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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 12 Issue 13, 2017
Media Introduction to Practical Tool using Android-Based Augmented Reality Technology
S.Si Hata Maulana
Face and Vein Identification Using LBP, LDiP and LDNP as Local-Feature Descriptors
Daniel Setiadikarunia, Riko Arlando Saragih and Bharma Benjamin
Development of Interactive Simulation Game Cleaning the Trash Using Leap Motion Controller
Iwan Sonjaya and Insan Kamalia Rahman
Development of Universal Pick-Up Chopper for Harvesting of Chopped Hay and Haylage
Daniyar Abilzhanov, Tokhtar Abilzhanuly, Vladimir Golikov, Anuarbek Adilsheyev and Asem Alshurina
Fatty ACID Composition of Biological Active Additive
Gulmira Kenenbay, Urishbay Chomanov, Tamara Tultabaeva, Gulzhan Zhumalieva, Torgyn Zhumalieva and Aruzhan Shoman
Main Features of Freezing of Mare’s Milk
Tamara Tultabayeva, Urishbay Chomanov, Bakhtiyar Tultabayev, Aruzhan Shoman, Mira Zhonyssova and Dana Aitimova
Justification of the Tractor Fleet Range for the Agricultural Complex of Kazakhstan
A. Usmanov, V. Golikov, V. Astafyev, J. Utemuratov, M. Ploxotenko and S. Bobkov
A New Text Encryption Technique on Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Wrya Karim Kadir, Omed Hassan Ahmed and Mohammed Rafiq Namiq
Non-Destructive Method of Electron Concentration De-Terminationin Discharge Tubes
V.K. Sveshnikov and A.V. Kurenshikov
Bandwidth Optimization in Tor Nodes through Frame Configuration in Hidden Services
P. Salcedo, Octavio J., Forero R. Julian A. and E. Vera-Parra Nelson
Application of Nanostructured0.19 Ba(NO3)2-0.81 KNO3: CeO2 for Solid Oxidefuel Cell
S. Shashi Devi
“Designing Impact Indicators of the Information and Communications Technology in the Higher Education Institutions”
Juan M. Sanchez C., Cesar Hernandez and Juan P. Rodriguez M.
Correlation between Type-A Personality and Risky Driving Behavior
Ari Widyanti and Frisca Sutanto
Profiling the Educational Development in Indonesia Using a Fuzzy Clustering Approach
Lizda Iswari
Psychological and Emotional Capacity Strengthening Program Development and Effectiveness Study for Independence of Single Mothers with Children
Ki-Jung Kang and Su-Sun Park
The Effects of Aqua Rehabilitation Exercise on Body Shape and Visual Analogue Scale in Elderly Women
Kim Do-Jin and Kim Jong-Hyuck
Street Image of Traditional Street: The Case of Pecinan Street, Magelang, Indonesia
Arif Budi Sholihah
Justification and Development of the Method for Differentiation of “Frozen-Thawed” Cycles of Fish Based on Differential Scanning Calorimetry
A. Mateyeva, R. Uazhanova, I. Saranov, S. Shakhov, B. Kutsova, I. Kuznetsova and I. Glotova
Obstacles Use e-Learning Faced by Faculty Members in Saudi Arabia
Walid Qassim Qwaider
Efficient Virtual Machine Migration Using Open Source Hypervisor
Garima Rastogi and Rama Sushil
Optimization of City Passenger Transport Routes in the Regional Centers of Russia
A.N. Novikov, A.A. Katunin, M.V. Kulev and A.V. Kulev
New Method of Choosing Ground Motion Prediction Equations in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis
Mostafa Mahmoudi, Mohsenali Shayanfar, Mohammad Ali Barkhordari and Ehsan Jahani
Anthropomorphous Type Robot Control System Research Tests Results
A.A. Bogdanov, A.A. Shponko, N.V. Novoseltsev, M.V. Krasnobaev and O.V. Tolstel
