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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 13 Issue 12 SI, 2018
Assessment of Performance of ASP-Flooding Technology Realization in the Oil Field Development in Russia
N.A. Balatsenko, L.A. Saychenko and D.S. Tananykhin
Software Quality and The Success of Small and Medium Enterprises: The Management Perspective
Jamaiah H. Yahaya, Asadullah Tareen and Aziz Deraman
Prelude to Visual Markers and User Experience on Extremist Youtube Videos
Roshaliza Mohd Rosli and Anitawati Mohd Lokman
The Adoption of SWEBOK Driven Project-Based Learning to Instil Professional Software Engineer Characters in Students
Beni Suranto
Photosynthetic Responses of Arabidopsis thaliana Acclimation to Decreases in Growth Irradiance
Furzani Paee and Giles Johnson
A Study on the Ultra Structure of Actinomycosis in Women with IUDs
Mi-Soon Park, Mi-Hwa Lee and Byung-Soo Jang
Performance Analysis of Inference System According to Partition of Input Space by Means of Gaussian Function
Dong Yoon Lee
Implementation of Oil Spill Mapping Based on GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques
R. Rajendr Prasad
Autonomous Marine Vehicles for Open-Source Middleware Nested Communication
R.N. Raju
Study on Structural Behavior of Steel Slag in Concrete
Bhagwant Singh Sidhu
Expectation Maximization Based Satellite Image Segmentation
L. Senthil Nathan
Design and Analysis of Single Point Cutting Tool
R. Praveenkumar
Analysis and Optimization of CNC Machine BED Using ANSYS
M. Vinoth Kumar
Initial Ship Design Estimation Using Artificial Neural Networks
Prashant Kumar
Analysis of Marine Accidents and Design an Enhanced Method of Collision Avoidance Using AIS
K. Karthick
Vessel Tracking by HF Radar in Coastal Area
Samson Joseph
Implementation of Mems Based Low-Cost Directional Wave Sensing in the Sea Buoy Using Wireless Sensor Networks
Samson Joseph
Marine Navigation Services in View of Compass and GPS
J. Manivannan
Mobile Satellite Service Expand Opportunity for Ocean Observing and Monitoring Using AIS
J. Manivannan
Study of Ship Noise from Underwater Ambient Noise Using Discrete Wavelet Transform
V. Ramakrishnan
Effect on Performance of Discrete PID Controller for Digital Excitation Control System due to Variation of Sampling Time
Deepak M. Sajnekar, Sadanand B. Deshpande and R.M. Moharil
A Study on Impact of Flexible Labor in Indian Scenario
M. Nisha and S. Poongavanam
Study of Inter-Firm Relationships with Reference to Value Chain and Management Accounting
S. Balaji and S. Ramachandran
A Study of Performance Measurement Systems
R. Vasumathi and S. Ramachandran
CFD Analysis and Experimental Validation on the Effectiveness of Bilge Keel as a Roll Stabilizer
B.M. Shameem
Internal Ignition Engine Power Analysis Using Stochastic Processes Method
C. Periyasamy
A Novel High Step up Matrix Converter with Phase Shifted Output
R. Elavarasi
Secure Database Server Handles Spatial Location
Srikanth Kottalanka and D. Arivazhagan
Study of Plastic Wastes by Utilizing in Road Construction
P. Mohamed Raja
Zeta Converter based on Model Predictive Controller for Power Factor Correction
S. Shanmugasundaram
Assessment of Relative Vulnerability Index of Buildings to Coastal Hazards along the East Coast of Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu Using GIS Application, A Case Study
K. Ayyappan, K. Thiruvenkatasamy and T. Arumugam
Fuzzy Logic Application to Coaxial and Non-Coaxial Components of Shear Strength of Soils
J. Rajaraman, K. Thiruvenkatasamy and S. Narasimha Rao
Maritime Education and Training-Indian Perspective
Captain S. Nathan
A Study on the Optimization Plan of Online Manpower Registration System of Korean Olympic Committee Focusing on Athletes Instructors and Referees
Mi-Suk Kim and Il-Gwang Kim
A Study on a Proposed Superpixel Algorithm by Increasing Color Contrast of the Original Image Using Edge Information
Yong Sang Ryu, Jin Soo Kim, Young Soo Park and Sang Hun Lee
An Automatic Solution for Quantified Measurement of Cloud Amount Using Whole-Sky Image
Han-Kyung Yun and Sun-Min Whang
A Efficient Network Security Management Model in Industrial Control System
Jun-Woo Lim, Il-Yong Kim, Kwang-Jik Kim and Jae-Pyo Park
A Smart Fuzzing Tool for Vulnerability Analysis of Open Source Software
Kwang-Jik Kim, Yong-Sun Ko, Jae-Pyo Park and Jong-Hee Lee
Parental Abuse Victimization and School Life Adaptation of Adolescents: A Moderated Mediation Model of School Violence Victimization and Self-Esteem
Yeoun Kyoung Hwang, Jin Hyung Lee and Chang Seek Lee
Implementation of Stable Water Level Management System Using Digital Weighting Algorithm
Ki-Deok Kweon, Koo Rack Park, Jae Woong Kim and Han-Jin Cho
An Empirical Study on the Effects of Executive Commitment on Consulting Result
Young-Ku Hong and Yen-Yoo You
A Study on the Management and Security for a Web-Server System in the Same Area Using the Back-Door Type Private Network
Keun-Young Choi, Hyun-Chang Lee and Kyu-Tae Lee
Effect of in Addition on the Properties of CoCrMo (F75) Alloy Using P/M Technique
Hayder H.J. Jamal Al-Deen and Ekram A.R. Hassani
Hierarchical Hand off Management and Public Reported Approach Protocol for Analyzing the 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) Communication
Abidulkarim K. I. Yasari
A Study of the Importance of Corporate Entrepreneurship for Big Companies
M. Nisha and S. Poongavanam