Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 14 Issue 5, 2019)

Development of CFT Column Reinforcement Method to Improve Seismic Performance of Buildings

Dong-Oun Lee

A Study on the Factors Affecting University-Industry Collaboration’s Competence

Gyeong-Min Nam and Dae-Geon Kim

A Study on Reasonable Per Person Space for Temporary Housing Facilities

Eun-Ki Hong, Jong-Hun Han, Boong-Kyo Seo and Mi-Jin Park

A Study on Management Priority of Design Changes Through Technical Proposal Tendering Case of Office Buildings

Hyun Soo Lee and Sooyoung Lim

A Study on the Daycare Center Architectural Planning Based on the Concept of the Metonymy-K-Dong Daycare Center

Donghyeog Choi

An Experiment Involving Water Source Application and Water Systems in Urban Parks Based on Magok Central Park: Focusing on Water Resources Use and the Water Circulation System in Magok Central Park

Park Hoon

A Study on a Plan for an Assembly-Type Temporary Housing Facility Usable in Times of Disaster

Kim Min-Seok, Ju Jae-Seong, Yeom Tae-Jun and Park Mi-Jin

A Study on the Heating Characteristic and Electromagnetic Wave Shielding Carbon Fiber Mat

L. Chul-Hee, H. Soo-Mi, Y. Hwan-Shin and J. Eui-Bung

Characterization of Meta-Kaolin based Geopolymers Produced by Pre-Curing Process

Byeongguk Kang, Kangduk Kim and Seunggu Kang

A Study of Korean Companie’s Ordering Competitiveness in International Construction Markets

Sun-Woong Min and Jong-Il Lee

Differences in Wage Level of First Time IT Workers Based on the Interaction Between Employment Type with Job Search Path and Company Type

Young-Ki Kim and Young-Ju Hur

Analysis of Importance in the Selection of Location for a Sports Complex with Analytic Hierarchy Process

Jaehwan Kim and Youngwoo Nam

Influence of Diethanolamine to Triglyceride Structure for Production of Palm Oil-Based Polyol

Roslinda Fauzi, Rohah Abdul Majid, Dzulhilmi Kamarudin Sohami, Basirah Fauzi, Nur Raihan Mohamed and Siti Nur Liyana Mamauod

Degradation of Cyanides in Wastewater from Gold Mining: A Review of Literature

Carlos Vidal-Tovar, Carlos, Rafael Correa-Turizo, Carlos Severiche-Sierra and Wilman Cabrera-Lafaurie

Design of PID Controller Using Internal Model Control Based Lambda Tuning for an Industrial Blending Process

Avani Kirit Mehta and R. Swarnalatha

Control of Pulse Width Modulation ON Direction and Speed of DC Motor using Arduino

Haraa Raheem Hatem

Energy and Exergy Analysis of Magnetohydrodynamic Nuclear Fission Reactor (MHD-NFR) Cycle

Alireza Shayestehnezhad, Shahram Khalilarya and Samad Jafamadar

A Literature Review on Diagnosing Thyroid Disease Through Artificial Neural Network Techniques

Vinod Kumar Pal, V.P. Sriram, Rashmi Mahajan and Suresh Chandra Padhy

Development of a Prediction Model for Output Power Reduction of PV Solar Panels Based on Environmental Parameters Using Particle Swarm Optimization Technique

Osam H. Attia, Nor Mariah Adam, Azizan As`arry, Khairil Anas Md Rezali and Ammar N. Hanoon

Determination of Coefficient of Transmissibility for Crushed Rocks

Marwah Abdullah Shlash, Hayder Sami Mohammed and Taghreed A.Musa

New Correlation Equations for Finned Tube Heat Exchangers

Sajida Lafta Ghashim

Multi-Agent Systems for Urban Planning and Decision-Making: A Review of the State-of-the-art Methods

