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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 13 Issue 10 SI, 2018
Pollution Prevention Challenges in the Production Process (Separation and Processing) of Oil and Gas Industry
K. Thiruvenkatasamy and Fasihur Rahman
Discovery and Control of Oceanic Boundary Interfering Vessels using GPS System
P. Mohamed Rajab
Study on the Fuzzy Technique over Marine Air-Conditioning System
S.P. Venugopal
Prediction of Decomposition Rates in Offshore Structures
A. Prem Anand
Marine Signal Denoising Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform
I.V.S. Ramakrishnan
Ship Position Data Analytics with Vessel Speed Using Satellite
I.V.S. Ramakrishnan
The Manuscript of Employee's Performance Management System
P. Rajendran
Study on Structural Behavior of Oyster Shell Powder in Concrete
K. Ayyappan
Implementation of Winnowing Algorithm Based K-Gram to Identify Plagiarism on File Text-Based Document
Yanuar Nurdiansyah and Fiqih Nur Muharrom
The Potential of Seawater Intrusion Based on the Physical Rock Measurement in the International Airport Planing, Kulonprogo DIY
Purwanto , Intan Paramita Haty, Arif Rianto Budi Nugroho and Angga Surya Dwianta
Design of the Effective Facility Layout in the Production Department of Healthy Drink
Hartomo Soewardi and Dadya Puspa Paramitha
Evidence of a Shift in the Accrual Earnings Management at Asian Countries
Sri Suryaningsum and Jogiyanto Hartono
Non-Market Capability: Improve Performance Banking Industry
Sabihaini and Januar Eko Prasetio
The Influence of Information Asymmetry, Independent Commissioner Board, Audit Committee, Managerial Ownership and Firm Size on Earnings Management
Lita Yulita Fitriyani, Sutoyo , Sri Suryaningsum and Vivin Marlita Rohmawati
Radial Basis Functions Neural Networks Convolution Approximation
Eman S. Bhaya and Omar A. Al-Sammak
Object Detection Based on Fusion of Multi-Feature for Video Surveillance System
Tawfiq A. Al-Asadi and Fanar Ali Joda
Low Power Single-Rail Domino Logic Full Adder Design
Shashikanth Reddy, U. Somanaidu, D. Khalandar Basha and D.M.K. Chaitanya
A Survey of Management in Developing Countries
V. Meenakshi Sundaram and S. Poongavanam
Estimation of the Floods that Occur in the Drainage Network During the Rainy Season
Maha Obaid Nayel, Basim Khalil Nile and Hussein Ali M. Al-Hamami
Study of Fluidizing System Behavior Using Nanoparticles
Jamal M. Ali and Sarah T. Hussian
Study the Influence of Cu% on the Mechanical Properties of Aluminium-Copper Alloys
Basim Ajel Sadkhan and Salman Hussien Omran
Preparation of Coating Layer for Thermal and Sound Insulation for Residential Buildings
Elham Abd Al-Majeed, Hayder K. Rashed and Ziyad N. Moosa
The Effect of H2SO4 Concentration on the Ni Deposition
Sami I.J. Alrubaiey, Iman Adnan Anoon and Marwa.TH.M. Alobaidy
Effect of Delay Curing Start on Durability and Mechanical Properties of High and Normal Strength Concrete
Hussein Talab Nhabih, Ameer Mohsin Hashim and Marwa Marza Salman
Enhancement Corrosion Resistance of FP Dental Ceramic Restorative by Desk Sputtered Nano TiO2
Baydaa Abdul Hassan Khalaf, Sabah Mohammed Milkat and Kadhim F. AlSultani
Optimization of Nano Graphite Oxide and Others for Super Absorbent Nano Composites Polymeric Materials
Sihama Issa Salih, Fadhel Abbas Hashem and Auda Jabbar Braihi
