Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 14 Issue 9, 2019)

Design and Simulation of Zeta Converter with ZVZCS Switching Technique

A. Amudha, M. Siva Ramkumar and M. Sivaram Krishnan

The use of Swimmer Bars as Shear Reinforcement in Reinforced Concrete Structures

Moayyad Al-Nasra

Validation of the Malaysian-Based Assessment Practice Inventory for Teacher Educators (MAPITE) using Rasch Model

Siti Eshah Mokshein, Hishamuddin Ahmad, Othman Lebar, Mohd Uzi Dollah, Jamal Yunus, Azali Rahmat and Hamsa Hameed Ahmed

Chemical and Lithological Comparison of Katberg and Burgersdorp Formations, South Africa

Beatrice O. Otunola and Neels Gunter

Channel Variation Effects on Video Streaming of WiMAX Networks

Hussein M. Hathal

Exergy Analysis of Solar LiBr-H2O Absorption System for Cooling a Building

Abdulrahman Th. Mohammad

Comparative Study of Control Strategies for a Micro Grid DC System of Renewable Energy Sources

Oswaldo Rivera, Mauricio Mauledoux, Angie Valencia, Oscar Caldas and Oscar Aviles

Stick Versatile Design for Human Disabilities

Sumar Hadi Suryo, Adliroh , Yurianto , Cahyo N. Irfan and William Danang Alan

A Study on the Effect of Sound for Drowsy Driving Elimination of Highway Tunnel

Ik-Soo Ahn, Myung-Jin Bae and Seong-Geon Bae

Development of Water Quality Monitoring for Smart Aquaculture System

Mohd Saad Hamid, Muhammad Amirul Abd Wahab, Rasyidah Abdullah, Shamsul Fakhar Bin Abd Gani and Rostam Affendi Hamzah

A Perspective of Arrow Speed Measurement using Various Methods

Muhammad Fajar Hardianto, Anton Siswo Raharjo and Tito Waluyo Purboyo

Advancement of Design Technologies for Small Remote Earth’s Sensing Satellites

Sergey L. Safronov, Maksim A. Ivanushkin and Sergey S. Volgin

Antacedents of Knowledge Sharing and its Concequences on Job Performance: Evidence from SMEs Sector in Indonesia

I. Wayan Edi Arsawan, Wayan Gede Supartha, IGAK Giantari and Gede Riana

The Role of Strategic Orientation in the Application of TQM Requirements Survey of the Views of a Sample of Employees of the General Company for Electrical Industries-Waziriya

Widad Mousa Mohammed and Haleem Ismael Shanta

Nearest Destination Based Coordinated Delivery Service in Trade Center

Purba Daru Kusuma

A Review on Large-Scale Fire Testing of Concrete Tunnel Lining

Husen Alhawat, Roszilah Hamid, Shahrizan Bahroom and Mohamed H. Mussa

Effect of Project Management Assets on Employee Performance Within State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in the UAE

Mohammad Khalifa Al Falasi, Mohammed Nusari, Ahmed Hamoud Al-Shibami, Ali Ameen and Ibrhim Alrajawi

A Study on Impoverishment and Poverty Reduction Strategies of Elderly Women in Korea

Yun-Jeong Kim

Design and Implementation of Electronic Infrastructure for Academic Establishment

Omar Ali Athab and Ahmed Mohammed Saheb

Polysulfone Copolymer as Polymer Electrolyte for Alkaline Fuel Cell and Li-Ion Battery Applications

S.E. Smirnov, N.A. Yashtulov, I.A. Putsylov, S.S. Smirnov and M.V. Lebedeva

Physicochemical and Interfacial Behavior of Demineralized Acid Whey

K. Acem, A. Choukri, Z. Chikhaoui, H. Naar and M. Nekki

Identity of Living Museums in Thailand

Kunakorn Sailuadkham, Niyom Wongpongkham and Sarunya Prasopchingchana

Inter Merchant Negotiation Model in Online Marketplace System

Purba Daru Kusuma

Quality Assessment for Delta and Theta Binaural Beats

Fatin E.M. Al-Obaidi and Ali Jassim Mohamed Ali

A Density Maximization-Fuzzy Means Clustering Algorithm for Network Intrusion Detection