The Interaction of Oncoming Compression Shocks
Nikolay V. Prodan, Pavel V. Bulat and Vladimir V. Upyrev
Experimental Analysis of Diamond Pentamaran Model with Symmetric and Asymmetric Hull Combinations
Yanuar , Ibadurrahman , M.H. Faiz and M.H. Adib
Architecture and its Impacts on Children’s Happiness and Satisfaction in the Sport Spaces
Nima Deimary and Mohammad Mohammadi
Experimental Analysis of Electrical Modes in a Residential Estate Electrical Power Supply System
Mikhail A. Averbukh, Evgeniy V. Zhilin and Petr V. Roschubkin
Proposals for the Establishment or Improvement of the Existing Regional Structures to Support Small and Midsize Business in the Russian Federation
P.K. Konstantinovich
Mechanical Properties Investigation of Glass/Fiber Reinforced Vinyl Ester/Clay Nanocomposites Fabricated by Vacuum Bag Molding
A.R. Setoodeh and N. Sokhandani
Good Governance in Disaster Preparedness in Emergency Cases
Ratih Puspitaningtyas Faeni
Implementation of the Ethics and Independence in the Production Process of Program Television ‘Journalism Invetigation’
Umaimah Wahid and Suwadi
Teacher Trainee’s Apprehension Towards Teaching Practice in Schools
Azizah Rajab, Faizah Mohd Nor, Wan Zarina Wan Zakaria, Roziana Shaari, Hamidah Abdul Rahman and Intan Farhanan Che Mansor
The Understanding among Students Toward the Importance of Restraining the Tongue in Accordance with the Quran
Mohamed Akhiruddin Ibrahim, Zulkifli Mohd Yusoff, Azizah Abdul Majid and Fatin Wahidah Safiai
The Student’s Perception on Science of Qur’an Course: A Comparative Study between Islamic Public Universities
Mohamed Akhiruddin Ibrahim, Zulkifli Mohd Yusoff, Adnan Mohamed Yusoff, Abdul Qadir Usman Alhamidy, Mohammad Hikmat Shaker, Shahirah Sulaiman and Nur Sakina Razli
Algebraic Problem Solving: Teacher’s Practices Towards Teaching and Learning
Nor`ain Mohd Tajudin, Marzita Puteh, Mazlini Adnan, Mohd Faizal Nizam Lee Abdullah and Amalina Ibrahim
Regulatory Framework and Environmental Management of the Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Maria Gabriela Lucena, Leadina Sanchez, Carmen Vasquez and Amelec Viloria
A Study on the Relationship Between the Organizational Commitment and Intention of Implementation of Internal Employees in Professional Sport Team on the Type of CSR Activities
Il-Gwang and Kim
Meaning of Recovery of Drug Addicts: Focus Group Study
Gyun-Young Kang, Youn-Sil Kim and Se-Jin Ju
Estimation of CO2 Emissions from Meat Consumption in Indonesia
Gold Mineralization in Paningkaban Areas Gumelar Sub-District, Banyumas Regency, Central Java
Heru Sigit Purwanto, Herry Riswandi and Dedi Fatchurohman
An Investigation of Attachment Factors to Digital Product
Yeon-Hee Hwang and Jai-Beom Kim
Enhanced Feature for Short Document Classification
Ali Abdulkadhim Hasan, Sabrina Tiun, Maryati Mohd Yusof, Umi Asma` Mokhtar and Dian Indrayani Jambari
Examining Motivation among Higher Learning Undergraduates
Azizah Rajab, Faizah Mohd Nor, Wan Zarina Wan Zakaria, Roziana Shaari, Hamidah Abdul Rahman and Dalialh Amir Narayanan
Exploring Language Anxiety among Primary School Students
Azizah Rajab, Faizah Mohd Nor, Wan Zarina, Wan Zakaria, Roziana Shaari, Hamidah Abdul Rahman and Nurzulaikha Mohamed Ariff
The Notion of Student Learning in Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Business English Course (BEC) in a Malaysian University
Suraini Mohd-Ali