Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 12 Issue 24, 2017)

The Multi-Cultural Empathy as a Cultural Phenomenon

Hye-Kyoung Lee

Imaging Radiation Dose Reduction with Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction in Brain CT

Yoon-Jeong Kim, Dan-Bi Lee, Ino Yu, Su-Chul Han, Hong-Ryang Jung and Cheong-Hwan Lim

Development of an Eco-Friendly Inorganic Consolated Soil

Doo Hee Han

A Successful Strategy of Online P2P Lending using ANP-Fuzzy TOPSIS Method: Focusing on Updated IS Success Model

Kyung-Min An, Young-Chan Lee and Qin Yang

Capacitance Analysis of Tesla Coil Based on System Energy Method

Young Sun Kim

Encryption Algorithm Selection to Protect IoT Devices from Local Network Attacking using Analytic Network Process and BCR Model

Thien Nguyen Phu and Young-Chan Lee

The Effects of MANET’s Parameters on the Scalability of the AODV Routing Protocol

Sura J. Mohammed and Salwan K. Hassan

Airborne Wind Turbines and Flying Electric Generators for Marine Propulsion

M.B. Kannan

Minimizing the Ship Hull Propeller Systems

Y. Gopi Krishna

Department of Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering, AMET University, Chennai, India

Prashant Kumar Singal

Mechanized System for Monitoring Performance of Ballast Water Management System Operations on Ship

V. Chandrasekar

Harmless Tourism: Commuter Impost of Conviction and Safety During Oceangoing

V. Chandrasekar

Attitude for Waste Management of Nautical Ports in Sea

I.V.S. Ramakrishna

Ocean Surface Currents Determination from X-Band Radar Image Sequences

I.V.S. Ramakrishna

Harmonics Reduction of Power System using Shunt Active Filter

Sourav K. Sahu, L.N. Tripathy, Basanta K. Panigrahi and P. Pahadsingh

Network Security: Internal and External Attacks

Ujjwal Sharma, Princi Sharma, Vivek Rawal and Priti Narwal

A Review on Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms

Vijaya , Aayushi Sinha and Ritika Bateja

An Extended Model for Semantic Role Labeling Using Word Sense Disambiguation and Dependency Parsing

G. Veena, Lekshmi R. Pillai and Deepa Gupta

An Overview of Lean and Education Sector

Aman Kumar, Prashant Kumar, Dinesh Chawala and Nilesh Ugemuge

Electric Discharge Coating on Aluminium-6351 Alloy with Green Compact Silicon Carbide and Copper Tool using EDM Oil as Dielectric

Sujoy Chakraborty, Vidyut Dey, Subrata Kr. Ghosh and Promod Paul

An Overview of Software Process Improvement Initiatives Promoting to the Growth of an Organization

Smitha Anu Thomas and V.R. Bindu

Automatic Rating for Services of Tourism Industry by using Opinion Mining

Rupesh Kumar Mishra, Meghana Bhradwaj, A.K. Awasthi, Rafael Berlanga Llavori and Kannan Srinathan

Function Based Predictions of Protein Fold Recognition using Go-Term

E. Loganathan, K., S. Gnanendra and P. Valarmathie

Behavior Study of Top Seat Angle Steel Beam to Column Connections

Kamal Ahmed Al-Fakih, Siew Choo Chin and Shu IngDoh

Methods of Modeling Incoming Jobs Stream used on the Computing Cluster UniLu-Gaia

Sergey Vladimirovich Gaevoy, Wesam Mohammed Abdo Ahmed, Sergey Alekseevich Fomenkov and Sergey Grigorievich Kolesnikov

Numerical Investigation of Thermal Stability in Media of Different Physical Geometries

R.S. Lebelo and B.R. Mabuza

Durability and Concrete Strain Capacity of Concrete Filled Steel Tube Columns with Hooped Reinforcement

A.L. Krishan, E.A. Troshkina, E.P. Chernyshova and A.N. Ilyin

Marketing Mix Tailored to the Introduction Stage of the Product using FAHP Method

Shahrzad Azadan, Siamak Noori and Ali Bonyadi Naeini

Architectural Frameworks for Integrated Communication Systems related to Traffic Management in Smart Cities

J.K.R. Sastry, B. Sai Bhargav Ram, L. Sai Sandhya Reddy and J. Sasi Bhanu

Gas Flow Characteristics using Variation of Nozzle with Hydraulic Analogy Method

Abdul Makhsud and Y. La Ode Ichlas Syahrullah

Sediment Dynamics in the Brantas River Basin, Indonesia: Issues and Management Plans

Pitojo Juwono, Agus Suharyanto,, Alwafi Pujiraharjo, Fahmi Hidayat, Widyo Parwanto, Djoko Legono, Dian Sisinggih and David Neil

Study the Anomaly in the Magnetic Properties of Invar Alloys by using X-ray Diffraction and Mossbauer Spectra

N.A. Khalefa and Yousif Abid Al-Shaabani

Neyman Scott Rectangular Pulse (NSRP) Modeling and Spatial Analysis of Storm Behavior in Peninsular Malaysia

Rado Yendra, Anofrizen , Wan Zawiah Wan Zin, Abdul Aziz Jemain and Ahmad Fudholi

Kinematic of a Mobile Manipulator of 8 Degrees of Freedom for Inspection Tasks

C. Angie J. Valencia, Oscar F. Aviles and Mauricio F. Mauledoux

A Hybrid RBAC and Chaos Access (HRCA) Control Mechanism for Cloud Computing Environment

G. Venifa Mini and K.S. Angel Viji

Isomorphic Factors for the Adoption of Lean Six Sigma in Malaysia

Mohamad Reeduan Mustapha, Fauziah Abu Hasan and Mohd. Shaladdin Muda

Long-Term Daily Rainfall Pattern in Peninsular Malaysia

Rado Yendra, Anofrizen , Wan Zawiah Wan Zin, Abdul Aziz Jemain and Ahmad Fudholi

Effect of Organizational Commitment on the Quality of Accounting Information Systems and their Impact on the Quality of Accounting Information

Yuhanis ladewi, Azhar Susanto, Sri Mulyani and Harry Suharman

The Analysis of Factors Affecting Overdue Contract Period of Maloy Sea Port’s Trestle Construction Project in East Kutai Regency, East Kalimantan

Andik Wahyudi, Subandiyah Aziz and Edy Hargono D. Putranto

Simulation of Heat Transfer in Vacuum Environment for Fused Deposition Modeling Process

John Wong Huang Ung, Shajahan Maidin, Suriati Akmal, Ahmad Syafiq Mohamed and Saiful Bahri Mohamed

Investigations on Mechanical Behaviour and Characterization of LM 13/SiC/Gr Hybrid Composite Produced Using Compocasting Method

J. Eric David Praveen, D.S. Robinson Smart, R. Babu, J. Mohammed Udhuman and N. Gnanaprakash

Effect of Attitude Education to Perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Tai-Hwan Uhm, Jee-Hee Kim and Ga-Young Lee

Comparison of Pennation Angle Between Vastus Intermedius and Vastus Lateralis According to the Angle of Squat

Hye-Ri jung, Ju-Hye Park, Dong-Yeop Lee, Jae-Ho Yu, Jin-Seop Kim and Ji-Heon Hong

A Study on the Utility of Automatic Exposure Control Function in a Diagnostic Digital Radiography System

Ye-Won Park and Cheong-Hwan Lim

Adaptive Background Modelling and Shadow Removal for Video Surveillance System

Tawfiq Abdulkhaleq Al Asadi and Fanar Ali Joda