Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 12 Issue 20, 2017)

Impact Study of Non-Sinusoidal Load Parameters on Real-Power Losses in 3-Phase Double-Wound Power Transformers: Method of Constant Coefficients

Sergey Kostinskiy and Anatoly Troitskiy

Study of Short-Circuits in Multicrystalline Si based Cells by the LBIC, EL and EDS Methods

Valery I. Orlov, Evgeniy B. Yakimov, Eldar P. Magomdbekov and Alexey B. Danilin

Subcontractor Bankruptcy Risk Monitoring System Based on Credit Information

Shinjo Eom and Sangchul Kim

Effect of Starter Cultures and Stuffing Time in the Quality of “Chorizo Ambateno”

D.M. Salazar, D. Sarabia, L.V. Perez, A.F. Valencia, L.P. Acurio, L.M. Gallegos, F.C. Alvarez, P.I. Amancha, C. Galarza, M.P. Valencia, C.A. Rodriguez and M.Y. Arancibia

Sliding Motion of the Yarn on the Package Surface During Yarn Unwinding

Aleksander Predovie

Climate Change Impact Assessment and Strategies for Adaptation at Mountain Region: a Case Study in Da Bac District, Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam

Doan Huong Mai, Tanot Unjah, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai, Nguyen Thi Lan Anh, Do Thi Xuyen, Bui Thi Hoa and Nguyen Van Hien

Project Complexity, Approaches, Related Criteria and Challenges

Amir Mohammad Sanati and Siamak Noori

A Study of the Relation between the Quality Perceived by Medical Tourists and Costumer Satisfaction

A. Abdoli and P. Bahmani

Performance Analysis of Electrical Characteristics for Short Channel Effects (SCE) in Carbon Nano Tube Field Effect Transistor (CNTFET) Devices

G. Ramana Murthy, Ajay Kumar Singh, J. Hossen and P. Velrajkumar

Reliability of Gravel in Place of Granite in Concrete Production

Gideon Bamigboye, Adeola Adedeji, David Olukanni and Kayode Jolayemi

Role of Bacterial Additives for Biological Treatment of Domestic Wastewater in Septic Tank

Hanan A. Fouad, Rehab M. Elhefny, Bahaa A. Hemdan and Moataz M. Kamel

Flow and Heat Transfer of Nanofluid over a Dynamic Stretching Sheet with Non-linear Velocity and Thermal Radiation

A.G. Madaki, R. Roslan, R. Kandasamy and I. Hashim

Variable Density Approach for Modeling of Transcritical and Supercritical Jets

Eduardo Antunes, Andre Silva and Jorge Barata

A Novel Firefly Algorithm for Distribution System State Estimation

Hazim Imad Hazim, Rosli Bin Omar, Imad Hazim Mohammed, Ahmed N. Abdalla, Marizan Bin Sulaiman and Mohammed Rasheed

A Review of Genetic Algorithm Application in Examination Timetabling Problem

Mazin Abed Mohammed, Mohd Khanapi Abd Ghani, Omar Ibrahim Obaid, Salama A. Mostafa, Mohd Sharifuddin Ahmad, Dheyaa Ahmed Ibrahim and M.A. Burhanuddin

A Review of the Applications of FACTS Devices on Nigerian 330 kV Transmission System

Amaize Peter, Adoghe Anthony, Awosope Claudius and Airoboman Abel

Performance Evaluation of Parallel Multipliers

A.L. Siridhara, Mahendra Vucha and T. Ravinder

Evaluation Models of Effectiveness of Hose Rescue Equipment used in Evacuation of People from High-Rise Buildings

Alexander V. Matveev, Oleg V. Scherbakov, Vladimir S. Artamonov, Alexander V. Maximov and Tatiana A. Podruzhkina

The Empirical Testing for the Effect of Organizational Commitment and Leadership Style on the Implementation Success of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems and its Implications on the Quality of Accounting Information

