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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 12
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 12 Issue 11, 2017
Hybrid Neural Network: A Computational Intelligent Model for Solid Waste Landfilling Suitability Mapping
Sohaib K.M. Abujayyab, Najat Qader Omar, Hamidi Abdul Aziz, Mohd Sanusi S. Ahamad, Ahmad Shukri Yahya, Mutasem Sh. Alkhasawneh and Siti Zubaidah Ahmad
The Estimate of Energy Generation Potential of Biomass Residue from Oil Palm Industries in Southern Thailand
Thanawat Phanpuck and Wipawee Khamwichit
Optimization Parameters Selection in Beltline Moulding Manufacturing
Abdul Talib Bon
Performance Energetic of the Sector Hydrologic
Amelec Viloria, Carmen Vasquez, Ricardo Figueredo and William Osal
The Feasibility of Implementing Activity-Based Costing (ABC) in Samen Credit Institution
Saeid Karimipour Saryazdi
An Investigation of the Challenges of Applying the Concepts of Passive Defense in the Implementation of Buildings Projects by Emphasizing on Principles of Construction Management
Behnod Barmayehvar and Omid Pourafshar
Designing a Residential Complex through the Sustainable Architecture Approach (Green Architecture)
Davoud Zolfaghari and Mozayan Dehbashi Sharif
Calculation and Visualization Phylogeny of Clusters Using Java API (Application Programming Interface)
Farhana Desai and R.K. Kamat
Analysis of Concentration, Dominance and Symmetry in Bank Deposits in Colombia (March 2017)
Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez, Sebastian Macias-Rojas, Mercedes Gaitan-Angulo, Andreina Moros and Amelec Viloria
Perception of Trust and Commitment in the Financial Sector in Bogota (Colombia)
Andres-Felipe Zarate-Arevalo, Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez, Mercedes Gaitan-Angulo, Henry Laverde and Amelec Viloria
Use of Intellectual Property in the Tourism Sector
Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez, Mercedes Gaitan-Angulo, Andreina Moros, Melissa Lis-Gutierrez and Amelec Viloria
Determinants of Vegetable and Fruit Consumption in Colombia
Henry Laverde-Rojas, Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez, Andreina Moros, Janitza Ariza-Salazar and Amelec Viloria
Overcrowding in Prisons of Colombia (1991-2016)
Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez, Doris Aguilera-Hernandez, Mercedes Gaitan-Angulo, Amelec Viloria and Carolina Henao-Rodriguez
The Location-Based LEACH Mobile Algorithm Considering Mobility of Wireless Sensor Nodes
Seong Pil Jang, Dai Yeol Yun and Jong-Yong Lee
An Advanced Voice Recording and Control System with Fault-Tolerance for High Reliability and Stability
Byungchul Lim, Yeon-Choon Chung, Choel Lee, Sungguk Cho and Byungkook Jeon
A Study on Avoidance Technique for Autonomous Avoidance of Unmanned Vehicle
Min-Joon Kim and Jong-Wook Jang
Development of Checklist based Operation Audit Quality Advancement Techniques
Jeong-Joon Kim, Don-Hee Lee and Jeong-Min Park
An Appropriate Resource Allocation Algorithm for 5G Communication based on OFDMA
Kyuntak Kim and Kyujin Lee
Designing the Katinting Traditional Boat by using the Renewable Energy as the Main Motor Engine
Eduart Wolok, Alfi SR Baruadi, ZC Fachrussyah and Stella Junus
Voxel Based Stochastic Modeling of Complex Materials
Manuel Ignacio Balaguera, Jenny Paola Lis, Mercedes Gaitan, Amelec Viloria, Paula Vivana Robayo Acuna and Henrry La Verde
Multiphysics Modeling for Bone Remodeling Simulation: A Methodological Framework
