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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 13 Issue 22, 2018
Study of Linear and Non-Linear Optical Properties for the Thin Films of Laser Dye-Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Doped Pmma Thin Films
Jassim M. Jassim, Yassin H. Khadim and Methaq. M. Mahdi Al-Sultani
Electro-Optical Properties and Effect of BaTiO3 of Polysiloxane
Khalid Al. Ammar and Hawra'a Abd-Al Amear Salih
De-Colorization of Methylene Blue Dye Bearing Waste by Electrocoagulation Technique
Mohammad Abid Muslim Altufaily and Zahraa Ahmed Abedalaama
Ni/Al7475 Surface Composites Fabricated by Friction Stir Processing
Jafer Fahdel Odah
Special Properties for Resistance to Corrosion of Biomedical Alloy Ti-Al-Mo-Zr Used in Surgical Operations
Jassim Mohammed Salman Al-Murshdy
Study Properties of Al-Mg-Si (6000) Matrix Composites Reinforced with Alumina Particles Using Powder Metallurgy
Haider Tawfiq Naeem
Optical Limiting Properties of Liquid Crystals Doped by CuCl2 Nanoparticles
Nooralhuda J. Abdulkadhim, Ban A. Naser and Abdulazeez O. Mousa
Synthesis of Gamma Alumina for Catalyst Support Using Yeast Cell as Pore Forming Agent Using Regression Model
Amir N. Saud, Mohsin A. Aswad and Mohammed A. Ahmed Al-Dujaili
Study the Mixed Convection in a Cavity with Inclination Wall Subjected to Solar Heat Flux with Inner Strip
Sha'alan Ganam Aflug
Investigation Study on Heat Transfer of Paraffin Wax for Solar Energy Applications
Abed J. Kadhim, Jasim M. Salman and Usama S. Altimari
Strengthening Reinforced Concrete Columns by Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP): A General Review
Shamil. K. Ahmed
Study of the Nonlinear Optical Properties of New Diarylethene Perfluorocyclopentene Derivative by Using Z-scan Technique
Ban A. Naser, Asim A. Balakit, Alhak A. Muslim and Abdulazeez O. Mousa
Some Inequalities on Chance Measure for Uncertain Random Variables
Zainab Hayder Abid AL-Aali and Amer Himza Almyaly
Riskiness of Size of Sinkhole Beneath the Center of Raft Foundation
Ibtehaj Taha Jawad, Zaid Hameed Majeed and Elaf Jasim Mahan
Traffic Modeling for Hillah-Najaf Highway (Nader Intersection-Babylon Main Gate Segment/Iraq)
Abdul Rudhai and Ahmed Al Kremy
Preparation Nano Thin Film of Polyaniline/MWCNT and Study of Their Response to Some Organic Matter Fumes
Mohammed Hadi Shinen, Amina K. Murad, S.A.A. AlSaati, Amjed Mirza Oda, Fouad Z. Razooqi and Abbas Hussein Mugheer
Exact Solution of Some Complex Partial Differential Equation
Sajeda Kareem Radhi and Abbas Al-Shimmary
Preparation of TiO2 Nanolayers via. Sol-Gel Method and Study the Optoelectronic Properties Assolar Cell applications
Khalid Haneen Abass, Mohammed Hadi Shinen and Ayad F. Alkaim
YouTube Spam Comments Detection Using Artificial Neural Network
Thulfiqar Abd, Hussein Altabrawee and Samir Qaisar Ajmi
Non-Linear Analysis of Composite Beam Subjected to Fire
Muhaned A. Shallal and Aqil Mousa K. Al Musawi
Direct Cloud Connectivity and Increased Bandwidth
Mustafa Abdalrassual Jassim
Main Properties of Pile Installation and Influence of Various Piles with Soils
Ali A. Al-Robay, Kadhim A. Al-Abbas and Sura A. Saadoon
A Modified Trust-Region Method for Solving Unconstrained Optimization
Mushtaq A.K. Shiker and Zahra Sahib
Monitoring Movement in Barrage Depending on Four Dimensions
Haidar A.N. Al-Dami
A Study on the Architectural Space Planning Based on the Concept of the Urban Landscape-Suncheon Art Platform
Donghyeog Choi
Study the Influence of Antimony Trioxide (Sb2O3 ) on Optical Properties of (PVA-PVP) Composites
Abdulhussain Abbas Khadayeir, Khalid Haneen Abass, Sami Salman Chiad, Musaab Khudhur Mohammed, Nadir Fadhil Habubi, Taghreed Khalid Hameed and Ismaeel A. Al-Baidhany
Reduction of Terrorist Operations and Congestion in the Control Points in Iraqi Cities Using of Intelligent Transportation Systems
Asmaa Shaker Ashoor
Optical Communication System for Online Detection of Illicit Drug in Border Ports
Ibrahim A. Murdas
Image Encryption Depend on DNA Encoding and a Novel Choatic System
Sadiq A. Mehdi and Anwar Abbas Hattab
Anti-Corrosion Study of Polymer Nanocomposite Derived from Acrylonitrile with Manganese and Nickel Chloride
Rawaa Abbas, Nada M. Abbass and Mazin A. Abbas
Types of Moduli of Smoothness: As Tools for Peoples Working in Approximation Theory
Khawla Ali Abd Al-Hameed
Multi-Channel Free Space Optical Communication Under Frequent Sand and Dust Storms
Thoalfiqar Ali Zaker, Firas S. Mohammed and Muntadher J. Khudhair
The Effect of MLSS Values on Removal of COD and Phosphorus Using Control Method of Return Activated Sludge Concentration
Basim K. Nile and Ahmed M. Faris
Huffman Code via. Fuzzy Generators
Ameer A.J. Al-Swidi, Enas Hamood Al-Saadi and Raid Abd Alreda Shekan
Using Bypass Addition to Improve Expansive Soil Strength
Noor Al- Hassnawi, Rasha Jasim and Mohammed Qasim
Evaluation of Dioxins and Polychlorinated Biphenyl in Growing Sheep's, Bovines and Fish's Meat Using Chromatography Techniques
Abed J. Kadhim, Fadhil M. Abid and Jasim M. Salman
Electron Transport of Two Dimension Germanene Structures
Nidhal Mohammed Al-Shareefi and Hamid Ibrahim Abbood
Effect of Streptomycin Drug on the Surface and Micellization Properties of Sodium Dodecylbenzyl Sulphate Surfactant
Mena M. Faris and Sameer H. Kareem
Effectiveness of Moodle System on the Achievement of a Course Among the History Department Students
Haider Hatem Falih Al. Ijrish and Ahmed Hadi Shubber
Mathematical Model for the Effective Medicine Dosage and its Concentration in Blood Stream of a Patient
Adawiya A. Mahmood Al-Nuaimi
Evaluate of Queue Management RED and DT Mechanisms in Wireless Cloud Computing Environment
Mohammed Iqbal Dohan, Alaa Abid Muslam Abid Ali, Salam Allawi Hussein and Atheer Hadi Issa Alrammahi
Finding a Good Global Sequence Using Multi-Level Genetic Algorithm
Zeyd S. Alkaaby, Esraa H. Alwan and Ahmed B.M. Fanfakh
Multi-Party Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) without Entanglement
Salah Albermany Iqtidar Zohair
Implementing Secure Cluster using Hadoop and Snort for ID (Intrusion Detection)
Rafah M. Almuttairi, Maad Kamal Al-Anni and Dalya A. Aljburi
A Comparative Control Study of a Separately Excited DC Motor Using Intelligent Controllers
Nashwan Saleh Sultan, Rakan Khalil Antar and Bashar Abbas Fadheel