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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 12
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 14 Issue 4, 2019
An Investigation of Air-Gas Mixer Types Designed for Dual Fuel Engines: Review
Hussein A. Mahmood, Nor Mariah Adam, B.B. Sahari, S.U. Masuri and Hamdi E. Ahmed
Large Scale Pullout Machine and Effectiveness of Anchor Block in Stabilising Reinforced Earth Wall under Wetting Condition
Adnan Derahman, Mohd Jamaludin Md Noor, Zulhafizal Othman, Nurul Aishah Abd Rahman and Muhammad Isha Ismail
Slope Stability Assessment in Semarang Clay: Case Study in Simongan Landslide 2016
Untoro Nugroho, Haryati Awang, Rini Kusumawardani and Tika Ratnasari
Optimization of Parameter Operation in Pem Fuel Cell Using Electrical Equivalent Model
M. Azri, M.H. Bahrom, N.H.A. Khanipah, Z. Ibrahim, N.A. Rahim and S.R.S. Raihan
A Closed U-BG-Filter and Completely Closed U-BG-Filter of a U-BG-BH-Algebra
Husein Hadi Abbass and Alaa Abdulla Hamza
VLSI Implementation of Folded FIR Filter Structures Using High Speed Multipliers
S. Karunakaran and Naveen Kishore Gattim
Strategies for Enhancing Community Participation for Effective Implementation of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) Programme in Nigeria
Anthonia U. Nwobi, Felicia O. Mbagwu, Charles C. Onwuadi, Asogu Ogbonnaya, Rufina Nwachukwu, Ikechukwu Okafor, Victoria A. Ifeanacho, Maryrose I. Otegbulu, John Yahaya Yakubu, Eunice R. Idakpo and Ikueloghon Olamire
Analysis of the Performance of an IPv6 Network Through a Tunnel over the Double-Stack Mechanism End-to-End
Jorge E. Herrera Rubio
Wunderlich Curve Fractal Dipole Antenna for Dual-Band Wearable RFID Applications
Ghufran M. Hatem, Ali J. Salim, Taha A. Elwi, Hadi T. Ziboon, Jaber H. Majeed and Jawad K. Ali
Cross Platform Learning Management and Information System
Adi Chandra Syarif
Application of Seismic Attribute and Spectral Decomposition: Example of Fluvial System During Miocene in Field A, Malay Basin
Muhammad Hazmi Abdul Malik and Lo Shyh Zung
Semi-Analytical Prediction of Mixed Convection in Porous Medium Using Darcy-Brinkman Model
E. Flilihi, M. Sriti, D. Achemlal and M. El-Haroui
Radio over Fiber Performance Evaluation in Optical Communication System Utilizing FBG under Different DCF Schemes for DPSK Format
Hussein Ahmed Mahmood and Riyadh Khlf Ahmed
Comparing Different Estimators of Reliability Function for Stress-Strength Models with Applications
Inaam Rikan Hassan
Modeling of Air Pollution Caused by Traffic Flows in Manado City, Indonesia
Theo Kurniawan Sendow, Harnen Sulistio, Achmad Wicaksono and Ludfi Djakfar
Approximation of Sine Series with Coefficient from Class of p-Supremum Bounded Variation Difference Sequences
Moch Aruman Imron
Earthcrust Model under the Territory of Kosovo
Nazmi Hasi, Arber Zeqiraj and Naim Syla
Behavior of Different Materials for Stone Column Construction
Kwa Sally Fahmi, E.S. Kolosov and Mohammed Y. Fattah
Underutilized Mangifera Species (Mangifera caesia, Mangifera quadrifida and Mangifera odorata) from Borneo: A Potential Source of Natural Antioxidant
Nur Amalina Ismail, Mohd Fadzelly Abu Bakar, Fazleen Izzany Abu Bakar, Azlen Che Rahim and Norizati Murdin
Study of the Jet Reconstruction Algorithm Methods
Areeg Al- Hamadani and Ali Al- Dulaimi
Geovisualization Way for Exploiting Customer’s Emotions on Twitter
Mochamad Nizar Palefi Ma`ady, Arif Djunaidy and Renny Pradina Kusumawardani
Enhanced TPUA Mechanism with Data Protection Using ID in Cloud Computing
K. Sujatha and V. Ceronmani Sharmila
Optical Properties of ZnO/PVC Composites
Abeer D. Adaileh
Creation of Value Through Big Data in Higher Education Institutions: A Survey
Camilo Guerrero, Alejandra Hernandez Acosta and Javier E. Sierra
Evolution of Business It Alignment: Gap Analysis
