Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 13 Issue 3, 2018)

Eco-Friendly LED Plant Factory Development

Bonghwan Kim, Dongin Lee and Kyunghan Chun

The Impact of Social Media on International Students: Cultural and Academic Adaptation

Abdulkarim Saleh Masoud Ali and Rahayu Ahmad

Boosting Decision Trees for Prediction of Market Trends

Sharmishta Desai and S.T. Patil

Model Checking Auto-Concurrency

Zine El Abidine Bounab and Salim Benayoune

Estimation of the Development Prospects of Construction Sector in the Russian Economy

I.A. Kabasheva, A.G. Khairullina and E.R. Kovaleva

Challenges of the Practical Application of International Accounting Standard on Property, Plant and Equipment by Russian Companies

L.I. Kulikova, T.U. Druzhilovskaya and E.S. Druzhilovskaya

Facets Mining for Queries from Search Results

Rasika Langde and Ashwini Zadgaonkar

EMOPS: An Enhanced Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Based Classifier for Poorly Understood Cancer Patterns

S. Subasree, N.P. Gopalan and N.K. Sakthivel

Fishery Based-Processing Enterprises Integration for the Coastal Community Development

Rahim Darma, Letty Fudjaja and A. Nixia Tenriawaru

Solid-Liquid Separator with Double Rotating Device

Doo Hee Han

Visual Verification Tool for Real-Time Software

Andrey Tyugashev

Intelligent Systems for Equipment Health Management and Optimum Control in Phosphate Production

Batyrbek Suleimenov, Laura Sugurova, Aituar Suleimenov and Alibek Suleimenov

The Effect of Zn+2 Substitution on Properties of the System (MxCo1-xFe2O4)

Nahedh H. Alwash and Raheem abed Jeber

A Monte Carlo Approach to Estimate the Coverage Overlapping Areas in WSNs

Hayder Ayad Khudhair and Saad Talib Hasson

Quantum Random Bits Generator based on Phase Noise of Laser

F. Alaa Kadhim and Hakeem Imad Mhaibes

Real Time Emulation of IEC 61850 SV, GOOSE and MMS using NS-3

Sung-Ho Hwang, Yong-Soon Im, Han-Chun Song and Jae-Do Park

Design of Location Information System using a IoT-based on Sensor

Myung-Jae Lim, Yun-Jin Nam, Young Man Kwon, Dong kun Chung and Ki Young Lee

A Research on Sensor Data Collecting and Processing System for Manufacturing Equipment Autonomic Control based Cyber Physical System

Dongbeom Ko, Taeyoung Kim, Jeongjoon Kim and Jeongmin Park

A Study on Lung Function Activation of Sound Necklace

Bong-Young Kim, Ik-Soo Ahn and Myung-Jin Bae

Data Analysis on the Customer e-Feedback and Dispatch to All Level of Hierarchical Structures

Hamdi A. Ahmed and Jong-Wook Jang

Automatic Aorta and Heart Segmentation in Cardiac CTA using Hough Transform and Edge Map

Ho Chul Kang

Design of Real-Time Remote Monitoring System for Energy Efficiency Using PLC and HMI

Hee Wan Kim

A Study on Trust ICT Business Models: Based on Disruptive Innovation Theory

Song Minzheong

Energy Efficient Cluster Head Selection Based on Distance for Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks

Quoc Kien Nguyen and Taehyun Jeon

Thermal Camera Shooting Method for Measuring Deterioration Status of Photovoltaic Module

Heon Jeong, Hyun Su Kim and Ho Young Lee

Industry Trends of Smart City Platform

Jong-Yun Kim and Se-Hwan Park

A Case Study for Public Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology Focus on Authentication System

Nara Kim and Jang Mook Kang

A Study on Privacy Protection Method Applying Blockchain Technology for Big Data Utilization (Focus on the Blockchain Technology for Monero, Dash and Z-cash to Ensure Anonymity)

Jang Mook Kang, Baehyun Kim and Sung-jun Kim

The Study for Detection and Tracking Technology on Cyber-Vulnerable Area by Consortium Block Chain

Cheol Hee Yoon and Jang-Mook Kang

A New Design of a Voltage Source MLI and Analysis of its Applicability for Medium Power Requirements

Varsha Singh, Shubhrata Gupta and Swapnajit Pattnaik

Preliminary Study on Security Issues of Online Banking: A Case Study of Malaysia

Faiz Najmi Mahmadi and Zarul Fitri Zaaba

Dijkstra’s Algorithm for Shortest Path Identification in Reconfigurable Microgrid

Rishab Arya, Rishabh Yadav, Raghav Agarwal and O.V. Gnana Swathika

Research on the Analysis of the Competitiveness of the Medical Tourism of Korea Through IPA

Hye-Young Kim and Jae-Woo Choi

Teaching Socio-Political Courses in the Framework of Modernization of Engineering Education

Maxim R. Moskalenko, Evgenij M. Dorozhkin, Maria V. Ozhiganova, Anna S. Ryzhkova and Tatyana I. Samoylova

Improvement Corrosion Resistance of Carbon Steel by Laser Surface Alloying within Nickel and Chromium Powders

Sami I.J. Alrubaiey and Hussein S.A. Fakhar

Chaos-Based Speech Steganography and Quantum One Time Pad

Zaid A. Abod, Hussein A. Ismael and Alharith A. Abdullah

Column-Based Storage Structure for Bigdata Processing

Jeong-Joon Kim

An Efficient Spectrum Assignment for Spatial Division Multiple Access in Millimeter Wave Cellular Network

Thanh Ngoc Nguyen and Taehyun Jeon

Efficient Management System for Underground Power Facility Utilizing AR

Juheon Lee and Taehyun Jeon

Implementation of Stand-Alone Embedded Image Processing Device

Heon Jeong and Ho Young Lee

Mediation as a Means of Dispute Resolution under the Information Security Industry Act of Korea

Joo-suk Park, Sung-jun Kim, Jee-hyung Lee and Doo-su Kim

Sharing the Attribute Information based on Blockchain

Tae-Kyung Kim and Jang-Mook Kang

Subnet Hybrid Gateway MANET Protocol on the Basis of Dynamic TTL Value Adjustment

Kaushal Kishor, Parma Nand and Pankaj Agarwal

Defining Skill Sets Requirements for Agile Scrum Team Formation

Mazni Omar, Noor Liza Ahmad Khasasi, Sharifah Lailee Syed Abdullah, Nor Laily Hashim, Rohaida Romli and Norliza Katuk

Smart Grid Security using PUF

Pentyala Sumanth and A.S. Remya Ajai

Instrument Comparison for Integrated Tuning and Diagnostics in High Performance Automated Systems

Giulio D`Emilia and Emanuela Natale