Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 14 Issue 3, 2019)

Sliding Modes, Differential Flatness and Servosystem Control for a Mobile Platform with 8 Degrees of Fredom

Angie J. Valencia C., Oscar F. Aviles and Mauricio F. Mauledoux

A Robust Neural Network Approach for the Portfolio Selection Problem Basing on New Rational Models

Kaoutar Senhaji, Karim El Moutaouakil and Mohamed Ettaouil

Model Simulation of Cs-137 Contaminate at Al-Tuwaitha Site

Ahmed Hazim Abdulkareem, Ayad Sleibi Mustafa and Rasha Ali Soud

Performance of Quarter-Sweep SOR Iteration with Cubic B–Spline Scheme for Solving Two-Point Boundary Value Problems

Mohd Norfadli Suardi, Nurul Zafira Farhana Mohd Radzuan and Jumat Sulaiman

Risk Assessment for Causes of Variation Orders for Residential Projects

Abdallah Ali Kamal Balbaa, Omar Aly Mousa El-Nawawy, Karim Mohamed El-Dash and Mohamed Badawy Abd El-Megeed Badawy

Risk Reduction of Thermal Damages of Units in Machinery Heat Preparation for Load Acceptance

Ildar Gabitov, Andrei Negovora, Eduard Khasanov, Rustam Galiullin, Mars Farhshatov, Rim Khamaletdinov, Vladimir Martynov, Dmitryi Gusev, Nail Yunusbaev and Mahmut Razyapov

Study of Thermal Decomposition and FTIR for PVA-AlCl3 Composite Films

Sabah A. Salman, Nabeel A. Bakr and Salma S. Abduallah

On the Behavior of Solutions of a Fourth-Order Differential System at Infinity

G.Zh. Berdenova, A.A. Utemissova and A.A. Zhikeyev

Preparation, Investigation and Enzymatic Activity of Mixed Iigand Complexes of Mefenamic Acid and Phenyl Alanine with some Transition Metal

Wessal M. Khamis, Bayader F. Abbas, Shaemaa Hadi Abdulsada, Mustafa Taha Mohammed, Alaa A. Sultan and Nedhal M. Khamis

Study on Dual-Mode Microstrip Slotted Patch Filter Using Perturbation Element

Riyadh Khlf Ahmed

The Use of (AHP) GIS Extension to Determine the Optimum Locations

Asma Th. Ibraheem, Zainab H. Mahdi and Thikra Najah

Discriminant Analysis: An Applied Mathematical Tool to Navarathna Company’s Financial Performance

L. Philo Daisy Rani, Amit Verma and Satyam Kharra

Numerical Treatment of Fractional Tumor Immune System Model by Adam-Bashforth Moulton Method

Majid M. Hamed, Ali F. Jameel, N.R. Anakira, A. Saaban and Farah A. Abdullah

Economic and Mathematical Model for Forecasting Passenger Traffic on a Long Term Basis Case of Study Russia

Evgeniy Sinitsyn, Sergey Vikharev and Dmitry Brusyanin

The Design of Jewelry with Transformation Element

Elena Voynich and Olga Kaukina

Validation and Availability Techniques for Computer Faults

Zena Hussain Fahad, Ansam Ahmed Alwan and Zena Tariq Nayyef

Increased Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel 316l Coated with Nanogold Layers in Simulated Body Fluid (Hank’s Solution)

Hussein Sabea Amnas, Murtdha Adhab Siyah, Rostam Moradian and Iraj Manouchehri

Behavior Study of Reinforced Concrete Frame with Different Ductility Levels under Explosive Loading

Waseem Haleem Al-Baghdadi and Amjad Hameed Abd-alrazaq

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks and Routing Protocols in IoT Enabled Smart Environment: A Review

Munisha Devi and Nasib Singh Gill

The Changes of Lao Silverware in Vientiane

Amara Kaewbutsa, Niyom Wongphongkham and Mongkon Donkhwa

Analysis of Handover Planning in Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (W–CDMA)

Win Adiyansyah Indra, Saravanan A/L Sukumaran, Khalil Azha Mohd Annuar and Irianto

Sequence Statistical Code Based Data Compression Model Using Genetic Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

S. Jancy and C. Jayakumar

Enhancement Mathematical Model of BLAC Motor Drive Using Rotation Coordinate for Better Output Performance

Ahmed Ibrahim Jaber Alzubaydy, Raid A. Gaib, Raghad A. Mejeed and Alaa A. Hajer

A Study on the Warning Sound System for Smombie Accident Prevention Using the RFID Tag

