gong-De Guo

Application of Logical Output Means on Ontologies to UFO Models of Subject Domains

Anna A. Kondratenko, Sergey I. Matorin, Alexander G. Zhikharev, Alexander N. Nemtsev and Iana N. Riabtceva