Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 12 Issue 16, 2017)

Large Effective Area Square Photonic Crystal Fiber for Optical Communications

Feroza Begum, Abul Kalam Azad, Saifullah Abu Bakar, Iskander Petra, Kazuya Miyagi and Yoshinori Namihira

Estimating the Polarity Index of a Word

Haejin Park and Soowon Lee

Why Operational Innovation Matters to Firm’s Performance?

Chin Fei Goh, Amran Rasli, Owee Kowang Tan and Sang Long Choi

Grain-Refinement of SiC-ZrO2 Ceramic Matrix: Characterizations and Its Effect on Mechanical Properties

Lydia Anggraini and Kei Ameyama

Fanpage Viral Metrics Analysis "Study on Frequently Posted Contents"

Zoha Rahman, Kumaran Suberamanian, Hasmah Zanuddin, Sedigheh Moghavvemi and Mohd. Hairul Nizam Md Nasir

Bonding Performance of CCA Treated Glulam Timber under Different Environmental Exposure

Lannie Francis and Zakiah Ahmad

Promoting Peace, Countering Terrorism in Indonesia: The Role of Indonesian Media

Munjin Syafik and Seniwati

Effectiveness of Aerogel Roofing System on Temperature Reduction in Malaysian Residential Buildings

Muhd Fadhil Nuruddin, Nadzhratul Husna Ahmad Puad and Nurul Huda Ahmad Zaidi

Preleminary Study on Foam Concrete Infill Bamboo as Construction Materials

Muhamad Azani Yahya and Mohammed Alias Yusof

QSAGE Iterative Method For The Numerical Solution of Two-Point Fuzzy Boundary Value Problem

A.A. Dahalan, N.S.A. Aziz and J. Sulaiman

Analysis of Atmospheric Attenuation Haze and Rainfall Effect on Free Space Optic Performance with Different Transmission Wavelength

A.A. Anis, A.K. Rahman, C.B.M. Rashidi, S.A. Aljunid and R. Endut

Phenomena of Rattan Distribution in Indonesia

Nurlaela K. Dewi, Miming Miharja, P. Pradono and Gatot Yudoko

New Method for Iris Images Fusion

Tawfiq A . Al-Asadi and Ali Abdul Azeez Mohammed Baqer

A Survey on Unequal-Sized Clustering Based Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

Hadi Raheem Ali and Hussein Lafta Atia

Review of Data Preprocessing Techniques in Data Mining

Suad A. Alasadi and Wesam S. Bhaya

Collaborative Filtering Recommendation using Personalized Page Rank Algorithm with New Personalized Parameters

Hayder M. Naji and Ghaidaa A. Al-Sultany

Inserting Virtual Static Object into Appropriate Region of Video

Israa Hadi Ali and Roa`a M. Al-Airaji

CRADG: A Chaotic RADG Security System

Salah Albermany, Maryam Nathim and Zahir M. Hussain

Image Categorization using Topic Modeling with the Latent Dirichlet Allocation

Ghaidaa A. Al-Sultany and Suha Kamal

Usability Evaluation Checklist for Smartphone App

Hazwani Rahmat, Hazura Zulzalil, Abdul Azim Abd. Ghani and Azrina Kamaruddin

An Overview on Security Features for Internet of Things (IoT) in Perception Layer

Nur Syazarin Natasha Abd Aziz, Salwani Mohd Daud, Sya Azmeela Syarif, Hafiza Abas and Azizul Azizan

A Survey of Onboard Sensors for Quadrotor’s Collision Avoidance System

Sulaiman Sabikan, Sophan Wahyudi Nawawi and Shahdan Sudin

Enhancing Wi-Fi based Indoor Positioning using Fingerprinting Methods by Implementing Neural Networks Algorithm in Real Environment

Samaneh Amirisoori, Salwani Mohd Daud Nur Syazarin Natasha Abd Aziz, NurulIman Mohd Sa`at and Nur Qamarina Mohd Noor

