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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 12 Issue 12, 2017
Planar Field Emission Current from Individual Carbon Nanotubes
Cheng-Kuang Huang, Rui Zhu, Qiang Fu, Qing Zhao and Dapeng Yu
Future Simulation of Solar Radiation and Cloud Fraction over the Malaysia Region under RCP 4.5 and RCP 8.5 Scenarios
Steven Soon-Kai Kong, Justin Sentian and Kawi Bidin
PGPR by Bacillus in Vetiver Grass’s Root Enhance Strength of Soil-Root Matrix System Toward Slope Stabilization in Malaysia
M.N. Noorasyikin and M. Zainab
Characteristic of Taro (Colocasia esculenta) and Seaweed (Eucheuma cottoni) Based Analogue Rice Fortified with Fishes Bone Collage (A Promising Anti-Diabetic Functional Food)
Y.S. Darmanto, P.H. Riyadi and S. Susanti
Development of Natural Coagulant from Matured Petail Belalang Peel
Siti Suraya bt Md Saharuni, Kamariah Noor Ismail and Noor Harliza Abd Razak
Estimating the Number of Paediatric Patients Using Least Square and Conjugate Gradient Methods
Nur Syarafina Mohamed, Mustafa Mamat, Nur Hamizah Abdul Ghani, Norhaslinda Zull, Nurul Aini, Mohd Rivaie and Nur Syairah Shahrul Nizam
A Comparative Bond Study of Deformed Steel Bar in Different Concrete Grades and Concrete Fiber
Zuraida Zaini-Rijal and Ahmad Baharuddin Abd. Rahman
Thermal Stress Analysis on Cleaving Sapphire Material by CO2 Laser
Alias Mohd Saman, Tatsuaki Furumoto, Akira Hosokawa and Takashi Ueda
Implementation of Various Edge Detection Filters Using Different Thread Distributions
Hezil Renita Dsouza, Jayashree Ballal and S. Pooja
Pothole Detection and Analysis System (PoDAS) for Real Time Data Using Sensor Networks
Jinesh Mehta, Vinayak Mathur, Dhruv Agarwal, Atish Sharma and Krishna Prakasha
Parallelizing Pincer Search Using CUDA-A Conceptual Idea
Anchit Bhatia, Divyanshu Sharma and S. Chethan
Analysis of Time-Series Method for Demand Forecasting
Aayushi Verma, Aishwarya Karan, Aaroh Mathur and S. Chethan
A Semi Supervised Hybrid Protection for Network and Host Based Attacks
Jaspreet Kaur
Augmented Reality in Academia-Changing Landscape of Education
Divyanshu Sharma, Anchit Bhatia and S. Chethan
UAGNI an Intelligent Wildfire Monitoring and Assessment System
Nitin Jain, Sanjay Singla and S.N. Panda
Fuzzy Logic Model for Flood Warning Expert System Integrating Multi-Agent and Ontology
Teh Noranis Mohd Aris, Maslina Zolkepli, Noraini Che Pa, Hazlina Hamdan and Shahrin Azuan Nazeer
A Study on Diagnosing Security Vulnerability Issues of Big Data and Internet of Things under IT Convergence
Jimoon Chung, Sung Choi, Chang J. Kee, Eunjee Song, Songchul Moon, Junggil Kim and Sichun Noh
Factors Related to Oral Health-Related Quality of Life
Young Jin Eun, Moo-Sik Lee, Hye-Jeong Hwang, Hwa-Soo Koong and Kyung Hee Kang
Evaluation of Usefulness for Quality Control Phantom of Computed Tomography Produced by Using Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printing Technology
Youl-Hun Seoung
The Role of Media Device in Spreading the Legal Culture in Society
Najwa Abu Haiba and Soad Matar
How Accounting Information Systems Quality Influenced by Internal Control
Azhar Susanto
Round Flat Membrane at Great Deformations
Eugeny Petrovich Kolpak and Sergey Alexandrovich Kabrits
Empirical Testing of the Quality of Accounting Information Systems that are Influenced by the Culture of the Organization Research at the Hospital in Riau-Indonesia
