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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 14 Issue 6, 2019
Pseudo B-Ideal, Pseudo H-Ideal and a Pseudo Essence of a Pseudo BH-Algebra
Husein Hadi Abbass and Adel Hashem Nouri
DSP Based Monitoring and Controlling of DC Motor Using DSpace
Mohammed Qasim Taha, Zaid H. Ali and Amer T. Saeed
Effect of Deep Vibration on Water-Saturated Soil Consolidation
Vladimir Geidt, Larisa Geidt, Svetlana Sheshukova and Andrey Geidt
An Uncertainty Investigations for Measurements of Telecommunication Equipment Signals
Aqeel Lateef Khudhair Attaby and Ahmed Sabri Ghazi Behadili
Multiple Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Electric Power Transmission Lines
Afaneen Anwar and Rana Ali Abttan
Maximum Power Extraction from Photo Voltaic Cell Based on MPPT System with GWO Algorithm
Bala Murali Pydi, Yogesh Kumar Nayak and Umesh Kumar Sinha
Simulation of Exchange Hedges with Financial Options to Mitigate Foreign Exchange Risk
Miguel Jimenez-Gomez, Natalia Acevedo-Prins and Erick Lambis-Alandete
Activated Carbon via. Pyropysis of Tea Industry Waste Biochar with KOH Activation: Preparation and Characterization
Thuan Van Tran, Bich Ngoc Hoang, Hien Thien Tran, Nhan Phu Thuong Nguyen, Van Thi Thanh Ho, Nguyen Dai Hai, Vu Dai Cao, Trinh Duy Nguyen and Long Giang Bach
Antimicrobial Activity of Some Derivatives of 2-Arylidene-1-Benzosuberone
Nawal H. Al-Bahtiti
A Study on the Stress Reduction of Drinking by Measuring Heart Rate Variability
Bong-Young Kim, Uk-Jin Song and Myung-Jin Bae
Electromagnetic Field and Changing the Ambient Temperature of High Tension Wires
Adnan Salim Ahmad and Saad Izaldeen Majeed
Estimates of the Trajectory Parameters and Thermal Loads for a Ballistic Capsule Returning from the Moon with Multiple Dives into the Earth Atmosphere
Victor V. Leonov and Dmitriy A. Grishko
Soil Slope Stability During Maintaince of Hydraulic Structures
R.B. Ismuratova, A.I. Sultanbekova and A.A. Krivchenko
Using the Properties of the Hyper Geometric Functions for Mona Lisa Original Image Detection
Shaymaa Maki Kadham, Hind Rustum Mohammed, Shaymaa Abed Yasseen and Hawraa Saheb Abo Hamed
Statistical Model of Field Executive Leadership Technique at Medium and Large Contractors in Enhancing Workforce Performance on Low Motivation Conditions
Dafid Irawan, Indrasurya B. Mochtar and Christiono Utomo
Influence of Surface Morphology on the Optical Properties of Antireflection Coating Formed by Porous Silicon Layer and ZnO Nanocoulms/Porous Silicon
S.M. Thahab
Executing Work Principle Star/Delta Starter in Motor Systemsusing Allen-Bradley PLC
Ali Thaeer Hammid, Omar A. Imran and Younis Kadthem Hameed
Performance Analysis and Improvement of OFDM System Based on BCH Channel Coding and DCT Technique
Ali Jawad Ibada and Muntadher Kadhim Abdullah
Accident Frequency Model Based on Microscopic Characteristics of Heterogeneous Traffic in Makassar City
Hasmar Halim, Sakti Adji Adisasmita, Muhammad Isran Ramli and Sumarni Hamid Aly
Development and Verification of Novel Black and White Area Preserving Salt and Pepper Noise Removal Image Processing Design
Abhishek Jain and Richa Gupta
Development of the Engineering Mathematics Lab Module with Mathematica
N. Lohgheswary, Z.M. Nopiah, E. Zakaria, A.A. Aziz and F.N.D.A. Samah
Assessment of Wastewater Quality from Supercor Industries Limited, Bauchi, Nigeria
O. Nyiyongu Alfred, I. Ndububa Olufunmilayo, E. Ndububa Emmanuel and S. Ketkukah Titus
Influence of Homogenous Part on the Total Solution to the Differential Equation of SDOF System Response under Harmonic Loading