Sri Mulyani and Endraria

Assessing the Effect of Wide-Body Aircraft Landing Gear Configuration on the Stresses Acting on the Composite Pavements using Numerical Analysis

Sh. Shabani and Sh. Zarei

Optimization Cutting Fluids and Parameters for Minimizing Cutting Force in Fly-Hobbing

Minh Tuan Ngo, Vi Hoang and Vinh Sinh Hoang

Smart Packaging Technology with Culture-Glasses

Marzieh Allahdadi

Enhanced Malay Sentiment Analysis with an Ensemble Classification Machine Learning Approach

Tareq Al-Moslmi, Nazlia Omar, Mohammed Albared and Adel Alshabi

On the Water Absorption and Corrosion Rate of Concrete Using Calcium Stearate

Agus Maryoto, Buntara S. Gan, Nor Intang Setyo Hermanto and Rachmad Setijadi

Simulation and Environmental Assessment of Alternatives for Biodiesel Production Using Residual Microbiota from Colombian Wastewater

Angel Gonzalez-Delgado, Jeffrey Leon-Pulido and Yeimmy Peralta-Ruiz

Inhibitory Effect of Extracts of Amella radican on Corrosion of Carbon Steel Sheets in HCl Solution

Cuadros Salvador, Blanco Carlos and Realpe Alvaro

Effect of Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Dosage on the Mechanical Performance of Roller Compacted Rubbercrete for Pavement Applications

Musa Adamu, Bashar S. Mohammed and Nasir Shafiq

Challenge of Text Mining in Clinical Decision Support System: Review

Ala Aldeen Ismail Abuazab, Harihodin Bin Selamat and Rasimah Bt Che Mohd Yusoff

Improved Brain Diseases Detection Using Watershed Segmentation

V. Murugesh and V. Sivakumar

The Effect of Partial Replacement of Cement by Virgin Oil Shale Powder and/or Oil Shale Ash on Properties of Cement Mortar (Comparative Study)

Shehdeh Ghannam

Meshless Point Interpolation Formulation of Kinematic Wave Equation for Flood Routing

H. Hirol, M.A. Mohd Noor, E.H. Kasiman, A.K.B. Hong, Z. Yusop and A.Y. Mohd Yassin

Properties of Nano-Silica Modified Self-Compacting High-Volume Fly Ash Mortar

Bitrus Emmanuel Achara, Bashar S. Mohammed and Muhd Fadhil Nuruddin

Design and Implementation of an Audio Parser and Player

T. Anu Radha, K. Aruna Manjusha, R. Karthik, Mahendra Vucha and A.L. Siridhara

Energy Aware Multi-hop Routing Protocol for Internet of Things based Wireless Sensor Network

Samit Kumar Ghosh, P.B. Natarajan, Tapan Kumar Dey, J. Nagaraju, R. Karthik and T.S. Arulananth

The Use of Polymer in Concrete as Water Blocker in Rigid Pavements

Khaled Z. Ramadan and Moayyad Al-Nasra

Effect of the Central Rise on the Behavior of Dome-Like Structures

Moayyad Al-Nasra

Implementation of a Data Augmentation Algorithm Validated by Means of the Accuracy of a Convolutional Neural Network

Paula Catalina Useche M., Javier Pinzon Arenas and Robinson Jimenez Moreno

Colorimeter Using Artificial Neural Networks

Laura Pramparo and Robinson Jimenez Moreno

Software Decision Support in the Cultivation of Crops

I.G. Pykhtin, A.V. Gostev and A.I. Pykhtin

Performance Analysis of Total Variant Techniques for Efficient Segmentation of Medical Images

Ramesh Babu Vallabhaneni and V. Rajesh

Risk Management in Construction Projects

Petr Rehacek

Study on Structural Behavior of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

L. Senthil Nathan

Mechanical Scale Models Based on Rapid Prototyping Technology

P. Senthilkumar

A Survey on Role of Offshore Steel Tubular Joint

Gopi Krishna and A. Prem Anandh