Ruby and Sandeep Chaurasia

NSHA Seismic Zoning for the Territory of Kosovo

Nazmi Hasi, Naim Syla and Arber Zeqiraj

Face Recognition Approach using an Enhanced Particle Swarm Optimization and Support Vector Machine

Wasan Kadhim Saad, Waheb A. Jabbar and Ahmed Abdul Rudah Abbas

Model-Based Active Appearance Model Approach For Face Recognition

Eman A. Gheni, Zahraa M. Ali and Dalia N. Abul-Wadood

Algorithms Heuristic for Solving the of Open Vehicle Routing Problem

Byron Campo Zuniga, Adel Mendoza Mendoza and Daniel Mendoza Casseres

Distinct Warp Segmentation of Human Acts

Maram Adil Ali Alaziz and Suhaam Adnan Abdul Kareem

Geothermal Energy as a Resource of Renewable Energy

Othman M. Hussein Anssari, Layth Mohammed Abd Ali and Haider Ahmed Mohmmed

The Impact of Dividends Policy on Accounting Information Quality: An Empirical Analysis for Companies Listed in Iraqi Stock Exchange and Dubai Stock Exchange

Amal Noori Mohammed, Bushra Fadhil Khudhair Al-Taie and Hakeem Hammood Flayyih

Investigation of the Different Compensation Methods for Single Optical Channel

Ameer H. Ali, Saif H. Abdulwahed and Mohannad A.M. Al-Ja`afari

Fuzzy-PI Based DVR Setup for Voltage Dip and Voltage Swell Problems with Hardware Comparison

G. Devadasu and M. Sushama

Application of Electronic Commerce and Competitive Advantage: A Case Study of Electrical Appliances Trading Companies in Baghdad

Widad Mousa Mohammed, Ameera Shukur Weli and Firas Mohammed Ismael

The Role of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Improve Environmental Auditing using Disasters Sample Survey of Auditors in the Iraqi Environment

Zeina Khdier Abass and Ibtihaj Ismaial Yaqoob

A Proposed Methodology for Reducing Cost and Time When Transforming to a (I-MR) Chart and Design Worker Control Chart

Ahmed Abdul Rasool Ahmed Al-Kafaji

Multi-Objective Optimization of A HVAC System: Non-Dominated Sorting-Based Differential Evolution Approach

Y.N. Kuan and H.S. Ong

Biomimetic Apatite Deposition in Modified Dulbecco’s Phosphate-Buffered Saline Solution on the Alkali-Heat Treated TI6AL4V

Nurul Hazwani Hanib, Fazlena Hamzah, Zarina Omar and Istikamah Subuki

The Role of the Electronic Marketing Adoption in Enhancing the Organization’s reputation: A Survey Research of a Sample of Electronic Marketers in Babylon Province

Ahmed Hadi Talib, Zafar Nasser Hussain and Zainab Abdel Razzaq Abood

Soft Simply* Generalized Continuous Mappings in Soft Topological Spaces

M. El Sayed

Women Empowerment in India: A Contemporary Perspective

Anusha Veeragandham and A.V.S. Kamesh

Detection and Tracking Survey for Smart Home Using Wireless Sensor Network

Khalid Jamal Jadaa, Latifah Munirah Kamarudin and R. Badlisha Ahmad

The Shift of Mangrove Ecosystem Coverage Based on its Health Condition in the Coastal Area of Semarang and Demak Central Java Indonesia

Sri Puryono, Suryanti Suryanti, Rini Budi Hastuti and Sakina Rosellasari

Control for Path Tracking of an AGV Robot

Kevin S. Sarmiento G., Oscar L. Laguna S., Javier E. Vasquez L., Ruben D. Hernandez B. and Carolina Sandoval