Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 13 Issue 18, 2018)

The Intention of Switching in System Maintenance Using Migration Theory

Wi Man Kang, Yong Duk Chi, Soo Sang Kim, Seok Hui Lee and Gwang Yong Gim

A Study on Analysis of Factors Affecting User Satisfaction of Large-Scale Public Sports Complex

Hyoungseok Oh and Young-Kag Kim

A Learning Attention Improvement System Based on Neuro Feedback

Kahyun Lim, Byung Mun Lee, Youngho Lee and Jinhyeok Park

Prototyping and Case Study of Sustainable and Ergonomic Toilet Design

H.K. Lee

DFT Study of COCl2 Adsorption on Pristine Fullerene and Doped Fullerene

Abbas Hassan Abo Nasriya

The Effect of Breakup Channel on the Fusion Reactions of Some Light and Medium Nuclei

Fouad A. Majeed, Khalid H.H. Al Ateah and Malik S. Mehemed

Some Structures of Čech Fuzzy Soft Closure Spaces

Rasha Naser Majeed Lina Hussein Maibed

Study the Effect of Adding Iraqi Bentonite Kara Tepe on Some Optical Properties of Poly (Methyl Methacrylate)

Lubna H. Dakhil and Fouad. Sh. Hashim

On Polish Groups and their Applications

Faisal Ghazi Al-Sharqi, Majd Mohammed Abed and Ali. A. Mhassin

Characterization of a Zinc Oxidethin Film Used Simple Chemical Method

Huda M. Jawad, Ahmed N. Abd and Wasna’a M. Abdulridha

Part Manufacturing “Secondary Shaft” by Cross-Wedge Rolling Method

Khaldoon Hussein Hamzah

Monitoring and Controlling Home Automation System Based on GSM/GPRS Technique

Hussain Alaa Almhana, Samir Jasim Mohammed and Laith Ali Abdul-Rahaim

Empirically Approach for Determining the Appropriate of Antenna Heights in Greenhouse Environments

Moneer Ali Lilo and Abidulkarim K.I. Yasari

Investigate the Effect of the Metal Chain Insertion into the Heat Exchanger Tube on the Thermal Performance Factor

Ali Hussein Ghitheeth, Mas FawziMohd Ali and Mohammed W. Aljibory

Investigate about Some Mechanical Properties of Hardened Concrete with Plastic and Metal Trash

Saba Mohammad Shaheed, Heydar Ahmad Jasim and Samer Hamid Al-Ameedi

Electrochemical Preparation and Characterization of Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles

Aqeel Mahdi Alduhaidahawi, Fouad A.A. Al-Saady and Amer Musa Jouda

Contrast Enhancement Using Adaptive Gamma Correction with Histogram

Nidhal Mohammed Al-Shareefi, Rajaa Husain A. Ali and Ghaidaa A. Hafedh Jaber

Behavior of Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance with Shape, Size, Liquid Medium and Magnetic Field in Au:Ag Alloy

Nagham M. Obaid, Ghaleb Al-Dahash, Hassan A. Majeed and Asmaa Mahmood Hayder

Parametric Optimization of Process Parameters on Surface Integrity in WEDM of Al-2024 Metal Matrix Composite using Taguchi Approach

Saad Hameed Al-Shafaie Sundus Abbas Jasim

Processes Solar Photovoltaic Systems Cooling Methods (Mini-Review)

Ayad Jasim Jabber, Azwan Bin Sapit, Mahdi Hatf Kadhum Aboaltabooq and Mas Fawzi Mohd Ali

Discussion of the Basic Types of Attacks on Stegosystems Digital Watermarking

Sameer Saud Dakhel, Sadiq Sahip Majeed and Rasha Muhseen Hadi

Influence of Near Surface Fiber Nets Reinforcement on the Behavior of Solid and Voided Reinforced Concrete Beams

