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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 13 Issue 16, 2018
Robust Trimmed Mean Direction to Estimate Circular Location Parameter in the Presence of Outliers
Habshah Midi, Ehab A. Mahmood, Abdul Ghapor Hussin and Jayanthi Arasan
Towards Removing Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities from Mobile Web Applications
Isatou Hydara, Abu Bakar Md Sultan, Hazura Zulzalil and Novia Admodisastro
Classifying Non-Functional Properties of Software Systems According to their use in Some Application Areas
Abdulkarim Bello, Abu Bakar Md Sultan, Abdul Azim Abdul Ghani and Hazura Zulzalil
Augmented Desirability Function for Multiple Responses with Contaminated Data
Habshah Midi and Nasuhar Ab. Aziz
On the Performance of Fast Robust Variance Inflation Factor Based on Index Set Equality
Habshah Midi, Shelan Saied Ismaeel and Shelan Saied Ismaeel
The Influence of Organizational Culture on Quality of Accounting Information Systems Management
Azhar Susanto and Meiryani
How User Ability and Top Management Support Influence on Accounting Information System Quality and its Impact on the Quality of Accounting Information
Azhar Susanto and Meiryani
Theoretical Analysis of the Performance of DI Diesel Engine Operating on Dual Fuel
O. Ghazal
Optimizing the Combinations of Sites, Turbine Types and Cells Types of a Hybrid Power System for Remote Sites in Jordan
Ali S. Khraiwish Dalabeeh
A Wavelet-Based ADC/DAC Differential Nonlinearity Measurement Analysis
Emad A. Awada and Cajetan M. Akujuobi
Very Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Speech Recognition Based on Words
Javier O. Pinzon, Robinson Jimenez-Moreno, Oscar Aviles, Paola Nino and Diana Ovalle
Establishing a soldier Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Communication for Military Operation Monitoring
Mohd Nazri Ismail, Mohd Afizi Shukran, Mohd Rizal Mohd Isa, Mohd Adib and Omar Zakaria
Nanotechnology, a Step toward Sustainable Architecture
Davood Rezaei
Multi-Phase Methodology for Proposing a High Performance Switched Campus Network: University of Kufa Case Study
Mohammed Falih Kadhim, Nabeel Salih Ali and Salam Al-Khammasi
Recommend Stages Model to Implement e-Government Application Strategies
Majzoob K. Omer, Mohammed S. Adrees and Osama E. Sheta
The Gas Nitriding Behavior of 31CrMoV9 Grade Steel
Naim Syla, Fisnik Aliaj, Zeqe Tolaj, Naim Mahmudi and Arber Zeqiraj
Suggestion of a Reform for Moroccan Pension Funds using Multicriteria Decision Analysis
Badreddine El Goumi, Mohammed El Khomssi and Amine Jamali Alaoui
Comparing Risks Assessment in Construction Projects using Two Program
Hafeth I. Naji, Raquim N. Zehawi and Rouwaida Hussein Ali
The Effect of Irradiation on the Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of the Prussian Blue Electrochromic Thin Films
Buthainah Abdulmunem Ibrahim, Samir Makki and Murtatha Jammal
Enhancement and Improvement the Quality of Plastic Products by Estimating and Controlling the Effecting Design Parameters on the Mold
Hani Mizhir Magid, Malik N. Hawas and Badr Kamoon
Decision-Making by Airport Ground Services by Means of Math-Economic Simulation and Fuzzy Logic
Alexander Emelyanov, Vladimir Khalin, Dmitrii Tukaev and Anatolii Morozov
Modeling of the Cement Unloading Process with the Queuing Theory and Optimization of its Parameters
K. Syzrantseva and A. Tarasov