Ik-Soo Ahn, Myung-Jin Bae and Seong-Geon Bae

Using Mixed Methods of Drying Dehydrated Feed for Farm Livestock in Preparation for Long-Term Storage

Sergei V. Shchitov, Pavel V. Tikhonchuk, Roini L. Sharvadze, Tamara A. Krasnoshchekova, Julia R. Samarina, Evgeniy E. Kuznetsov, Natalia A. Kapustina and Zoya F. Krivuca

Burmese Murals: Patterns Allegory and Aesthetics Presented in Po Win Taung Caves

Amporn Saengchaiya, Burin Plengdeesakul and Preechawute Abhirating

Building Hybrid Energy System, PV/Wind Turbine Using Local Material

Layth Abed Hasnawi Al-Rubaye, Itimad D.J. Azzawi and Saadoon Abdul Hafedhb

Smart Electrical Design of Medical Center to Vary Field Parameters: Sensor Network in Improving Health Care

Wadee Alhalabi, Aqeel Farooq, Ahad Alhudali and Lujain Khafaji

Effect of Cooling Method on Residual Properties of Sustainable Fiber Reinforced SCC Exposed to Elevated Temperature

Shakir Almashhadani, Faiq Al-Zwainy and Mohammed Aldikheeli

The Effect of Internal Ignition Coil on Combustion Engine Performance

Raid Anam Gaib, Ahmed Bassam Aziz and Ahmed Ibrahim Jaber Alzubaydy

A New Type of Strongly Faint Continuous Mappings and Their Applications in Topological Spaces

Alaa M.F. Al. Jumaili, Alaa A. Auad and Majid Mohammed Abed

Effect of Spacing on Flow Field Characteristic of Tube Artificial Reefs with Parallel Formation by CFD

Mohammad Tauviqirrahman, Sugiyanto , Eflita Yohana, Mulyadi , Jamari and Muchammad

Fuzzy Logic Decision Fusion in a Fingerprints Based Multimodal Biometric System

Emad Majeed Hameed, Noor Abbood and Ahmed A. Alani

An Estimate of the Reliability of the Rayleigh Distribution in the Reliability Stress Strength Using Bayesian Method and Robustfit Method

Mujtaba Zuhair Ali, Ali Abbas Jabir and Mohammed Abdul Hameed Jassim Al-Kufi

A Proposed Design to Protect Museums of Shrines in Iraq Against Vibrations

Ashraf A.M.R. Hiswa, Abdulkadhim J. Alabidi and Mustafa Salman Shubber

Error Control Technique for Loss Recovery in Cluster Based Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

Sachin Paranjape, S. Barani, Mukul Sutaone and Prachi Mukherji

Strategic Accounting in the Profitability of Construction Engineering Projects Management Companies in Iraq

Mohammed Noori Hussein Al-Hashimi and Hisham Noori Hussain Al-hashimy

A Study on the Prevention of Smombie’s Accidents by Satellite Information

Ik-Soo Ahn and Myung-Jin Bae

LA-Based Approach for IoT Security

Seyed Mahmood Hashemi

Decreasing Absorption in Concrete Lined Canals by Modifying the Mechanical Properties of Concrete Using Integral Waterproofing Admixtures

Tagreed Hameed Khlif, Fadhel Abdulabbas Hassan and Qusay Abdulhameed

Effect of the Movement Across a Long inclined, Buried, Creeping, Strike-Slip Fault in the Visco-Elastic Medium of Burger’s Rheology

Debabrata Mondal, Seema Sarkar (Mondal) and Sanjay Sen

An Empirical Study of Financial Ratios Affecting Stock Returns in the Indian Stock Market

S. Amogha and N. Suresh

Early-Age Marriage and the Impact of Health Reproduction Women

Rosmala Nur, Anwar Mallongi, Indah P. Kiyai Demak, Fadliah , Elli B. Yane, Nurhaya S. Patui, Marselina , H. Muhammad Rusydi, Muhammad Asep Dwitama and R. Erina Thursina

Geo-Electrical Survey for Assessing Aquifer Characteristics and Groundwater Potential in Eshtehard Plain, Iran

Leila Khodapanah, Alireza Dizaji, Nasrin Khodapanah and Masoud Saatsaz

Modelings of Microeconomic Structures Using a Probablistic Approche

Chaachoui Ghizlane and El Khomssi Mohammed

Can IT Industry Merger and Acquisition Effect on Brand Equity of Their Product/Services? A Case Study from Qatar

Habib Ullah Khan and Mahmood A. Awan