Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 13 Issue 19, 2018)

A Design on the Base Technology of In-Home Health Care Smart Basin for Tap Water Context Awareness for the Poor Strata

Jun-Ho Huh and Sunghyun Weon

Development for Remote Calculation for Smart Grid Curriculum:System Programming Approach

Jeong-Ho Bak and Jun-Ho Huh

Effect of Magnetic Field Energy on Physical Properties of Ground Grouting

Moon Jun Ho, Xin Zhen Hua and U.K. Kim Young

A Comparative Study on the Villa Neuilly-Sur-Seine and Housing 4 Composition of Le Corbusier

Jae-Hee Cho

A Study on the Influence of Personality Factors on Intention to Use of Robo-Advisor

Jae Hun Sa, Ki Bum Lee, Sung In Cho, Sang Hee Lee and Gwang Yong Gim

Simple Experimental Model for Bond Stress and Slip Between HPFRCC and FRP Strip Used as a Permanent Form

Seung-Woon Yoo

A Study on the Architectural Planning for the Application of the Concept of the Cyberspace-Hyperscape Center in TriBeCa New York City

Donghyeog Choi

Flume Experiments to Improve Sant Anthony Falls Stilling Basin Efficiency

Thulfikar R. Al-Husseini, Hussin Janna and Marwah M. Al-Khuzaie

A Study on Hierarchy Analysis of the Floor Compositions of Geriatric Hospital Treatment Wards

Heangwoo Lee, Heykyung Park and Suktae Kim

A Study on Spatial Configuration of Waiting Room in Geriatrics Hospital

Hae-Jin Hwang, Heangwoo Lee and Chan-Ohk Oh

Preliminary Survey Study on Trend of Gentrification Phenomenon in Seoul City

K. Jeongminm, K. Yongseong and S. Seokjae

A Comparative Study on the Correlation in Curriculum and Architectural Space Between Waldorf School and Korean Elementary School

Woong-Ryong Song and Jinju Jung

A Study on the Analysis of the Interior Color Environment in Korea: Focus on Senior Citizen Centers in Korea

Yerim Choi, Heangwoo Lee and Heykyung Park

Analysis of Technology System Applied to the Mongolian Traditional House for Energy Savings and Increased Comfort

Saizmaa Doljmoo, Heangwoo Lee and Chan-Ohk Oh

A Study on Trends in Exterior Renovation Focused on University Buildings

Jiyoung Oh, Heangwoo Lee and Heykyung Park

Locally-Named versus Nominal

Hwajeong Kim and Gyesik Lee

Relational Analysis Between Subway Ridership and Spatial Characteristics of Station Areas in Daejeon

Ji Namseok and Kim Joong Hun

Study on Five Principles of Urban Architecture Design for Sustainable Urban Development

Y. Myung, K. Yongseong and S. Seokjae

A Study on the Analysis of Case by Forms According to Location of Multi-Dimensional Urban Planning

K. Surin, K. Yongseong and S. Seokjae

Anti-Bio-Fouling Effect of Water-Soluble Glass of Na2O-ZnO-SiO2 System

Soobin Park and Seunggu Kang

Study on Relative Efficiency Evaluation of IT Service Companies

Hyunwoo Goh

Relationship Between Microstructure and Oxidation Resistivity of SiC Coating Layer

Y. Kim and T. Chae

Safe or not?: Critical Review of Current Safety Practices in Korean Child Care Centers

Younhee Kim and Hakkyong Kim

A Study on Improvement Measures for Vacant Houses in South Korea Based on the Analysis of Their Causes A Comparison and Analysis Between the Seoul Metropolitan Region and the Local Regions

Jaehwan Kim and Heecheol Shim

Combining GIS with AHP for Facility Site Selection: A Case Study in Cheongju, South Korea

H.Y. Kim and J.H. Hwang

Study on the Efficiency Evaluation of an Army Supply Support System Using the DEA-ANP Method

J. Kim, J. Lee and S. Kang

Deterrence Theories and Their Applications to the ROK

Pyo-Kyu Lee

A Study on Moderating Effect of Anger in the Relationship Between Jealousy and Relational Aggression

Y.A. Seong and Y.J. Kim

A Simple Appraisal of Available Visibility Variation on Two-Lane Rural Roads

Nasiru Danlami, Madzlan B. Napiah, Ahmad Farhan Mohd Sadullah and Nura Bala

Improvement and Innovation in the Management of Change Orders

Sonia Ahmed, Petr Dlask and Bassam Hassan

Design and Construction of an AUV Robot Type ROV

Marco A. Mesa. S., Deisy Y. Forero Q., Ruben D. Hernandez B. and M.Carolina Sandoval

Fingervein Recognition System Using Fuzzy Score Level Fusion and Corner Detection

Jane Jaleel Stephan, Entessar Karim Hanoun and Ali Makki Sagheer

Optimized and Secured IoT Enabled Health Monitoring and Diagnosis System: Comprehensive Review

D. Narendar Singh, Sudhir Kr. Sharma and Farukh Hasmi

An Intuitionistic Fuzzy Based on Location Management System

Ashit Kumar Dutta

Chemical Failure Analysis of Artificial Lift System in Petroleum Industry: A Review

Jose Osorio Tovar, Grimaldo Guerrero John William, Pacheco Torres Pedro Jessid and Chaparro Badillo Lizeth Paola

Development of a Mathematical Model for Determining the Leakage Point of the Gas Pipeline at Fuel Supply Energy Complexes and Facilities

Aleksandr Belov, Maxim Ksenzov, Aleksei Babushkin and Ekaterina Palaguta

Dielectric Resonator Antenna Design with High Gain and Wide Bandwidth

Hafiz Bin Basarudin, S. Ahmed, K.G. Tan, Mohamad Yusoff Alias, Ferdous Hossain and Liew Chia Pao

Towards One-Time Biometric-Message Authentication Code in Cloud Computing

Zainab Amin Abduljabbar, Zaid Ameen Abduljabbar and Rana Jassim Mohammed

A Critical Comparative Analysis for 2D and 2.5D Face Recognition Techniques

Safaa Jasim Mosa

40 GHz Indoor Networks Using Relay and Directional Antennas

Sami A. Ali and Mohammed Omer Salih

Influence of the Number of Antennas on the Outage Probability of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in 5G Systems

Haider M. Alsabbagh

Develop Student Registration Work Using Google Forms

Nidaa Ghalib Ali, Adnan Adhab K. Al-Saeedi and Zainab Sahib Dhahir

Innovative Bursty Traffic Control Technique to Overcome Outcast Problem in Cloud Computing Environment

Atheer A. Kadhim

Investigate the Properties of the Granular Materials Incorporated Cotton Fiber

Tawfek Sheer Ali, Nibras Al-Sahaf, Rasha A. Al-Fatlawy, Abbas Al-Hdabi and Mohammed K. Fakhraldin

Improved Electrical Properties of PSi Photodetector by Embedding Ag

Warood Kream Alaarage