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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 12
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 12 Issue 11 SI, 2017
Developing Fragility Curves Based on Endurance Time Method in Comparison with IDA Method, Case Study: East Pile-Deck Wharf of Imam Khomeini Port
Ehsan Shad, Rouhollah Amirabadi Mahdi Sharifi and Ahmad Ghasemi
Method of a Building Object Thermophysical Property Determination
Panfilov Stepan Alexandrovich and Kabanov Oleg Vladimirovich
Training Modernization Strategy of the Teachers of Vocational Education
E.M. Dorozhkin, E.F. Zeer and E.Y. Shcherbina
Development of Firmware for Automated Management System of Sounders with High Upgrading Rate
Alexandr Belousov, Iurij Koshlich, Artyom Grebenik and Olga Parashuk
Emission Characteristics of Pressed Pd-Ba Cathodes with an Increased Homogeneity of Distribution of the Emission Active Phase on the Surface
A.I. Gaidar, G.G. Bondarenko, I.P. L and N.V. Kashirina
Experimental Study of Changes of Active Power Losses of Power Three Phase Two-Winding Transformer in the Idle Mode When Changing the Temperature of its Magnetic System
Sergey Kostinskiy
Correlation Between Strength and Phase Composition of Autoclaved Lime-Fly Ash Material
Gennady I. Ovcharenko and Daniel I. Gil`Miyarov
The Condition Monitoring System Designs Potentially-Dangerous Objects
T.I. Lapina and D.V. Lapin
Methods of Construction and Resource Management Hierarchical Geodatabase Community Access
T.I. Lapina, V.N. Nikolaev and V.N. Novikov
Efficient Code Converter Circuits Design and Implementation in QCA Technology
A. Mallaiah, G.N. Swamy and K. Padmapriya
Design of a Multi-Functional Portable Lighting Device
A.A. Ashryatov and E.A. Markina
Justification of Efficiency of Mining Enterprise Conversion
Z.M. Khasheva, L.P. Shulgaty, V.I. Golik and T.G. Shelkunova
Design an Optimal Demand Response Program to Alleviate the Undesirable Effects of Wind Uncertainty in Operation of the System
Hanieh Grivani and Mahdi Samadi
Design of Low Pass FIR Filter for FPGA Implementation Using Xilinx System Generator
Jamshid M. Basheer and V. Murugesh
Soling in Transport Construction Technologies
Larisa Svatovskaya, Alexander Kabanov, Oleg Urov and Maxim Sychov
Pelotherapy in Orthodontic Treatment of Patients with Mesial Occlusion and Vestibular Position of Permanent Maxillary Canine Teeth
Lyudmila G. Ulyanova, Mikhail A. Postnikov, Grigoriy V. Stepanov, Nikolay V. Popov, Alfiya M. Khamadeeva and Olga A. Bagdasarova
Transprofessionalism of the Subjects of Professional Activity: Prolegomena, Platform, Formation
Evald F. Zeer, Mariya V. Zinnatova and Tatiana D. Bukovei
The Solution of Private Problems of Optimization for Engineering Systems of Buildings
Andrei Melekhin
The Geodetic Monitoring of the Engineering Structures Stability Conditions
Marzhan Nurpeissova, Shakir Bekbassarov, Aiman Bek, Guldana Kyrgizbaeva, Serik Turisbekov and Azhar Ormanbekova
Monitoring Attractor Characteristics as a Method of Objective Estimation of Testee’s Emotional State
Natalya N. Filatova, Konstantin V. Sidorov, Pavel D. Shemaev and Leonid V. Iliasov
An Efficient Methods for Hiding Secure Image in Image
Baheeja Khudair Shukur and Hussein Ali Hussein
Study on Structural Behaviour of Aluminium Fiber in Concrete
J. Rajaraman
Design and Analysis of Hammer of Impact Testing Machine
S. Muraliraj
Design and Analysis of Composite Helical Gear Using ANSYS
S. Prabhakaran
Sensor Communication Area Evaluation in under Water Sensor Network
D. Suganthy and G. Ranganathan
Effects of Taekwondo Athlete’s Winning Attitude on Exercise Immersion and Exercise Passion
Bong-Seok Kim, Min-Young Kang and Chun-Ho Yang
Jewels Originality Using SIFT and SURF
Hiba Ameer Jabir
Rheumatics Heart Disease Using Stratified Cox Proportional Hazard Model with Time-Varying Covariate Effect
Nurhasniza Idham Abu Hasan, Nor Azura Md. Ghani, Norazan Mohamed Ramli, Khairul Asri Mohd Ghani and Khairul Izan Mohd Ghani
Review of Development and Applications of Integrated Flood Analysis System (IFAS) for Flood Forecasting in Insufficiently-Gauged Catchments
M.F. Chow and M.M. Jamil
Control System Design of Autonomous Vehicle Through Real-Time Information Convergence
Hyun Seob Cho
A Study on State of the Art in Security and Privacy Issues on Cloud Computing
Abdulaziz Aldaej, Ravichandran , Mohammed Gulam Ahamad and M.R. Ashwin Dhivakar
Waterway Supervision System Using Observable Radiance Craft Navigation Method
P. Mohamed Rajab
The Mechanical Properties of Kenaf/Polyester Composite Modified with Sodium Hydroxide and Made by Vacuum Infusion Process
Alireza Setoodeh, Mohammad Sadegh Soltani and Navid Sokhandani
Care Pilot: Propelled Driver Safety Awareness and Assistance System for Cognitive Vehicle Control
Pankaj Kumar Sinha and Preetha Sharan
College Student’s Perceptions of Flipped Learning Experiences
Keun Huh and Jae Wook Yoo
Effective Exploitation of Ore Deposits in the Market Economy
Z.M. Khasheva, L.P. Shulgaty, V.I. Golik and T.G. Khetagurova
Empirical Study on the Quality of Accounting Information Systems and its Relation to the Research Leadership on Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Companies in Bandung
Azhar Susanto
Study of Resource Allocation on the Implementation of Accounting Information System
Sri Dewi Anggadini and Azhar Susanto
Improving the Quality of Accounting Information System Through the Availability of User’s Competence
Sri Dewi Anggadini
Issues and Challenges of Video Dissemination in VANET and Routing Protocol: Review
Omar A. Hammood, Mohd Nizam Mohmad Kahar, Muamer N. Mohammed and Waleed A. Hammood
Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Hand Gesture Recognition Used for Human-Robot Interaction
Javier O. Pinzon Arenas, Ruben D. Hernandez Beleno and Robinson Jimenez Moreno
University Attendance and Entrance Control System Using RFID
Qusay Shihab Hamad
Determining the Optimum Tilt Solar Angle of a PV Applications at Different Sites in Jordan
Saad S. Alrwashdeh
A Survey: Background Modelling and Object Detection Using Local Texture Features
Tawfiq A. Al-Asadi and Fanar Ali Joda
Improvement of Lifting Mechanism of an Intelligent Additional Track System for a Swamppeat Tracked Vehicle
A.K.M. Parvez Iqbal, N.H.M. Zabri, S. Begum and Ishak Bin Aris