Israa Abdulameer Resen
Contestation of Actors in Regulatory Settings Irrigation Water
Jumiati , M. Saleh S. Ali, Imam Mujahidin Fahmid and Mahyuddin
Effective Detection and Classification of Drowsiness using Clustering and Support Vector Machines
Masoud Alajmi, Fayas Asharindavida, Hedi Khammari, Irfan Ahmed and Mehedi Masud
Performance Outcomes in Learning Additional Mathematics by Grey Theory Approach
Abu Bakar Hasan, Norizarina Ishak and Sharma Rao A/l Balakrishnan
The Influence of the Prepaid Electricity Program Effectiveness on the Society Satisfaction (A Study on the Prepaid Electricity Customers in Malang)
Lely Indah Mindarti, Rendra Eko Wismanu and Ria Isdiana
An Integrated Geophysical Approach to Mapping and Modelling the Karoo Dolerite Intrusions in the South-Eastern Karoo Basin of South Africa
Christopher Baiyegunhi, Oswald Gwavava, Kuiwu Liu and Temitope L. Baiyegunhi
Evaluation of the Policy Implementation on Officers Recruitment at the Navy Information Service Using CIPP Model
Manahan Simorangkir, Maruf Akbar and Thomas Suyatno
Simulation-Based Comparative Study of Routing Protocols for Wired Networks
Belal Ayyoub, Bilal Zahran, Jihad Nader, Jamil al Al-Azzah and Ahmed Sharadqeh
Three-Dimensional Characterization of Weld Defects in a Steel Material
A. Bakdid, B. El Kihel, A. Nougaoui and F. Delaunois
GeoGebra Application Utilization in Computer-Based Interactive Instructional Media Development Oriented of Creative Problem Solving Model
Gusti Ayu Dessy Sugiharni, Jokebet Saludung, Baso Intang Sappaile, Pallawagau Sappaile, Wardani Rahayu and I Putu Wisna Ariawan
Improve the Performance of an Electrical Distribution Systems using Common Techniques Take into Account Load Growth
Ali Kadhem Hamzah and Mehdi F. Bonneya
Improving Talent Retention in Textile and Garment Industries in Dong Nai Province
Thang Quyet Nguyen, Thanh-Lam Nguyen and Nguyen Thanh Long
The Effect of Training, Mentoring and Self Regulation On the Extra Role Behavior of Personnel in the Navy Supply Service
Dani Achdani, Mochammad Asmawi and Maruf Akbar
The Role of Social Media Website Usage on the Academic Performance of University Students in Jordan
Rakan Alharahsheh and Bilal Fayiz Obeidat
Optimizing Heuristic Graph Formation with Application in Kinematic Synthesis of a Robot Arm with Revolute Joints
Doaa Mahmood Badr Ali, Hazim Nasir Ghafil and Karoly Jarmai
Suggested Ideas to Manage Produced Water in Southern Iraqi Oil Fields
Ayad A. Al-Haleem, Faleh H. M. Almahdawi and Dhorgham Skban Ibrahim
The Conceptual Model of the Influence of Maritime Culture and Government Policy on the Maritime National Resilience
Avando Bastari, Abdul Hakim, Moeljadi and Tjahjanulin Domai
Hiding Text in AVI Video File by Method of Least Significant Bit
Wessam Lahmod Nados and Nada A. Rasheed
A Comparative Study of Metaheuristics Techniques for Portfolio Selection Problem
O. Marion Adebiyi, A. Ayodele Adebiyi, C. Ibidun Obagbuwa and J. Olatunji Okesola
Modified Gompertz Model to Predict Language Proficiency in Proportion to Language Learning Strategy
J.J. Kiram, J. Sulaiman, S. Suwanto and W.A. Din
Steady State Analysis of M/G/1 and M/Er/1 Line Models with MATLAB Environment in Cloud Computing Applications
N. Thirupathi Rao, Debnath Bhattacharyya, Midhunchakkaravarthy and Tai-Hoon Kim
Research Output on Global Warming: A Scientometric Analysis
A. Issac Newton and P. Gomathi
A Comparison of the Stress, Health Promotion Behavior and Eating Tendency Between Type D Personality and Non-type D Personality in Nursing Students
Mi-Hye Lim