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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 2 Issue 4, 2007
Gear Degradation Under Pollution Effect
Mohamed Rafik Sari , Ammar Haiahem and Louis Flamand
Rainfall Pattern and its Effect on Seasonal Variability of Owena River in Ondo State of Nigeria
Akinro O. Akinola and Olawale Olanrewaju
Elimination of Pollutants Phenyleurea Herbicides by Advanced Oxidation Processes in Aqueous Solution
R. Sayeh , B. Coulomb , J.L. Boudenne and F. Belkadi
Vulnerability and Pollution Risks in the Alluvial Aquifer of Tebessa-Morsott
S. Kachi , N. Kherici and N. Kachi
Minimizing Metal Wear in Screw Presses in Palm Oil Mills
Basil Okafor
Generalized Coefficient Inequalities for Certain Multivalent and Meromorphically Multivalent Analytic Functions
Oladipo Abiodun Tinuoye
Contribution to the Development of Approximate Solutions for the Quasi Linear Equations Characterizing the non Permanent Flows in Channels with Removable Bottoms
Fourar Ali , Lahbari Noureddine , Kadid Abdelkrim and Kettab Ahmed
Numerical Study of the Solidification and Macrosegregation Formation of the Binary System Al-4.1%wt Cu in a Rectangular Mold
F. Mechighel and M. Kadja
Development and Performance Evaluation of Indigenous Palm Kernel Daul Processing Machine
P.K. Oke
Comparative Study by EIS on the Corrosion Resistance of Electroplated Zn Coating in Different Corrosive Media
Y. Hamlaoui , F. Pedraza-Diaz and L. Tifouti
Impact of Human Machine Interface Changes on Human Performance and Safety
DIB Abderrahmane
Thermoanalytical and Kinetic Study of Lubricating Lithium Greases
L.M.R. Lima , J.C.O. Santos and A.G. Souza
Thermal Conductivity Models of Porous Materials
Abdallah Zerroug , Khaled Zehar and Larbi Refoufi
Reliability Analysis of Buried Hdpe Pipes
Rabia Khelif and Kamel Chaoui
Pushover Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures Designed According to the Algerian Code
A. Zine , A. Kadid , N. Lahbari and A. Fourar
Methodological Study of the Ultime Limit Section in Reinforced Concrete under Biaxial Bending and Axial Compression
A. Boulfoul , A. Belouar and H. Chabil
Differential Flotation of Nigeria’s Galena-Sphalerite Ore Using Xanthate Collector from Locally Sourced Caustic Potash
G.O. Onyedika and P.C. Njoku
A Baseline Assessment Study of the Pigmentary Colours from Common Horticulture Plants Using UV-Visible Spectroscopy
A.O. Adetuyi
Recognising Fatigue Damaging Features in Variable Amplitude Loadings Using the S-Transform Approach
S. Abdullah and M.Z. Nuawi
The Use of Wood By-Products for Making Concrete Blocks
O.M. Ogundipe
Effect of the Steel Fibres into a High Performance Concrete (HPC) Matrix: Experimental Study
Riad Zeghib and Mohamed Nacer-Bey
Tomographic Velocity Images by Artificial Neural Networks
N. Djarfour , J. Ferahtia and K. Baddari
Core Sampling Method: An Ex-Situ Study of Ground Electrical Conductivity of Soil Types in Akure, Nigeria
J.S. Ojo , K.D. Adedayo and A.M. Arogunjo
Study of the Electron-Matter Interaction (Silicon Case)
Z. Elateche and A. Nouiri
A Technique for Identifying and Characterizing the Microcracks Produced in Machined Surfaces
M. Gaceb and D. Gillibrand
Multiple Model Approach Modelling: Application to a Turbojet Engine
Abdelkader Akhenak , Mohammed Chadli , Jose Ragot and Didier Maquin