Azhar Susanto
A Review of Probabilistic Modeling of Pipeline Leakage using Bayesian Networks
G.A. Ogutu, P.K. Okuthe and M. Lall
Storage, Processing and Distribution of Information and Communication: Cloud Computing in Latin-American
Amelec Viloria
A Study of Impact on the Customers Psychological Reaction and Continuous Intended Use in Accordance with Lock-in Strategy of the Smart Mobile Devices
Kyeong- Rae Cho and Tae- Bok Yoon
Chunk Replacement Design for QoS Control in CCN
Won- Jun Choi, Jai- Seung Kwak, Ramneek- Sekhon and Woo-Jin Seok
Technological Approach to Teaching in the Theory of the Professional and Pedagogical Education
A.I. Uman, P. I. Obraztsov and M.A. Fedorova
Image Decomposition on the Orthogonal Basis of Subband Matrices Eigenvectors
Evgeniy G. Zhilyakov, Andrey A. Chernomorets, Evgeniya V. Bolgova and Anastasiya N. Kovalenko
Enclosures in England, Genesis of Capitalism and Globalization
Grigoriy Germanovich Popov, Valentin Aleksandrovich Schegolevskiy, EkaterinaVladimirovna Trokhova and Yuliya Aleksandrovna Kaluzhskaya
The Role of Equity and Jus Cogens Rules in International Disputes Settlement
Soraya Rostami
Analysis of Advanced Data Mining Prototypes in Spatial Data Analysis
M. Gangappa, C. Kiran Mai and P. Sammulal
QSAOR Iterative Method for the Solution of Time-Fractional Diffusion Equation
Baharuddin , Andang Sunarto and Juhriyansyah Dalle
The Influence of Bioadditive Complex on the Rheological Properties of Macaroni Dough
Urishbay Chomanov, Gulzhan Zhumaliyeva, Tamara Tultabayeva, Laura Mamaeva, Aruzhan Shoman and Rabiga Kasimbek
Mathematical Modeling and Adaptive Algorithm for Calculating the Chemisorption Process in Regenerative Cartridge
Guzel R. Kamaletdinova, Maxim P. Onevsky, Sergey A. Skvortsov and Alexandr A. Tretyakov
Professional Competence Development of Future Specialists
A. Usenbekova, M. Bagibaeva, A. Kulymbaeva, L. Nurkasimova and M. Uakasova
Retrofitting Diesel Engine Generators for a Sustainable Environment
M.A. Aderibigbe, S.T. Wara and A.E. Airoboman
Methods for Optimizing the Composition and Properties of Milk and Dairy Products Fat Bases
Tamara Tultabayeva, Urishbay Chomanov, Gulzhan Zhumaliyeva, Bakhtiyar Tultabayev and Aruzhan Shoman
Designing Software Methodology to Measure the Progress of Projects
Ehsan Sorooshnia, Mahmmod Golabchi and Katayoon Taghizadeh
Improving Occupational Safety through Worker’s Personality Approach
Ari Widyanti and Faiz Abi Talha
Highland Teenagers: Their Understanding and Practice Towards Water Ecology
Abdul Mutalib Embong, Raja Ahmad Iskandar B. Raja Yaacob, Azelin Bt Mohamed Noor, Nur Arfah Bt Abdul Sabian, Tan Chong Ray and Nguyen Tai Hong
Usability Evaluation of Indonesia Open Educational Resources Using Multi-Methods
Ibrahim Nurandita Isbandiputra, Harry Budi Santoso and Zainal A. Hasibuan
Knowledge Management System Features Analysis Using Soft System Methodology: A Case Study of an Agency in the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Indonesia
Puspa Indahati, Rahmah Nur Fitriani and Qorib Munajat
e-Money Implementation Barriers and Challenges: A Case of Indonesian Interbank Network Company
Kirana Widyastuti, Putu Wuri Handayani, Ave Adriana Pinem and Iik Wilarso
Intervention to Minimize Car Accident Involving Teenagers: Learn from Indonesian Case
Ari Widyanti, Zakiyah Ash-Shofi and Indriyati Sunaryo