Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 12 Issue 12 SI, 2017)

Social Values in Management of Social Work

E.N. Polyanskaya, Fisenko Polyanskaya, Ekaterina Nikolaevna, Fisenko Olga Sergeevna, Adonina Larisa Valeryevna and L.V. Adonina

Formation of Non-State Pension System in the Russian Federation on an Example of the Activities of Non-State Pension Fund “Sberbank”

Kourysheva Lyubov Olegovna, Khachaturova Elena Trophimovna and Fisenko Olga Sergeyevna

An Instructional Trainer Innovation for Automotive Lighting, Car Alarm and Central Locking System

Arnelo D. Naelga and Rene M. Chavez

The Influence of Tripoli as a Feed Additive on the Growth and Well-being of Suckling Pigs

Evgenia M. Ermolova, Yulia V. Matrosova, Dmitry S. Vilver, Svetlana A. Gritsenko and Rinat R. Fatkullin

Using Recommender Systems to Support Idea Generation Stage

Maria El Haiba, L. Elbassiti and R. Ajhoun

The Potential of Applying Green Wall in Dense Urban Areas Case Study-University of Jordan Street

Khaled Al-Omary and Muna Alsukkar

Feature Extraction Techniques for Handwritten Character Recognition using Neural Networks with Non-Uniform Background

G. Roshan, M. Akhil Kumar, R.S.V. Vishnu and G. Virajit

A Secure One-time Password Authentication Scheme Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography with Fingerprint Biometric

Dindayal Mahto and Dilip Kumar Yadav

A Robust Histogram Shape-Based Approach for Image Watermarking Using Artificial Neural Network with Optimization

Amandeep Kour and Simrandeep Singh

A Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Based Anomaly Detection Techniques in Video Surveillance

Vijay A. Kotkar and V. Sucharita

Data Safety in the Service Cloud Computing Using Today’s Scenario

Mojjada Ramesh Kumar, C. Yosepu, A. Prakash and D.B.K. Kamesh

UR5 New Symmetrical Algorithm For Security

Nikhita Jatain and Praful R. Pardhi

Design and Implementation of Modern Automated Real Time Monitoring System for Agriculture using Internet of Things (IoT)

Paparao Nalajala, D. Hemanth Kumar, P. Ramesh and Bhavana Godavarthi

Data Mining Model to Classify Product Search Relevance

Kahkashan Firdous Shaikh and Manoj B. Chandak

Building a Dynamic Virtual Machines Using KBR Agent for Data Security in Hybrid Cloud

R.G. Suresh Kumar and T. Nalini

Enhanced Shape Based Color Image Segmentation Using Multilayer Neural Network

Manisha Bhardwaj and Bobbin Preet Kaur

Comprehensive System of Management of the Quality, Environment and Occupational Risks in the Health Sector

Luz Adriana Borrero Lopez, Jorge Rodriguez, Amelec Viloria, Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez, Mercedes Gaitan-Angulo and Norka Marquez

Content Based Image Retrieval System Based on Classifier Ensemble Approach

Vishal B. Padole and V.R. Mankar

Extended Visual Cryptography For Color Images Using Sterilization Algorithm

Gopal D. Dalvi and D.G. Wakde

Low Power Multiplier and Divider Circuit Using Full Swing Gate Diffusion Input

Sujatha Hiremath and Deepali Koppad

Design and Implementation of Memory-Based Pipelined FFT Architecture for Complex-Valued Signals

Amit Kumar, Adesh Kumar, Manish Pandey and Aakanksha Devrari

Materialized View Based Data Warehouse Optimization

Ashwini A. Rangari and A.R. Raipurkar

Insight into Cellopentaose Binding Mode in Glycone and Aglycone Binding Site of Beta-Glucosidase B: A Molecular Dynamics Approach

Nurulbahiyah Ahmad Khairudin, Kamyar Shameli, Mikio Miyake and Nur Shima Fadhilah Mazlan

Results of Research Tests of Robot of Anthropomorphous Type Thermal Control System

P.N. Chubov, O.V. Tolstel, L.Z. Krochak, A.A. Bogdanov and A.A. Shponko

An Aggregation Approach Based on Elasticsearch

Sayar Ahmad Kuchy, Syed K. Ahmed Khadri, Manoj Mukherjee, Debabrata Samanta and Dac-Nhuong Le

Efficient and Secure Key Extraction Approach for OFDM System with Adaptive Filtration

Preeti Pathania and Rajpreet Singh

Location of Fault in a Transmission Line Using Single Ended Travelling Wave

Basanta K. Panigrahi, Prakash K. Ray, Pravat K. Rout, Sourav K. Sahu and D.P. Pati

A Survey on Inferences from Deep Learning Algorithms

Deepali Vora and Kamatchi Iyer

Results of the Fight Against Smuggling in Colombia (2015-2016)

Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutierrez, Harry Ernesto Reyna-Nino, Leonardo Sicard-Abad, Amelec Viloria, Willians Badillo and Lesvia Valero Barrera

Random Forest and Extreme Learning Machine Based CAD System for Breast Cancer

R.D. Ghongade and D.G. Wakde

News Ticker Recognition: Performance Analysis SIFT and M-SIFT

Pooja and Renu Dhir

Data Security Using Odd-Even Threshold Cryptography in Cloud Computing

D. Kosare and D. Naidu

Segmentation and Clumped Cell Detection in Microscopic Peripheral Blood Smear Images

Dhanya Bibin and P. Punitha

Assessment of Packet Header for Security Support in Trivial File Transfer Protocol

Nur Nabila Mohamed, Yusnani Mohd Yussoff and Habibah Hashim

Evaluation of Hybrid Optical Amplifiers EDFA-EDFA, SOA-EDFA and Raman-EDFA in Ultra Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexed System

Baruni Harjeevan Singh

A Review of Various Camouflage Moving Object Detection Techniques

R. Kamble Rita and Pothuraju Rajarajeswari

Implementation of RGB Based Face Detection Using Threshold Values and Morphological Processing

Bhavana Godvarthi, Paparao Nalajala, Kutikanti Chiranjeevi and Ponna Madhuri

Graph Coloring Based TDMA Algorithm for Scheduling the Readers in RFID Network to Avoid Reader Collision

C. Hema, Sharmila Sankar and Sandhya

Financial Planning of the Garbage Disposal Plant Using Mathematical Model

P. Jyothi, G.A. Vatsala and Radha Gupta

The Fingerprint Capture Method Based on Waterproof Optical Design for Fingerprint Analysis and Enhanced Fingerprint Recognition Technology

Young-Hyun Baek and Byunggeun Kim

A Study on Classification of Users Shopping Behavior Process Model Using Click Stream Data

Dileep Kumar Padidem and C. Nalini

A 3.3 V Bi-Directional IO for Multiple Loads in 55 nm CMOS

Vishnu V. Nair and P.. Rajeswari

Effect of Different Nozzle Hole Orifice Diameter on Performance, Combustion and Emissions in a Diesel Engine

M. Vijay Kumar, A. Veeresh Babu and P. Ravi Kumar

A Review on Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Network

Lalit Kumar Vishwakarma and Manish Pandey

An Algorithm for Spatial Data Mining Using Clustering

Karishma Vaswani and A.M. Karandikar