Effects of Polymeric Additives on the Properties of Oil Drilling Muds
Auda Jabbar Braihi, Reyam Jumaa Jehad and Sajjad Hamead Enad
Treatment of Water Using Dual Direct Filtration of Porcelanite Media
Jabbar H. Al-Baidhany and Abbas Rasol Ghanim
Prediction of Some Physical and Mechanical Properties of Bioceramics Through Using Genetic Algorithm Approach
Mohammed A. Ahmed Al-Dujaili, Shaker J. Adrees and Raghda Ibrahim Abdalwahad
Preparation and Studying of Nanofiber Membranes for Heavy Metals Absorption and Antibacterial Application
Ola Hameed, Zuhair Jabbar and Hanaa Jawad
Influence Agglomeration of Nano-Ceramic Particles on Properties of Hard Chromium Electroplating Deposit
Talib Abdulameer Jasim
Study the Effect of Mica on Mechanical, Thermal and Morphological Properties of Epoxy/Polyester Blend
Abeer Adnan Abd
An Alternate Simple Approach to Obtain the Maximum Flow in a Network Flow Problem
Protima Dash, Md. Mosfiqur Rahman and F.T. Zohora
The Effects of Health Awareness Through Social Media on Health Belief and Health Promotion Behavior
Sun-Mun Park and Ah-Young Lee
ARNN for Enhancing Drift Detection of Data Stream Based on Modified Page Hinckley Model
Nabeel Al-A’araji, Eman Al-Shamery and Alyaa Abdul-Hussein
Features of Technological Properties of Triticale Grain of Kazakhstan's Selection
K.K. Zhanabayeva, N.O. Ongarbayeva, G.A. Ruchkina, G.K. Yesseyeva and V.L. Smolyakova
Spelta as Raw Material for Food Industry and Peculiarities of its Processing
S.A. Leonova, E.V. Badamshina, E.P. Meleshkina, A.L. Weber, O.Y. Kaluzhina, I.S. Vitol, A.A. Chernenkova and D.T. Gaifullina
Assessment of Dynamic Visual Acuity on VR HMD System: Focused on Exerciser and Non-Exerciser
Jungho Kim, Hojun Son, Seunghyun Lee and Soonchul Kwon
Cancellable Face Recognition System Based on Bit-string Representation
Jinho Han
Improvement of Information Support for the Internal Monitoring of Payments with Counterparties
Gamir A. Khabirov, Elmira I. Galimova, Almir A. Askarov, Alisa M. Ableeva, David D. Lukmanov, Nuriya T. Rafikova and Zulfat Z. Suleymanov
The Application of Physical and Biological Stimulants in Livestock Breeding
Evgeni P. Dementyev, George V. Bazekin, Ivan N. Tokarev, Ganna V. Lobodina, Foat A. Karimov, Alfia V. Andreeva, Rinat S. Gizatullin, Zuleikha Z. Ilyasova, Marat G. Giniyatullin and Albert V. Bliznetsov
Assessment of Slope Stability in Coastal Water Protection Zones
Radik Mustafin, Igor Ryzhkov, Rida Sultanova, Ilgiz Khabirov, Luisa Khasanova, Larisa Zagitova, Ilgiz Asylbaev, Damir Kutliyarov, Ruslan Zubairov and Anzhelika Rajanova
Evaluation of the Efficiency of Mechanized Technological Processes of Agricultural Production
Ildar Gabitov, Salavat Mudarisov, Ildar Gafurov, Alisa Ableeva, Andrei Negovora, Mudaris Davletshin, Zinnur Rakhimov, Rim Khamaletdinov, Vladimir Martynov and Gennady Yukhin
6-10 kV Overhead Power Lines Efficiency Research under the Influence of Wind and Ice Loads
Vladimir Y. Kabashov, Lyudmila P. Andrianova, Ildar I. Gabitov, Rustam S. Aipov, Andrey V. Linenko, Marat F. Tuktarov, Rustam R. Galiullin, Rinat B. Yarullin and Ural R. Yarmukhametov
The Bioenergetic Approach to Evaluation of Arable Land Fertility
Marat Ishbulatov, Radik Mindibayev, Khalil Safin, Aydar Baykov, Ilnur Miftakhov, Guzel Baygildina, Nailja Zamanova, Rail Khisamov and Ruzil Yagafarov