Security Compliance Behaviour of SaaS Cloud Users: A Pilot Study

Hanifah Abdul Hamid, Mokhtar Mohd Yusof and Nuradli Ridzwan Shah Mohd Dali

Friend Recommendation System based on Modeling the Communities using Naive Bayes

Huda N. Nawaf, Wafaa. Al-Hameed and Najah Rasheed Jouda

A Survey of Marine Pollution based on Oil Spill, Air and Land Pollutions

S.P. Venugopal

A Method to Extract Future Warships in Complex Sea-Sky Foundation which may be Virtually Invisible

R. Durga Singh

Framelet Transform based Satellite Image Enhancement

N. Anand

Utilization of Polar-Current-Shell-Based Algorithm for Surface Current Extraction from Ship Borne X-Band Nautical Radar Images

R. Durga Singh

Effect of Strategy Type and Deliberate Strategic on Strategic Management Accounting-Strategic Costing and Strategic Decision Making Techniques in Indonesia’s Universities

Sriyono , Rahmawati , Bandi and Agung Nur Probohudono

Enhance of Extreme Learning Machine-Genetic Algorithm Hybrid Based on Intrusion Detection System

Mohammed Hasan Ali, Mohamad Fadli Zolkipli, Mohammed Abdulameer Mohammed and Mustafa Musa Jaber

Determinants of Cloud Computing Adoption at Firm Level: From the Technological Context

H. Hassan and H.M. Nasir

ICT Investment and its Contributions to Firm Performance: A Review of Literature

Marjan Mohd Noor, Hasnah Kamardin and Aidi Ahmi

Application of Data Mining in Forecasting Graduates Employment

Mohd Tajul Rizal and Yuhanis Yusof

Data Warehouse Conceptual Design-A Literature Survey

Sharmila Mat Yusof, Fatimah Sidi, Hamidah Ibrahim and Lilly Suriani Affendey

Towards the Development of Persuasive Multimedia Model of Truancy Awareness (PMTA): Review of Research

Mohamad Lutfi Dolhalit, Sobihatun Nur Abdul Salam, Ariffin Abdul Mutalib and Muhammad Saiful Bahri Yusoff

Exploring the Effect of Agile Methodology and Team Effectiveness

Mazni Omar and Sharifah -Lailee Syed-Abdullah

Information Sharing Model among State Agencies in Malaysia: A Case Study of Waqf System

Huda Ibrahim and Nik Ruslawati Nik Mustapa

What are Electronic Information Sharing and Integration Critical Success Factors that Influence the Participation in SMEs?

Saad Mahmood Ahmed, Aryan Mohammadi Pasikhani, Mohamad Shanudin Zakaria and Huda Ibrahim

Intrusion Detection System Based on Machine Learning in Cloud Computing

Mohammed Hasan Ali, Mohamad Fadli Zolkipli, Mustafa Musa Jaber and Mohammed Abdulameer Mohammed

Stability of Active Queue Management Schemes in Wireless Network: An Experimental Comparison

Atheer F. Hassan, Suhaidi Hassan and Suki Arif

Research of the Multi-Frequency Electrical Impedance Tomography using Possibility for Specific Physiological Processes Monitoring Tasks

G.K. Aleksanyan, A.I. Kucher and I.D. Shcherbakov

Use of Artificial Intelligence Based Models to Estimate the Use of a Spectral Band in Cognitive Radio

Danilo Lopez Sarmiento, Edwin Rivas Trujillo and Luis Fernando Pedraza

A Review of Genetic Algorithm Applications in Solving Vehicle Routing Problem

Mazin Abed Mohammed, Mohd Khanapi Abd Ghani, Omar Ibrahim Obaid, Salama A. Mostafa, Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad, Dheyaa Ahmed Ibrahim and M.A. Burhanuddin

Miniaturization of Microstrip Filters Using the Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Ahmed Hathat and Djamel Chikouche