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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 12 Issue 6 SI, 2017
A New Adaptive Step Size IC MPPT Controller for High-Performance of PV Systems
Sabir Messalti and Abdelghani Harrag
Tensile Properties of Silicone Rubber via. Experimental and Analytical Method Adapting Hyperelastic Constitutive Models
Siti Humairah Kamarul Bahrain and Jamaluddin Mahmud
Study on Lower Level Student’s Learning Styles (Focused on TOEIC Listening Comprehension)
Myeong-Hee Shin
Comparison of Shoulder Ranges of Motion During Nordic Pole Walking and General Walking in the Elderly
Suzy Kim, Jemyung Shim, Sungjoong Kim, Seung Namkoong and Hyolyun Roh
Study on Structural Behavior of Fumed Silica in Concrete
K. Ayyappan and K. Thiruvenkatasamy
Application of Gardenia jasminoides and Curcuma longa to Natural Stainings
Suk-Yul Jung
Usefulness of On-The-Fly and Visualization Features in Static Vulnerability Analysis
Joonseon Ahn, Seungcheol Shin, Hyung Joon Lim and Young Sub Lee
A Semantic Modeling of Personalized e-Learning System with Collaborative Refining and Content based on Clouds
Rajni Jindal and Alka Singhal
Recovering Blur Target Video using Video Tracking Techniques
Qasim Jaleel and Israa Hadi
Proposed Novel Fusion Methods Based on Barycentric and Demosaicing Algorithms
Tawfiq A. Al-Asadi and Ali AbdulAzeez Mohammed Baqer
Effect of Annealing Temperatures on the Structural and Optical Properties of CdO Thin Films Prepared by SILAR Method
Inass Abdulah Zgair
Balancing between TCP and UDP to Improve Network Performance
Wameed Deyah and Wesam Bhaya
Quantitative Estimation of an Environmental Impact Factor as Technical Support for the Appropriation of Decisions
Edgar Ricardo Monroy Vargas and Nora Pouey
An Approach to Information Security by Applying a Conceptual Model of Identities in Smart Cities Projects
Moises Toapanta, Enrique Mafla and Jose Orizaga
Sampling Assortment Approach for Huge Range Deduplication for Web Data Exploration
R. Lavanya and Harika Rallapalli
Definition of the Method of Determination of the Violator of Information Security in Process of Modeling the Threats of Information Security in the Information Systems of Processing Personal Data
Roman Zhuk and Alexandra Vlasenko
Evolutionary Computation: Characterization of the Genetic Algorithm in the Optimization of the Binary Knapsack Problem
Pedro Ramiro Brito Portero
Comparative Study of 5G Waveform-OFDM-ZT with LTE-OFDM
Ravi Sekhar Yarrabothu, Sri Vidya Vangala and A. Surendar
The Structural Relationship between Authentic Leadership, Psychological Capital and Individual Creativity of Korean Golf Leader
Kaung-Suk Park and II-Gwang Kim
Natural Radioactivity Levels in Some Milk Samples Available in Local Markets in Babylon Governorate
Saba Abdulzahra Obaid
Synthesis of Hyperbranched Polymers and Study of its Optical Properties
Ali Jassim Al-Zuhairi, Ali S. Allw, Karar Abdali Obaid, Shireen R. Rasool and Abdulazeez O. Mousa
Robust Transmission Network Expansion Planning Considering the Effect of Uncertain Generation from Renewable Energy Source
Rongrit Chatthaworn and Surachai Chaitusaney
A Review on TRIZ Approach in Service Industry
Mohammad Mobin Rupani, Mohammad Reza Lotfi, Ali Nejat, Nooh Abu Bakar and Fauzi Othman
On Representation of Discrete Information of Temporal Databases in the Continuous Form
Gennadiy V. Averin, Anna V. Zviagintseva, Maria V. Shevtsova and Liliana N. Kurtova
Justification of Provisions of Thermodynamics by Methods of Differential Geometry of Multidimensional Spaces
Gennadiy V. Averin, Anna V. Zviagintseva, Maria V. Shevtsova and Liliana N. Kurtova
Development of the Mathematical Model for the Process of Oil Raw Materials Pressing
Ainura Kairbayeva, Vitalii Vasilenko, Seit Dzhinguilbayev, Lyazzat Baibolova and Larisa Frolova
Practical Concepts of Structure for Architecture Students
Javad Tabatabaei, Mehdi Mahmoudi Kamelabadi and Mahyar Javidruzi
A Bibliometric Analysis of the Learning Analytics Application in the Education
Victor Daniel Gil Vera
The Language of the Description of the Functional Objectsc
Alexander G. Zhikharev, Sergey I. Matorin, Irina A. Kuprieva, Esen B. Kulumbaev and Stanislava B. Smirnova
Development of Oil-Benzen-Resistant PVC-Plastics
A.K. Mazitova, G.K. Aminova, A.R. Maskova, V.N. Zentsov, D.V. Nedopekin and Ju.S. Rayzer
Generalization of Onsager’s Reciprocal Relations
Valentin A. Etkin
Development of Implementation Chart for Non-Stationary Risks Minimization Management Technology based on Information-Management Safety System
Nail Abdrakhmanov, Karina Abdrakhmanova, Vladimir Vorohobko, Lilia Abdrakhmanova and Aida Basyirova
Neuro Fuzzy Model For Equipment Health Management in Yellow Phosphorus Production Process
Batyrbek Suleimenov, Laura Sugurova, Aituar Suleimenov and Alibek Suleimenov
The Role of Public Opinion in the Development of Municipal Programs for the Preservation of Public Health
Kh.M. Akhmadullina, S.V. Egoryshev and U.Z. Akhmadullin
First Report of SHV-Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase Harboring Carbapenem Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae form Al-Hilla River Waters Iraq
Fatima Moeen Abbas
Structural and Surface Roughness Effects on Sensing Properties of ZnO Doping with Al Thin Films Deposited by Spray Pyrolysis Technique
Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed and Saba Razaq Salman
Preparation Silicon Carbide Pours and Studies their Characterization
Sadeer Muwafaq Majeed and Huda Jabber Abd Al-Hussien
Studying the Optical Properties of Rhodamine110 Dye Mixture Doped in PVC Thin Films
Karar Mahdi Talib
Study of Dielectric Properties and AC Conductivity of Lignin Resin Doped with Rhodamin B
Samah Hussein Kadhim and Zainab J. Sweah
Investigation of Crack Propagation and Opening in Hydroxyapatite Using Digital Image Correlation
Mohammed M. Hussien Albo-Jasim, Mohsin A. Aswad and Hayder K. Rashed
Study of the Reuse of Greywater in the Irrigation of the Home Garden in Rural Areas
Ali Hadi Ghawi
Prediction of MAF Parameters for AISI 316 SS using RBFNN and ANN Based Box-Behnken Design
Saad Hameed Al-Shafaie
Experimental Study on using Different Shapes of Sand Cushion in Weak Soil
Sura Saadoon, Ali Al-Robay and Kadhim A. Al-Abbas
Protection of Corrosion Attack in Reinforced Concrete Due to Chloride Ion using Calcium Stearate
Agus Maryoto, Buntara S. Gan, Nor Intang Setyo Hermanto and Rachmad Setijadi
Development of Multi Bin Inventory Maintenance Management System in Lean Manufacturing using Arena
Sri Lakshmana Kumar and S. Nallusamy