Karim Doumi
Frequency Reuse Optimization for OFDMA Network
Win Adiyansyah Indra, Mohd Saad Hamid, Norfadzlia Binti Mohd Yusof, Nishanthinidevi A/P Jayraman and Herdy Rusnandi
Designing of Arrythmia Telemonitor Device Using Pulse Sensor Based on Web
R. Wahyu Kusuma, I. Ridha, E.P. Swelandiah and R. Yasman
Design and Implementation of Attendance System Using C-Sharp Language and GSM
Majid S. Naghmash and Alhamzah Taher Mohammed
Dynamic Response of a Timoshenko Shaft with a Rigid Disk
Mahesh Chandra Luintel and Tri Ratna Bajracharya
A Study on the Distinguish of the Defective Product of Ceramic Toilet by Sound Characteristics
Bong-Young Kim, Eun-Young Yi and Myung-Jin Bae
Urinary S-Phenylmercapturic Acid (S-PMA) Level and Leukocytes in Informal Shoes Industrial Workers Exposed to Benzene in Cibaduyut, Bandung Area
Bambang Wispriyono, Puri Wulandari, Syafran Arrazy, Bayu Rizki, Haryoto Kusnoputranto and Laila Fitria
Understanding Islamic Perspectives on Quality Management: From Concept to Practice
Amal Hayati Ishak and Muhamad Rahimi Osman
“Parameter Identification of a Lithium-Ion Battery Model Using Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm”
El Mehdi Laadissi, El Filali Anas, Malika Zazi and Khalfi Jaouad
Internet of Things Utilization for eHealthcare Monitoring
Shokhan M. Al- Barzinji and Thaaer Kh. Asman
Hybrid Method for Detection Tumor using Genetic Algorithm and Swarm Optimization after Wavelet Domain Filtering Then uing Marr-Hilerth
Hind Rustum Mohammed and Lamyaa Fahem Katran
Automatic Recognition of Cognitive States Using Multimodal Approaches in e-Learning Environments
H.S. Gunavathi and M. Siddappa
Awareness of Physiotherapeutic Effects of Yoga Activities in Ageing Promotion among Healthy Nigerian Older Adults
Oliver Rotachukwu Ngwoke, Blessing Edward Sa`aku, Justina Ifeoma Ofuebe, David J. Ayalogu, Lawretta Eyuche Ozoemena, Uchenna Cosmas Ugwu and Catherine Uzo Ene
Analytical Analysis on Impoverishment of Farmers: A Case Study in Gunung Biru, Central Sulawesi of Indonesia
Muhammad Basir- Cyio, Alam Anshary, Mahfudz , Isrun Baso, Muhammad Nur Ali, Golar , M. Rusydi, Rustam Abdul Rauf, Muh. Fardhal Pratama, Moh. Alfit Laihi, Betty , Taqyuddin Bakri, Sharifah Zarina Syed Zakaria, Azlina Abdullah and Muhammad Rizal Razman
Fuel and Energy Analysis of a Space Vehicle Aimed at De-orbiting Large-size Objects from Low Orbits Using Thruster De-orbiting Kits
Andrey A. Baranov, Dmitriy A. Grishko and Danhe Chen
Digital Library Evaluation Application Based on Combination of CSE-UCLA with Weighted Product
Dewa Gede Hendra Divayana, P. Wayan Arta Suyasa and Ida Bagus Gede Surya Abadi
New Cryptographic System of Romanized Arabic Text Based on Modified Playfiar
Inas R. Shareef, Noor D. Al- Shakarchy, Enaam Hadi Abd, Dhamyaa A. Al- Nasrawi, Huda F. Al- Shahad and Hiba J. Aleqabie
Evaluation Study of Heart Valve Replacement for Patients Aged from 10 to 80 Years at Al-Nasiriyah Heart Center/Iraq
Hussein Togun, Munaf Ahmed, Lina Rabee and Farah Adel
The Role of e-Government on Corruption and its Impact on the Financial Performance of the Government: An Empirical Analysis on the Iraqi Government
Hassnain Raghib Talab, Murtadha Ibrahim Maki, Yassir Nori Mohammed, Hakeem Hammood Flayyih and Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim
Prospects and Challenges of Learning Clothing Construction Skills Using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Technical Colleges in Anambra State, Nigeria
Beatrice Ekwutosi Oluah, Chiamaka Adaobi Chukwuone, Grace E. Ibems, Ifeoma Ngozi Dimelu and Anowai Chinwe Christiana
Performance Analysis, Pressure Drop and Phases-Distribution for Oil-Water-Air Three-Phase Flow Through Vertical Pipe
Isam M. Abed
Strategic Market Selection for Exporting Weapon Systems: Korean Case
Jihyun Kim, Jaehyun Han and Sukjae Jeong