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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 2 Issue 2, 2007
Nadir Stabilised System of the Alsat-1 First Algerian Microsatellite in Orbit
A.M. Si Mohammed , M. Benyettou , A. Boudjemai , S. Chouraqui , Y. Hashida and M.N. Sweeting
Sorption Model of Modified Cellulose as Crude Oil Sorbent
A. Okoro , E.N. Ejike and C. Anunoso
Generic S-Band Radio Frequency System for Earth Observation Leo Satellite
L. Hadj Abderrahmane , M. Benyettou , P. Garner , J.R. Cooksley and M.N. Sweeting
Reverse Engineering of VLSI Chips: A Roadmap
Tarek Sobh , M. Khaled Elleithy and Sarosh Patel
Visualization of Tolerance for Manufaturing
Tarek Sobh , Xio Hong Zhu and Sarosh Patel
Causes and Consequences of In-Migration at Rajshahi City Corporation, Bangladesh
Masudar Rahman , Rafiqul Islam and Mizanur Rahman
Contribution to the Improvement of the Technological Performances of Single Phase Induction Motor with Capacitor (MAC)
S. Bouras and E.A. Hadjadj
Probabilistic Analysis of Eigenvalue of Stochastic Systems
Seifedine Kadry
Probabilistic Transformation Method in Reliability Analysis
Seifedine Kadry , Alaa Chateauneuf and Khaled El-Tawil
Environmental and Cost Comparative Analyses between Generator set and Solar as Alternative Energy Sources-NITEL Repeater Stations a Case Study
J.J. Popoola and I.O. Megbowon
Relationships Between the Parameters of Geomorphology and Structural Features in the Pan African Fold Belt of Cameroon. Example of Kombé II-Mayabo Area
A.A. Ganwa , W. Frisch , J. Mvondo Ondoa and B. Njom
The Wavelet Transform for Fatigue History Editing: Is it Applicable for Automotive Applications?
S. Abdullah
Effect of Surface Tension on Two-Dimensional Free Surface Flow
F. Guechi and H. Mekias
Multi-Scale Analyses of Damage Evolution in Plain Woven Composites
Wang Xinfeng , Wang Xinwei , Zhou Guangming and Zhou Chuwei
Behavior Mecanique of One Laminates Crosses Bending Strain 3 Points Static and Cyclic
K. Bey , L. Fatmi and R. Diab
Calcul De La Charge Limite D`un Pieu Pour Un Frottement Lisse Par La Theorie De L`analyse Limite
M. Meksaouine , G. Boukhatem and M.L. Samai
On Extremal Polynomials on a System of Curves and Arcs
R. Khaldi and F. Aggoune
Simulation the Impact of Land-Use Changes on Runoff Hydrographs Through Remote Sensing
Rachid Mansouri and Mazouz Kherouf Uwe Troger
Influence of the Thermal Treatments on the Electrochemical Behavior of a Stainles Steel (AISI 304)
Y. Boudinar , M. Touiker , N. Hammouda and K. Belmokre
Institutional Sustainability of Sanitation Systems in Peri-Urban Areas-a Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) Assessment
Jimmy Zikusooka Muwuluke and G. Ngirane-Katashaya
Performance of CdTe Solar Cells under Diffuse Solar Irradiance
M. Chegaar and A. Guechi
Some Physical and Dynamic Properties of Akure Clayloam Soils in Southwestern Nigeria
S.I. Manuwa
The Influence of Salt Water on the Compressive Strength of Concrete
O.O. Akinkurolere , Cangru Jiang and O.M. Shobola
Simulation of the Sediment Transport in Harbours
Kherouf Mazouz , Rachid Mansouri and Mohamed Guenfoud
On the Dynamic Pattern of the Remote Collaborative Design Team
Wen-Te Chang
Fuzzy Control and Fuzzy Control Adaptive of a Robot Manipulator
Mellah Rabah and Toumi Redouane
Study of Combustion Phenomena in Diesel Engine for Proper Development of Power with Less Knocking
C. Thayaparan , Monohar and S. Muthuraman
Production and Characterization of Activated Carbon from Agricultural Waste (Rice-husk and Corn-cob)
D.F. Aloko and G.A. Adebayo
Dynamic Analysis of non Prestressed Rayleigh Beam Carrying an Added Mass and Traversed by Uniform Partially Distributed Moving Loads
I.A. Adetunde , F.O. Akinpelu and J.A. Gbadeyan
Blast Loaded Stiffened Plates
A. Kadid , N. Lahbari and A. Fourar
Mechanical Properties of Chromium Coating Resistance: Experimental Study and Modelisation
A. Fouathia and S. Meziani
A Study Ofaudio Satellite Communication System Analysis in Akure South West, Nigeria
R.A. Adenodi , M.O. Ajewole , M.T. Babalola and A.T. Adediji