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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 12 Issue 9 SI, 2017
An Overview of Clustering the Virality of Memes
Shamsiah Abd Kadira, Anitawati Mohd Lokman and Ahmad Azran Awang
The Influence of Intrinsic Motivation on user Engagement in Online Buying and Selling: A Gamification Conceptual Model
Prasanna Ramakrisnan, Syamsul Ariffin Yahaya and Mohamad Syafiq Syazre Bin Abd Wahid
Developing Mobile Application for Public Awareness on Violence Against Women
Francis Fernandez Balahadia and Joel M. Bawica
The Impact of Inflation on Economic Performance
Martina Hedvicakova
Contemporary Intercessions to Nurture and Develop Businesses in a Volatile World Paradigm
Balaji Singh and Deepak Shyam
A Conceptual Framework of Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm for Data Classification
M. Hossin and F. Mohd Suria
Effects of Cholesterol and Charging Additives on Stability of Curcumin Niosomes
Masrina Mohd Nadzir, Siti Farhana Hisham and Nur Syahirah Adibah Parkir
An Adoption Model for Mobile Knowledge Sharing
Amir Ngah and Ahmad Mtair
Investigating the Effect of Underwater Explosion on Sandwich Structures
Hassan Bagheri, Aman Allah Shabankareh and Mohammad Safi
The Need to Change the Roles of the Emergency Medical Service System in the National Response System Due to the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) Crisis in the Republic of Korea in 2015
Sang-Sub Park and Yoon-Ho Lee
Marine Ultraviolet Scattering Communication-Time Characteristics
P. Ravichandran
Design and Implementation for Map Reduce Personalized for High Performance Computing
R. Maria Deepika
Progress Interaction Methodology for Aircraft Wings of Computational Fluid/Structural Dynamics
J. Harish Kumar
Effective Greenhouse Monitoring and Controlling Using Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Network
Ayushi Rathore, Vatsal Sharma, Shreyas Nanaware and Anita Sahoo
A Review Paper on Various Load Balancing Algorithms in Cloud Computing
M. Archana and Mallikarjuna Shastry
Elastic Suspension of Rotor with Quasi Zero Stiffness for Oil Pumping Units
Valeev Anvar, Kolchin Alexander, Karimov Rinat, Tashbulatov Radmir and Mastobaev Boris
Mathematical Modeling and Fuzzy PI Control of BLDC Motors for EV Application
Bapayya Naidu Kommula and Venkata Reddy Kota
Engine-Propeller Power Plant Aircraft Community Noise Reduction Key Methods
Petr Moshkov, Valery Samokhin and Alexey Yakovlev
System of Network Infrastructure Configuring for Project Learning
Galina O. Artemova, Artem D. Beresnev, Kseniya I. Buraya and Natalia F. Gusarova
Study and Design of a Solar Water Heater and Analysis of Heat and Transfer Rate by Installing Different Types of Tube Material with and Without Installing Fins
Himanshu Uppal and P.P. Vijith
Content Analysis of the Characteristics of Game Commercials in Terrestrial and Cable TV Channels in Korea
Eun Hee Kim and Seung Yeob Yu
BLE Beacon-Based Etiquette System of Smart Devices
Ki-Mun Keum, Chang-Bok Jang, Ki-Bong Kim and Ohseok Kwon
Development of Kinetic Interactive Art Using Dynamixel Control Shadow Mobile
Sung-Dae Hong and Ok-Hue Cho
Study on the Durability and Mechanical Characteristic of Bumper Rail for Each of the Configurations by using Simulated Structural Analysis
Kye-Kwang Choi and Jae-Ung Cho
Amphibious Operations for US and ROK Combined Forces
Young C. Park
Transformation of Image Using Wavelet Transform for Image Watermarking of Text in Binary Images
Himani Bhardwaj, Sunita Chaudhary, Meenu Dave, Neha Goswami and Amit Sanghi
Symmetric Key Generation using Integrated System of Multi-Modal Biometrics and User-Password
Sreenivas Reddy Chitla, S. Pooja and Mayank Shukla
The Sharp Eye: A Vision for the People Who Lost this Gift
Mrinal Mathur, Pranshu Dixit and S. Chethan
The Land of Sushen: An Early Proto-State Entity in the Far East
Vyacheslav G. Shvedov, Elena V. Stelmah, Andrey B. Golub, Tatyana A. Merdeeva, Olesya Ya. Dubey and Sergey V. Nikolaev
Tongkonan in Kalimbuang Bori and its Built Environment in the North Toraja Regency of South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Mithen Lullulangi and Onesimus Sampebua
Data Encryption Employing Genetic Algorithm Based on a New Algorithm of Key Generator
Safa Saad A. Al-Murieb and Fryal Jassim Abd Al-Razaq
A Robust Image Watermarking Scheme for Images Captured by Mobile Cameras Using Haar Discrete Wavelet Transform
Jaafar S. Abed, Ali J. Dawood and Loay E. George
High Order Robotics Arm Modelling Based on ANFIS Technique
Wesam M. Jasim and Esam T. Yassen
Priority of Kaplan Turbine and Small Hydropower Plants over Other Resources: An Overview
Ali Thaeer Hammid, Mohd Herwan Bin Sulaiman, Atheer A. Kadhim, Ali N. Kareem and Khalid J. Jadaa
Persuasive Strategies in Mobile Healthcare: A Systematic Literature Review
Mustafa Moosa Qasim, Mazida Ahmad and Mazni Omar
A Study on the Effect of Location-User Distances for Location Based Recommendation Systems
Wadhah R. Baiee
Vibrational Frequency of Isotropic Square Plate on C-C-S-S Condition
Amit Sharma and Vijay Kumar
Penetration Testing: Vulnerability Analysis in a Virtual Environment
C.V. Arjun
The use of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in Controlling for Business Performance Improvement
Helena Jaeova and David Pur
Factors Influencing Youth Participation in Decision Making in Malaysia
Rozita Arshad, Asmah Laili Yeon, Siti Alida John Abdullah, Zainal Amin Ayub and Alias Azhar
Ontology Model for Classifying Students with a Learning Disability: A Preliminary Study
Rosmayati Mohemad, Nur Fadila Akma Mamat, Noor Maizura Mohamad Noor and Arifah Che Alhadi
Reinforcement Learning Model for Classification of Youtube Movie
Munir Naveed and Muath Alrammal
Flow Cell Ultrasound Treatment: The Influence of Sonication Media and Temperature on the Disruption of Escherichia coli Wild Type Cells
N.M. Budari, M.F. Ali, K.H. Ku Hamid, K.A. Khalil, S. Zainal and M. Musa
Improved Energy Efficient Cluster Based Routing Protocol (I-EECBRP) for Wireless Sensor Network
Hawa Madani Traore, Kamilia Kamardin, Suriani Mohd Sam, Kamarul Zaman Panatik, Salwani Mohd Daud, Nurul Aini Bani and Hafiza Abas
Spatial Analysis of Fatal Road Accidents Along the North South Expressway
Nursyaza Narsuha Abdul Halim, Hamdan Abdul Maad, S. Sarifah Radiah Shariff and Zuraidah Derasit