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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 12 Issue 7 SI, 2017
The Influence of Team Quality Criteria on Team Performance: A Conceptual Model
Vian Abdulmajeed Ahmed, Mazida Ahmad, Mazni Omar and Bikhtiyar Hasan Abdulrahman
Importance of Employee Benefits in the Fight for Skilled Staff-Case Study Czech Republic
Marcela Sokolova and Hana Mohelska
Designing and Developing Energy Information System for Academic Institutes
Praveen Kant Pandey and Maneesha
K-Means Algorithm based Satellite Image Segmentation
Senthil Nathan
Review of Image Denoising Methods using Satellite Images
S. Parthasarathy
CO2 Emissions Diminution from Automobile Protection and Administration System
D.S. Balaji
An Interleaved High Step up Cockloft Walton Voltage Multiplier for Fuel Cell Source Application
A. Ganesan and M. Kumaresan
Effects of Cognition, Depression and Quality of Life on Integrative Dementia Prevention Program in the Elderly
Jong-Eun Yang, Jong-Bae Choi and Bo-Kyoung Song
A Novel Sorting Algorithm using Quotient and Remainder
Abul Hasnat, Tanima Bhattacharyya, Atanu Dey, Santanu Halder and Debotosh Bhattacharjee
Image Retrieval using K-Means Clustering and Image Annotation
Rucha S. Patil and Avinash J. Agrawal
User Mood Prediction on Twitter Network with Sarcasm Detection
Harshita R. Katragadda and Dilipkumar A. Borikar
Research and Development of the Hierarchical Switching Charging Discharging System for Continuous Sustainability
S.S.S. Ranjit, S.S.S. Baljit and Y.C. Wong
In Vitro Cytotoxicity Characterisation of Keratin Protein for Tissue Engineering Applications
Aarti Baliga and Shashikant Borkar
Modular Training as Technology of Professional Skills Development of Mechanical Engineers
Shamshina Irina and Malyavkina Margarita
FPGA Based NoC with Deadlock Free Routing in Mesh Networks Using Hexagonal Nodes
Shilpa K. Gowda, K.R. Rekha and K.R. Nataraj
Finite Element Simulation and Experimental Investigation of Al 2024/Cu-Al-Ni Shape Memory Alloy Composites
M. Kotresh, M.M. Benal and N.H. Siddalinga Swamy
Design for Low Voltage DC Distribution Network Testbed
Sung-Won Park, Jintae Cho, Juyong Kim and Sung-Yong Son
IoT and Wireless Terminal Security Technique
Wonseok Kim, Eunsik Bak and Euiin Choi
Analytical Investigation of the Dynamic Response of a Timoshenko Thin-Walled Beam with Asymmetric Cross Section under Deterministic Loads
E. Ghandi and A. Ali Akbari Rasa
A Comparison of Low Noise Amplifires Design and Techniques
Zuhair S. Al-Sagar, Mohammad S. Salih, Ali K. Jasim and Aws Zuhair Sameen
The Formalization of Tree Structure for the Genealogy System
Noraida Haji Ali and Masita Masila Abdul Jalil
PhishSys: A Honey Bee Inspired Intelligent System for Phishing Websites Detection
Abdulghani Ali Ahmed and Ali Safa Sadiq
Methodology of Efficient Business Form Determination in the Process of Institutional Transformation of Agricultural Sphere in Russia
E.A. Aleshina, L.N. Mineeva, A.I. Pshentsova, L.A. Sleptsova and G.S. Klychova
An Investigation of Self-Evaluated Performance on Foodservice Management among Directors and Teachers in Home Day Care Centers
Joo-eun Lee
Design of High-Speed IPM-BLDC Motor with High Efficiency
Ho-Joon Lee and Dong-Woo Kang
Recital Exploration of Enclosure of Hydrogen to Compression Ignition Diesel Engine with Biodiesel Mingles
V. Thanigaivelan, M. Loganathan and C.G. Saravanan
The Cause-and-Effect Relationship among the Factors of WeChat Use Intent: With a Focus on the Mediating Effect of Empathy
Ji Hye Lee and Yeob Yu
Spread Spectrum Audio Watermarking Technology for Audio Content Recognition as Second Screen
Dong-Hwan-Shin , Byung-Hoon Lee and Young-Seok Lee
Resourceful and Proficient Exploitation of MDYMO in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
R. Dhaya, R. Kanthavel, T. Nirmal Rajhen, M. Sudharsun and Sooraj Sunil
Adaptive Beam Forming of MIMO System using Low Complex Selection of Steering Vector
P. Sekhar Babu, P.V. Naganjaneyulub and K. Satya Prasad
Alkalynated Treated Cottonii (ATC) Chips from Eucheuma cottonii, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Tri Yuni Hendrawati and Anwar Ilmar Ramadhan
Performance Analysis of Shunt Active Filter with an Adjustable Speed Drive System
T.M. Thamizh Thentral, R. Jegatheesan and K. Vijaya Kumar
The exSIOCInt Ontology: A SIOC Ontology Extension
Asmae El. Kassiri and Fatima-Zahra Belouadha
The Effects of Patent and Paper Evaluation Indicators on the National Technology Level: The Case of Smart Services and Information Protection
Jong-Hak Oh, Sangbok Lee and Jung-Wan Hong
A Study on Output Performance of NoSQL Data Processing over RDBMS in Big Data
S. Srividyaa and R. Varalakshmi
Simulation of the Process of LDMOS Transistor Manufacture and Optimizing it to Increase the Current of Work
Mohammad Reza Shayesteh, Payman Bahrami and Mohammad Eslami
Ultrafine Palm Oil Fuel Ash: From an Agro-Industry By-Product into a Highly Efficient Mineral Admixture for High Strength Green Concrete
A.M. Zeyad, M.A. Megat Johari, Bassam A. Tayeh and Abdalla Saba
Effective Utilization of Different Types of Heat Exchangers for Onboard Ships
K.R. Chidambaram
Improving the Methodology for Determining the Value of Capitalized Borrowing Costs
L.I. Kulikova, F.N. Akhmedzyanova, A.V. Ivanovskaya and I.A. Ivanovskiy
End-to-End Connectionist Approach for Audio Command Recognition System for Robot Control
Shweta Savdekar and Ramchand Hablani
Forecasting Analysis Vacant Land Detection
Warnia Nengsih
Independent Control of Hybrid Bearingless Switched Reluctance Motor using Single Neuron Sliding Mode Controller
Polamraju V.S. Sobhan, G.V. Nagesh Kumar and P.V. Ramana Rao
Brushless DC Motor Control Strategy for Hybrid Electric Vehicle by using Predictive Direct Torque Control
Wahyu Pribadi, Mochammad Rameli and A.K. Rusdhianto Effendi
A Comparative Evaluation of a Classical and Quantum Key Exchange System for use in a Web Application Security
Alharith A. Abdullah and Mustafa T. Mohammed
Performance Enhancement by Traffic Re-scheduling of Network Nodes
Mou Dasgupta, G.P. Biswas and Sangram Ray