Design of Microstrip Antenna in LTE Application and SAR Evaluation for Head Tissue
Huda I. Hamd
Parallel Implementation and Comparative Study of Gauss-Jordan and Gauss-Huard Algorithms on a Cluster of Linux Workstations
M.H. Al-Towaiq
Management of Intellectual Capital Development on the Basis of Conflict Settlement System
Olga Nedoluzhko and Ekaterina Shumik
Optimized Image Retrieval Using HSV Color Space, Local Edge Binary Patterns and Zernike Moments
G. Sucharitha and Ranjan K. Senapati
Study of the Structure and the Luminescence Properties of the Tb Compound
Nada Abdul Hadi and Nadia Mohammed Jassim
Urban Green Space as a Component of the City
Oumaima. Rachid, Azzeddine. Bouyahyaoui and Jamal-Eddine. Jellal
Electronic Space of Modernity: Some Benefits and Risks
Natalia Seliverstova, Elena Iakovleva and Olga Grigoryeva
Electromagnetic and Thermal Analysis Using Finite Element Method of Axial Flux BLDC Motor
H. Suryoatmojo, R. Mardiyanto, D.C. Riawan, M. Ashari, S. Anam, E. Setijadi and Dwi Haryanto
Effect of Enhanced Evaporative Cooling on the Performance of Air-Conditioning in Severe Hot Weather
Adel A. Eidan, Mohamed Al-Fahham, Dhafer Manea Hachim and Assaad Al-Sahlani
Numerical Simulation for Conjugate Natural Convection in a Partially Heated Rectangular Porous Cavity
K. Al-Farhany and Ammar Abdulkadhim
PID Based Automatic Voltage Regulator Design for a Synchronous Generator Tuned Utilizing Particle Swarm Optimization under Different Damping Torque Coefficient
Mohanad Azeez Joodi
Wichmann-Hill PRNG based Design Smart Digital Door Lock Using Android-Arduino
Ahmed Kawther Hussein and Ali Shakir
Increasing the Efficiency of Transport and Technological Complexes Used in Crop Harvesting
Sergei V. Shchitov, Zoya F. Krivuca, Yuri B. Kurkov, Andrey V. Burmaga, Evgeniy E. Kuznetsov, Olesya P. Mitrokhina and Elena V. Popova
A New Physical Design Approach for Setup Timing Optimization in 7 nm Global Routed Designs
Mohamed Chentouf, Lekbir Cherif and Zine El Abidine Alaoui Ismaili
Experimental Study of the Vibration Effect on the Fluid Discharge Time in Annular Cantilever Pipes Conveying Fluid
Thaier J. Ntayeesh and Suadad Noori Ghani
Design and Simulation of a New Seven Levels Inverter for Renewable Energy Sources
Mustafa Fawzi Mohammed, Ali Husain Ahmad and Abdulrahim Thiab Humod
Experimental Investigation of Solar Thermal Collector on the Open Parabolic Trough
Kadhim K. Idan Al-Chlaihawi, Khaled Al-Farhany and Ahmed Thabit Al- Rubaye
Calculation of the Aberration Optimum Balance for Circular Synthetic Apertures
Adnan Falh Hassan and Ban Hussein Ali
Optimal Deployment of Locations and Height Antenna for Relays on Macro Cell Environments for LTE-Advanced
Abduljalil Saif, Mahamod Ismail, Rosdiadee Nordin, Mohammed Fadhil and Nor Fadhilah Abdullah
Optimal Relay Deployment in Suburban Macrocell of LTE-Advanced Network
Abduljalil Saif, Mahamod Ismail, Rosdiadee Nordin and Mohammed Fadhil
Modified Single Phase Induction Motor Fed from the Solar Energy
Ayman M. Ali, Salama Abo Zaid and Akram H. Ahmed
Investigate the Effect of Titanium Addition on the Microstructure, Sliding Wear Resistance and Shape Memory Effect of Cu-Al-Ni SMA Prepared via. Powder Metallurgy
Hussein A. Hashim, Ali H. Halem and Ansam A. Hashim
Robust Multi Variable Process Control Chart Pattern Recognition Using Neural Modeling
Sapna Kadakadiyavar, Nagaraj Ramrao and Manoj Kumar Singh