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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 12
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 2 Issue 7, 2007
Design Method of Flexible Continuous Footings on Swelling Clayey Soils
M. Baheddi , M.D. Djafarov and A. Charif
A New Reduced Size Multiband Patch Antenna Structure Based on Minkowski Pre-Fractal Geometry
Jawad K. Ali
Modelling and Neural Networks Control of Distributed Parameter Bioreactor
Okba Benelmir and Salim Filali
Application of Numerical Holographic for Detection of the Corrosion of Aluminium Alloy
R. Daira , B.Boudjema and M.Mordjaoui
New Modelling Technique in Quantum Detection Survey of Last Generation Radar Systems
A.R. Messai and A. Bennia
On the Influence of Frank-Kamenetskii Parameter and Numerical Exponents on Temperature Field of Two-Step Arrhenius Reactions
P.O. Olanrewaju
On the Existence and Uniqueness of a Problem Arising from the Theory of Combustion
P.O. Olanrewaju
Influence of Discontinuity Length and Density on Permeability of Nigerian Coals
B.M. Olaleye
The Characteristics and Potential Use of Recycled Concrete Aggregate
S.O. Ogbeide
Situation Cavity Effect on Power Absorbed by Plasma Microwave
N. Ikhlef , A. Rezig , M.R. Mekideche , O. Leroy and P. Leprince
Viability of Millet as Adjunct to Malted Barley in Brewing Process
S.O. Ogbeide
A Survey of Failure in Mechanical Crankshafts of Automobile
B. Kareem
Engineering Geological Properties of Soil Subgrade of Ilawe-Ikere Ekiti Proposed Highway Alignment, Southwestern Nigeria
G. Jegede
Experimental Insight into the Small Strains Behaviour of Compacted Clay
Rouili Ahmed
Industrial Applications for Induction Heating
Moussaoui Abdallah , Rabah Diabi and Ali Belhamra
Technology and Applications of Infrared Heating in the Industrial Area
Ali Belhamra , Rabah Diabi and Abdallah Moussaoui
Electro Heat Techniques Applied to Poor Electrical Conductors: Dielectric Heating
Rabah Diabi , Abdallah Moussaoui and Ali Belhamra
A Kinetic Study of Burukutu Fermentation
Kingsley C. Egemba and Victor E. Etuk
Axial Magnetic Forces Comparison in Linear and Nonlinear Model of Ferromagnetic Core of Magnetic Actuators
H. Allag , M.E.H Latreche , M.R. Mekideche and N. Ikhlef
Travel Time and Delay Analysis of an Emerging City with Linear Road Pattern
Aluko Oluwasegun Oluyemi and Ogundipe Olumide
Fiber Cement Composition Simulator Using Artificial Neural Networks
A.C.S. Silva , E.M. Bezerra , E.J.X. Costa and H. Savastano
Two-Scale Simulation for the Tensile Behavior of Unidirectional Hybrid Composites
Zhao Qian , Wang Shanyuan , Zhou Chuwei , Zhou Guangming and Wang Xinwei
Thermal Decomposition Kinetics of Dialkyldithiocarbamates by Using the Isothermal Thermogravimetry
M.C.D. Silva , M.M. Conceicao , J.C.O. Santos and A.G. Souza
Improving the Policing System in Nigeria `Using Electronic Policing`
O.O. Engr Fagbohun
Micropropagation of Cassava (Manihot esculantum Crantz) Using Different Concentrations of Benzyaminiopurine (BAP)
C.I. Onuoch and N.I.C. Onwubiku
On the Minimum Energy of a Linear Discrete Neutral System with Delayed Control
Celestin A. Nse
Optimal Control of Neutral Systems with Nonlinear Base (The Maximum Principle Perspective)
Celestin A. Nse and Anthony N. Eke