Rafea Flaih Hassan, Muna H. Jaber Nabeel and Hasan Ali Al-Salim

The Choice of Methods and Tools to Implement the Database and the Web Interface

Mohammed Qasim Dhahir, Haider Hassan Majeed Al Karaawi and Muneer Sameer Gheni Mansoor

Study Effect of Reinforcement and Moisture on Impact Strength of Hybrid and Single Polymeric Composites

Saad Khalid Rahi, Majid Hameed Hassoni and Ahmed N. Abd

Impact of Poisson Parameter of Impulsive Multiplicative Noise on Impairment of Single-Tone Sinusoid Signals

Zahraa Ch. Oleiwi

Optimization of Antenna Design in Millimeter Wave Band and 15 GHz Band for Wireless Communications

Ammar Nadal Shareef

Visual Cryptography and CSK for Biometric Template Security

Ashwaq T. Hashim and Zina A. Saleh

Theoretical Study of Energy Distribution Function and Other Parameters for CF4-He Gas Mixtures Discharge

Mohammed J. Jader

Permeability Measurements of Surface Asphalt Mixture Modified by Polymer Combination

Fatimah Fahem Al-Khafaji

Studying the Effect of Curvature in the Multimode Optical Fiber and Calculate Critical Radius of Curvature for the Wave Length 850 nm and 1550 nm

Wissam H. Mahdi, Fadel A. Murad and Adil F. AL-Zamilly

Experimental Study and Prediction the Mechanical Properties of Nano-Joining Composite Polymers

Ahmed A. Taher, Ayad M. Takhakh and S. M. Thaha

Two Parameter Lindley Distribution:Estimating the Reliability Function with Fuzzy Data

Nadia Hashim Al-Noor and Rasha Sameer Subhi

Interference and Signal Quality Analysis of Cellular Wireless Network

Dalal Kanaan Taher, Seham Ahmed Hashem and Adheed Hassan Sallomi

Different Surface Treatments of Substructures on Bond Strength of Veneering Composite Resins

Mustafa A. Zeinalabdeen, Fatih Sary and Secil K. Nemli

The Effect of Calcium Oxide-Nanoparticles on the Function of the Kidney Organ in the Rats

Shurooq Wesam Al-Shaibani

Influence of Ambient Temperature on the Performance of Repowered Combined Cycle Power Plant

Saba Yassoub Ahmed and Mustafa Hadi Oudah

Use the Principle of Decision Support System (DSS) to Help Us Carefully Choose the Best or Most Suitable Telecommunications Company for the Customer

Rasha Muhseen Hadi, Zainab Saad Rubaidi and Sameer Saud Dakhel

Performance Enhancement of Image Encryption By Using BK-Cube Network Design

Ashwaq T. Hashim and Yossra H. Ali

Semantic Based Geotagged Photos Similarities for Location’s Ranking Purposes

Ghaidaa A. Al-Sultany

The Effect of Chemical Treatment of Reduced Graphene Oxide on NO2 Gas Sensing

Mustafa N. Oleiwi, Fouad A. Al-Saady and Abdulkareem M. Ali Al-Sammarraie

The Effect of Post Cure on the Mechanical Properties of Chopped Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Laminate Matrix

Hisham Mohammed Ali Hasan

3D Wavelet Network and Wavelet Transform Used for Transmission Lines Fault Detection and Their Classification

Wael Hussein Zayer

Fuzzy KU-Semi-Groups and Investigate Some Basic Properties

Elaf R. Hasan and Fatema F. Kareem

Measuring the Radiation Level of 40K, 238U, 232TH in a Region atAlhindia District in Iraq

Mohanad Hussain Oleiwi and Worud Sami Rasool

The Implementation Methods of the Residential Environment Management Projects for the Regeneration of the Deteriorated Residential Area in Daejeon

Ji Nam Seok and Kim Joong Hun

Estimation of RFID Tag’s Direction Based on LANDMARC Algorithm

Jamal A. Hammad and Ahmed N. Rashid