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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 12
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 12 Issue 8 SI, 2017
Influenced Perceived Quality Service to Attitudinal Loyalty BPJS Participants
Rifqi Suprapto and Maya Susanti
An Approach for Hiding Steganography Data Within Web Applications
Stanimir Zhelezov, Boryna Uzunova-Dimitrova and Hristo Paraskevov
Parent’s Maintenance Obligation Towards Children and its Legal and Economic Aspects
Martina Hedvicakova and Margareta Munsterova
Formulating Crowdsourcing Task Multi-Dimensional Ecosystem Model
Nurhayati Zakaria, Siti Salwa Salleh, Norjansalika Janom, Syaripah Ruzaini Syed Aris and Noor Habibah Arshad
Effects of Communal Exercise with ‘Parkinson Home Exercise’ Application on Gait Ability for Parkinson’s Disease Patients
Yunjin Park, Jaeho Yu, Younghwa Song, Ryng Hwang, Sungwon Kim, Hyunghun Moon, Sungki Lee, Sukyool Jung and Hyeyoung Cho
Proposed Method for Web Pages Clustering using Latent Semantic Analysis
Tawfiq A. Al-Asadi, Ahmed J. Obaid and Ahmad A. Al-Khayatt
Study on Structural Behavior of Fly Ash and Quarry Sand in Concrete
P. Mohamed Rajab
Study on Structural Behavior of Ceramic Waste in Concrete
L. Senthil Nathan
Review and Data Management Method in View of Geographic Information System for Cable Based Observatory Development
R. Maria Deepika
Spread of Subaquatic Observing Wireless Sensor Network to Sustenance Coral Mound Scrutiny
S. Parthasarathy
Ship Operational Issues-Human Element Perspective
K. Karthik
Underwater Target Subsequent with a Vision-Based Autonomous Robotic Fish
G. Anil Kumar
Handwritten Image Analysis to Identify Parkinson Disease using Fuzzy C-means, GLCM and ANFIS Classification
J. Sujatha and S.P. Rajagopalan
Wireless IoT Based Smart Parking Solutions using Sensor Technology in the Context of Planned Smart Cities in India
K.A. Maheshwari and P. Bagavathi Sivakumar
A Novel Neuro-Symmetric Block Cipher
Abul Hasnat, Dibyendu Barman and Satyendra Nath Mandal
Fast Context Switches: Interrupt Driven Scheduler for ARM Cortex Platforms
Varahagiri Venkata Ramya, P.K. Manjunath and Anju S. Pillai
Augmented Reality as a Data Visualization Tool
P. Suresh, M. Kiran, Bhavyasri B. Shetty, G.D. Nagasree and M. Kavya
A Novel Approach for Automatic Detection and Classification of Heterocysts from Vegetative cells in Nostoc sp.
Sabeeha Sultana, Gowri Srinivasa and N. Thajuddin
Quality Analysis of Various Deep Learning Neural Network Classifiers for Alzheimer’s Disease Detection
A.J. Dinu, R. Ganesan, Felix Joseph and V. Balaji
Part I: Performance Enhancement Methodology of Flat-Plate Photovoltaic-Thermal (PVT) Air Collector Systems
S.S.S. Baljit, S.S.S. Ranjit, A.M. Albreki, H.Y. Chan and K. Sopian
HCNG Fueled Compression-Ignition (CI) Engine with its Effect on Performance and Emissions
Mahmood M. Abbood and Hayder A. Alrazen
Assessing the Efficiency of Scoring Rubrics Assisted Reading Approach in the Review of Software Requirements Work Products
Emmanuel O.C. Mkpojiogu and Nor Laily Hashim
Global Thinking in Effective Global Organizations: A Proposed Framework
Mazlina Mustafa, Nora Dato`Yahya, Fatini Hanim Mohamed Taufek and Abd Rahim Romle
Effect of Feed Concentration on Membrane’s Diffusivity in Pervaporation Dehydration Ethylene Glycol and Water Binary Mixture
Yit Thai Ong and Soon Huat Tan
Relationship Among Fun Factor, Exercise Immersion and Exercising Continuation of Golfer Through Convergence
Hong-Young Jang
Development of Classification System for BIM Application into Traditional Wooden Architecture: Guanyin Pavilion of Dule Temple
Seung-Hak Woo, Jin-Woo Jeon and Shin-Jo Eom
Constructive Basis for the Development of the Extreme Zones of Siberia and the Russian Arctic
Ta`yana Sarvut
The Effectiveness of Neurofeedback Training on Anxiety and Craving Reduction in Smokers
Soodeh Sahraei, Changiz Rahimi and Norolah Mohamadi
Towards Utilizing Cloud Health Information Systems: A Proposed Model
A. Meri, M.K. Hasan and N. Safie
Geoelectrical Imaging Surveys used for Pre-Investigation and Subsurface Layers Modeling at a Water Transfer Tunnel (Case Study)
Behnam Taghavi, Farnusch Hajizadeh and Mehdi Abbasi
A Generalization of a Quasi-Homogeneous Polynomial Gradient System
Ana-Magnolia Marin-Ramirez, Ruben-Dario Ortiz-Ortiz and Cristian-Fabian Baron-Pertuz
A Novel Method for Enhancing Biometric Systems Security Using Watermarking
S. Balaji, M. Janga Reddy and Habibullah Khan
Selection of a Best Recreational Park Location in a City Using GIS Technique
Alauldeen A. Rahman, Jasim A.A. AL-Baghdadi, Ala H. Elaiwi and Falah Abed
A Mixture of Traffic Circle and Underpass to Increase Capacity of Intersection
Lambang Basri Said, Abdul Kadir Salim and Andi Alifuddin
Fatigue Strength of Self-Piercing Riveted Joints of Steel and Magnesium Alloy Sheets
Dong-Woon Han and Ho-Kyung Kim
Morpho-Species Charesteristics and Phylogenetic of Trevally Species (Family Carangidae) Caught Within Molluccas Sea of Indonesia
Rudi Saranga, Hetty M.P. Ondang, Gede D.R. Wiadnya, Daduk Setyohadi and Endang Y. Herawati
Study on the Intercalation of Butyl Pyridinium in Smectite Clay and Application for Chromate Adsorption
I.S. Fatimah and Septian P. Yudha
A New Method For Medical Information Systems to Improve Physical Function after Surgery for Ovarian Cancer
Seong-Ran Lee
Nanocellulose Based Electrodes for Bio-Electrical Plant Interface
S. Parthasarathy
Robust Link Failure Recovery Mechanism Using Self-Reconfiguration in Wireless Sensor Networks
M.A. Manivasagam and T.V. Ananthan
Optimal Resource Allocation in Terahertz Band Using Modified Waterfilling Algorithm
Arshdeep and Khushal Thakur
Forest Fire Detection in Forest Video using Image Processing
Namrata Dandge and Jignyasa Sanghavi
Optimization of Pressure Swing Adsorption Based Biogas Upgrading Process Using Aspen Adsorption Coupled with Design Expert Software
Zheng Yong Gan and Lee Chung Lau
Annotated Images Retrieval using Semantic Analysis and Topic Modeling
Ghaidaa A. Al-Sultany and Suha Kamal
Finite Element Model for Multiple Cracks in Steel Pipeline Based on Guided Wave Propagation
Hatem Mosafa Elwalwal and Shahruddin Bin Hj. Mahzan