Cahyono Susetyo

Modeling a Road Reinforced by Geosynthetics

Talhaoui Zakia, Fathi and Allal Mohamed Amine

Intelligent System for Electromyography (EMG) Signals Classification

Mahmood Khaleel Awsaj and Rabah Nory Farhan

The Study of Corrosion Depth on Lateral Buckling Behavior of High Temperature or High Pressure Subsea Pipeline Induced by Beam Trawl Pull-Over Loads

J.W. Ng, M.A.A. Rahman, E.H. Kasiman and M.H. Mohd

The Efficacy of Amaranth Extract as an Ingredient in Multi-Functional Cosmetics

Hye-Jin Kwon and Hyerroon Jang

Analysis of the Colombian Logistics Performance Index Compared to other Latin American Countries

Pablo Garzon Carreno and Holman Montiel Ariza

Automatic Generation and Optimization of Test Cases Using Genetic Algorithm with UML Diagram

Anju Bala and Rajender Singh Chhillar

A Handover Scheme for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Mobility Support

Haider N. Hussain and Waleed Noori Hussein

On Logistics Potential of Thai Industry in Identifying Gap to Logistics 4.0

W. Manopiniwes, K.Y. Tippayawong, J. Numkid, S. Santiteerakul, S. Ramingwong and P. Dallasega

Colombia in Factory 4.0: Bibliographical Analysis, Recommendations for Research Groups

Ivonne Cocunubo Cortes, Daniel Sanchez Castano and Holman Montiel Ariza

Estimation of Local Scour and Contraction Scour Around Al-Imam Ali Bridge Piers

Jumana Hadi Sahib, Luay Kadhim Hameed and Ameera Mohamad Awad

Empirical Analysis on Coping Strategy and Psychological Impact of Bullying Victim at School

Muhammad Nur Ali, Muthia Aryuni, Yunidar Nur, Fadhliah , Muhammad Khairil, Muhammad Rizal Razman, Emrizal and Sharifah Zarina Syed Zakaria

Behaviour of Precast Interior Joint Using a Notch Connection under Cyclic Loading

Masdiana , Herman Parung, M.W. Tjaronge and Rudy Djamaluddin

Data Analytics and Philosophy in Dealing with Conflicts

Nazrul Anuar Nayan and Khairul Anuar A. Rahman

Stock Market Forecasting Techniques: A Survey

Arti Buche and M.B. Chandak

International Human Rights Laws vs. Islamic Religious Values in Mandatory Pre-Marital HIV Screening Programme: Analysing Significant Misconceptions

Rafeah Saidon, Zulaipa Ruzulan and Baterah Alias

An Economic and Mathematical Model of IT Service Provider Selection on the Basis of Analysis of Non-Structured Text Documents

Maxim Dli, Nikolai Salov, Tatyana Kakatunova and Dmitrii Tukaev

Determinants of Student’s Success in ABU Robocon: A Case of Lac Hong University

Thanh-Lam Nguyen, Lam Thanh Hien, Ngo Quang Huan and Pham Xuan Giang

Healthcare Stakeholder’s Perspectives of the Determinants of Quality Healthcare Services Provision in Nigeria

Blessing Onyebuchi Asogwa, Agnes E. Okafor, Nnenna Lois Omaka-Amari, Chihurumnanya Alo and Uchenna Cosmas Ugwu

Strengthening Export Competitiveness of Vietnam Cashew Kernels

Thanh-Lam Nguyen

Prediction Model for Employability in Morocco Using Data Mining Techniques

Mohamed Saouabi and Abdellah Ezzati

The Correlation Between Coaching Style and Smartphone usage on Students Satisfaction

Asiah Mohd Pilus, Nazmizan Muhamad and Hanipah Hussin

Performance Evaluation of Proposed Algorithm in Real-Time Streaming Warehouses

D.S. Misbha and J. R. Jeba

Information Hiding Scheme on Modified Least Significant Bits Using Bit Position and Bit Count in Medical Images

Ki-Hyun Jung