Manuel Ignacio Balaguera, Jenny Paola Lis, Mercedes Gaitan, Amelec Viloria, Paula Vivana and Robayo Acuna
Object Oriented Modeling Frameworks for the Social Systems
Manuel Ignacio Balaguera, Jenny Paola Lis, Mercedes Gaitan, Amelec Viloria and Paula Vivana Robayo Acuna
Comparative Analysis between Psychosocial Risk Assessment Models
Amelec Viloria, Nunziatina Bucci and Marisabel Luna
Academic Production Patterns in Public Administration: An Analysis Based on Scopus
Jenny- Paola Lis-Gutierrez, Mercedes Gaitan-Angulo, Paula Viviana Robayo, Doris Aguilera-Hernandez and Amelec Viloria
Current Trends in International Logistics Research
Jenny Paola Lis, G. Paula-Alejandra Rodriguez, Mercedes Gaitan, Amelec Viloria and Pilar Vega-Riano
Historical Development of Psychosocial Risk Assessment Methods
Amelec Viloria, Nunziatina Bucci and Marisabel Luna
Bibliometric Analysis of Innovation Capabilities in the Services Sector (2001-2017)
Mercedes Gaitan, Amelec Viloria and Jenny Cubillos Diaz
Learning Method of WeDo+Scratch based on Programming for Non-Programing Major
Sung-Uk Choi and Seok-Jae Moon
A Monitoring System for Precaution of Agricultural Land Fire Based on Sensors and Alarm Activation
Assa`idah , Hadi and M. Fuad
AHEMS: Android Based Home Energy Management System
Nurul Nadiah Haji Shahri, Au Thien Wan and Wida Susanty Haji Suhaili
Content Based Medical Image Retrieval System using SIFT and Hu-Moment for Hepatobiliary Images
Manoj Kumar and Kh. Manglem Singh
A Bibliometric Review of Sociocybernetics
Manuel Ignacio Balaguera, Jenny Paola Lis, Mercedes Gaitan, Paula Viviana Robayo and Amelec Viloria
Selection of the Best Regression Model to Explain the Variables that Influence Labor Accident Electrical Company Case
Noel Varela Izquierdo, Damaise Perez Fernandez, Omar Bonerge Pineda Lezama and Amelec Viloria
Public Policies in Science and Technology in Latin American Countries with Universities in the Top 100 of Web Ranking
Carmen Vasquez, Maritza Torres and Amelec Viloria
Human Capital through a Prospective Method: A Study for Latin America
Henry Laverde-Rojas, Mercedes Gaitan-Angulo, Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez, Amelec Viloria and Pilar Vega-Riano
Management of Occupational Health and Safety for the Control of Psychosocial Risks in Metalworking Companies
Luz Adriana Borrero Lopez, Nataly Orellano Llinas, Hugo Hernandez Palma, Amelec Viloria and Marco Monsalve Rodriguez
Using WordClouds to Define an Innovative Business Model for HVAC Industry in Buildings in the Tertiary Sector
David Ovallos-Gazabon, Yulineth Gomez-Charris, Pedro Pacheco-Torres and Guillermo Rodriguez Celin
Reversible Realization of Common Bus Structure for ALU Applications
Vandana Shukla, O.P. Singh, G.R. Mishra and R.K. Tiwari
Edge Pruning and GA-Based Clustering Approach for Biological Data Analysis
Athira A. Jolly and Sreeja Ashok
Improved Fuzzy Based Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Saloni Suri and Nitin Mittal
Threshold Based Active Queue Management (TBAQM) for Alleviating DoS/Flooding Attacks
Amogh Venkatanarayan, Inder Mohan, Mainul Hasan, Ninni Singh and Gunjan Chhabra
Challenges and Issues in Cloud Environment
Nitin Gahlawat, Ayush Aggarwal, Yash Devgan and Poonam Nandal
Recent Progress and Challenges on Vehicular Mesh Networks: A Survey
Shubhashish Behera, Abhijit Sharma and Uma Bhattacharya
A High Speed SLVS Driver Based Transmitter for Low Power Serial Links
A. Thushara and Devi Sreekumar
Ultra Low Cost Wi-Fi Based Biomedical Kit for Rural Healthcare
Venkata Virajit Garbhapu