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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 13 Issue 5, 2018
Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel in 1 M HCl Using Schiff Base with Pyrazoline Ring
Kadhim F. Alsultani, Asim A. Balakit and Doaa Maki Ahmed
Treatment of Textile Industries Wastewater by Advance Oxidation Process
Ahmed Hassan Ali, Ghazi Fiasal Naser and Ayad F. Alkaim
Preparation of Hydroxyapatite and Bioactive Glass Ceramic to Get Biocomposite by Using a Genetic Algorithm Method
Mohammed A. Ahmed Al-Dujaili, Raghda Ibrahim Abdalwahad and Shaker J. Edrees
Observer Design Using Luenberger’s Observer
Yongho Jeon and Shinwon Lee
Development of Distributed DBMS Based Duplication File Removal Techniques
Jeong-Joon Kim and Jeong-Min Park
Big Data-based Log Collection and Analysis in IoT Environments
Dong Jin Shin, Jong Min Eun, Ho Geun Lee, Myoung Gyun Lee, Jeong Min Park and Jeong Joon Kim
Improved Method of Electing Cluster Head for L-SEP
Seung Yeon Jin, Kye-Dong Jung and Jong-Yong Lee
Target Location Alerts System Using IoT
Ki-Young Lee, Kyu-Ho Kim, Jeong-Jin Kang, Sung-Jai Choi, Gyoo-Seok Choi, Yun-Sik Lim and Gye-Kuk Kim
Study on the Characteristics of Falling Sound According to Change Water Temperature
Ik-Soo Ahn and Myung-Jin Bae
A Study on the Effects of Depression Using the Weighting White Noise
Myung-Jin Bae and Seong-Geon Bae
On a Study on Drinking Judgement Using Phonation Characteristics in Speech
Won-Hee Lee, Kwang-Bock You and Myung-Jin Bae
Lowering the Barriers to Non-Safety Applications in Cloud-Based Vehicular Networks
Lionel Nkenyereye and Jong-Wook Jang
Optimum Replacement Cycle of DC High-Speed Circuit Breaker Parts
Woojae Kim, Jongwoo Lee and Taehyun Jeon
Specification of Site by the Tender Wavelength of Matter Skin Distribution on the Spread Recognition System
Jeong-Lae Kim, Hye-Ju Kim and Kee-Young Lee
Finite Field Expansion Methods for the More Secure Information Protecting Code
Hyeong-Keon An
Non-Face-To-Face Digital Signature Using Fingerprint in FinTech Environment
Yonghoon Jung and Jinhee Song
Proposal of Parallelization Structure for PingPong 256
Ki Hwan Kim, Tae Yong Kim, Sang Gon Lee, Won Tae Jang and Hoon Jae Lee
Characteristic of Position by the Soft Signal of Material Based on the Sprinkling Variation System
Jeong-Lae Kim and Moon-Sam Shin
Design and Implementation of Intelligent Healthcare Terminal Interface
Kwang-Wook Choi and Sang-Hyun Lee
Design and Development of Encryption Key Management Control Module Using Elliptic Curve Theory
Sang-Hyun Lee and Dong-Joon Chun
Development of Smart Fusion Charge Devices for Small Electric Vehicles
An-Gyoon Jeon and Sang-Hyun Lee
Development of Functional Sausage Manufactured Organic Farming Purple Sweet Potato and Jeju Island Black Pork
Young-kyun Kim
Analysis of the Hatch Tuner by the Waft Site of Matter for Dot-Star Pattern on the Alteration Realization System
Jeong-Lae Kim and Kyung-Seop Kim
Development of Android Based Smart Tourism Application Based on Tourism Bigdata Analytics
Hun Cheol Kang and Jeong Woo Jwa
Antioxidant and Whitening Activities of Smilacis Glabrae Rhizoma Extracts
Hye-Jin Kwon
Pornographic Video Detection Scheme Using Multimodal Features
Kwang Ho Song and Yoo-Sung Kim
A Study on Activation of Resident’s Budget Participation System through Utilization of Electronic Government
Kyung-Tae Jang
Development of the Sandtray Play Therapy Platform based on the Multi-Touch Table
Kang-Hee Lee and Se-Jin Son
Compression Zone Rehabilitation of Damaged RC Beams Using Poleyster Glue Line
Nabeel Hasan Ali Al-Salim, Rafea Flaih Hassan and Muna H. Jaber
Effects of Natural Rock and Nano-TiO2 Additives on Al2 O3 Layer Deposited on Al Alloys by Micro-Arc Oxidation (MAO)
Farqad Saleem Murad, Samir Hamid Awad and Elham Abdalmajeed
Enhancing Mechanical Properties of No-Fines Concrete Using Waste Plastic Fibres
Zaid Al-Azzawi, Abdulkader Al-Hadithi and Ahmed Anees
Monitoring the Water Cover in Al-Hiwza Marsh: Iraq by Landsat for Different Periods
Hussain Muhyi Ali and Zainab Jasim Mohammed
The 4Ps: A Framework for Evaluating Construction Projects Delays
Richard Hannis Ansah, Shahryar Sorooshian and Shariman Bin Mustafa
Parallel Processing for Data Mining and Data Analysis Applications
Mohammad H. Moattar, Maziyar Taharozi, Samira Arabi Yazdi and Sodabeh Salehi Rekavandi
Efficiently Process in Reducing the Load Risk from Security Using ABR (Associate-Based Routing) Routing Protocol
S. Sathish Raja and S. Saravana Kumar
The Effect of Heat Treatment Conditions on the Microstructural Characterization, Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Behavior of Super Duplex Stainless Steel Casting
Do Van Quang, Bui Thi Thanh Huyen and Tran Duc Huy
Type 1 Error Rate Comparison Between Classical and Modified Box M-Statistic
Shamshuritawati Sharif, Nuraimi Ruslan and Tareq A.M. Atiany
Development of Character Education Movie and Effectiveness Level in Growing Entrepreneurship Behavior of Primary School Students
Ninik Sudarwati
Design and Implementation of Brain Signal Detection and Analysis Approach
Ahmed Mohammed Abed and Muzhir Shaban Al-Ani
Deflections and Frequencies of Natural Oscillations of Systems of Cross Beams with Different Cell Sizes on the Triangular Plan Taking into Account the Pliability of Nodal Connections
A.V. Turkov and A.A. Makarov
Improved Power Quality Cuk Converter for Variable Speed BLDC Motor Drive
Sanatan Kumar and Madhu Singh
Implicit Finite Difference Solution of One-Dimensional Porous Medium Equations Using Half-Sweep Newton-Explicit Group Iterative Method
J.V.L. Chew and J. Sulaiman
Reducing Defects in Water-Based Paint with Natural Dyes
Catur Harsito and Suyitno
A Study on the Necessity of Driving Sound and Driving Sound for Electric Power Simple Transportation System
Ik-Soo Ahn, Myung-Jin Bae and Seong-Geon Bae
Dimension Reduction Techniques for Document Categorization with Back Propagation Neural Network
Yaqeen Saad and Khalid Shaker