Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 14 Issue 14, 2019)

The Role of Ethics in Understand the Relationship between Religious Employees and Corruption

Marwah Abdulkareem Mahmood Zuhaira, Tian Ye-Zhuang and Karrar Abdulelah Azeez

Several Norm Inequalities for Matrices Partitioned into a Small Number of Blocks

Tala H. Sasa and Tasneem I. Al-Ayed

The Role of Quality Internal Audit in Reducing the Manipulation of Profits of Public Companies: An Empirical Study of Oil Marketing Companies

Mohammed Zamil Flayyih and Salim Awad Hadi Alzabari

The use of a Combined Parameterized Model for Analysis of Elastic Scattering Processes of 4He+56Fe and 4He+58Fe at Energy 25 MeV

Amane I. Istaiti

Rise and Fall: The Oldest Overseas Chinese Community in Bangkok, Thailand

Jiaxiu Liu, Pat Kotchapakdee and Homhuan Buarabha

High-Temperature Alert System using Sensors in Gloves for Hand Safety and Injury Prevention of People with Visual or Touch Sensory Disabilities

Johan A. Grisales, Fredy E. Hoyos and John E. Candelo-Becerra

The Impact of Organizational Culture on Quality of Service: Applied Research in the Gulf Commercial Bank

Hind Abdul Ameer Ahmed

Dynamic Modeling of Sulfur Dioxide and Ozone Pollutants at Makassar Main Road Indonesia

Anwar Mallongi, Fitriani Adrin Arfani and A.A. Arsunan

Security Weaknesses of Lightweight Communication Overhead Authentication Scheme using Smart Card

Younsung Choi

Reforms of Engineering Education Programmes: Social Cognitive Career Influences of Engineering Students

Dos Santos Luis Miguel

The Influence Between Entrepreneurial Orientation and Organization Performance: Role-Playing Organization and Competitive Advantage as a Mediation Variable

Kadarusman , Surachman , Eka Afnan Troena and Kusuma Ratnawati

Privacy Preserving Handover Authentication Protocol for Wireless Mobile Communication Networks

T. Senthil Kumar and S. Prabakaran

Teaching of Undergraduate Chemistry Education Courses Through Information and Communication Technology Integration

Florence O. Ezeudu, Florence O. Attah and Stephen C. Nwafor

Hot Rolled Plate Steel Local Thick 10 mm with Quench and Temper Process

Achmad Taufika, Pratiktoa , Agus Supraptoa and Ahmad As`ad Soniefa

Design of Microstip Patch Antennas at UWB for Wireless Applications

K. Madhu Sudhana Rao and M.V.S. Prasad

Implementation of Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) and Critical Path Method (CPM) on Scheduling Ship Repair Project

Silvianita , Guna Wirawan, Daniel M. Rosyid, Suntoyo and Wimala L. Dhanistha

Fatigue Strength of Nanocomposite Under High Temperature

Hussain J.M. Al-Alkawi, Maha N. Abdulridah and Raad H. Majid

Design of a WPT System Equipped with Three Receiving Coils for Power Harvesting Purposes

Abdulkareem Mokif Obais, Mahmoud Shaker Nasr and Harith Nawfel Abdali

Face Detection Methods: A Comparative Study Between Viola-Jones and Skin Color Detection

Maryam Mahmood Hussein and Ammar Hussein Mutlag

Packer Classification for Well Completion Design

Claudia Marcela Hernandez, Robinson Perez and Cristian Rincon-Guio

Calculation and Modelling of Cooling Degree-Hours for Some Iraqi Cities

Murad Saeed Sedeeq, Zaynab Ismail Abdullah and Ihsan Mohammed Khudhur

Effect of Aluminum on the Structural, Optical, Electrical and Photovoltaic Properties of ZnSe/n-Si Heterojunction Solar Cell

Hanan K. Hassun, Hiba M. Ali, Shaymaa Qasim Abdul Hasan and Samir A. Maki

Extended-ATSD: Arabic Tweets Sentiment Dataset

Gehad S. Kaseb and Mona F. Ahmed

On Classification of Fuzzy Set Theory

Audia Sabri Abd Al Razzaq and Luay Abd Al Hani Al Swidi

Comparison Between Bat Algorithm and Harmony Algorithm using Retina Authentication

Iraq Ali Hussein and Ziyad Tariq Mustafa Al-Ta`i

Empowerment Strategies and Their Role in Talent Management: Applied Research in the Atomic Energy Commission-Ministry of Science and Technology

Akram Salim Hasan Al-Janabi, Hussam Ali Mhaibes and Nisreen Jasim Mohammed

Finding and Taxonomy a New Fuzzy Soft Points

Audia Sabri Abd Al Razzaq and Luay Abd Al Hani Al Swidi

Substantiation of Working Parameters for Winter Service Vehicle with a Snow Compactor Executive Device

A.L. Egorov, V.A. Kostyrchenko and T.M. Madyarov

Optimization of Production and Realization of Main Types of Crop Products on the Basis of Modeling

Tologon T. Omoshev, Gulamzhan M. Mamaturdiyev, Dilaram K. Sulaimanova, Aktalina B. Torogeldiyeva and Elmira S. Kokuyeva

Performance Comparison of PIN Diode and APDS in Optical Fiber Communication Systems

Maysoon Hashim Ismaail and Ahmed Abudlhussain Amer

The Cosine and Sine Transform of Fourier

Andrey Valerianovich Pavlov

The Role of Organizational Innovation Mediates Explicit Relationship Sharing, Knowledge Sharing and Tacit Knowledge Sharing with Organizational Performance

Anak Agung Dwi Widyani, I. Ketut Rahyuda, I. Gusti Ayu Manuati Dewi and I. Gede Riana

Analysis of JPEG Image Steganography using Least Significant Bit Method

Jordy Ardian Bagaskara, Tito Waluyo Purboyo and Ratna Astuti Nugrahaeni

Developing Effective Listening Skills in Classroom through Popular Animation Films in English: A Literature Review

Manas Moulic and Mojibur Rahman

The Effect of Internal Control System on the Performance of an Internal Auditor: A Field Study of Private University in Iraq

Ban Majed Sadlk and Mohammed Tahseen Ali

Evaluating Web Accessibility of Spanish Universities

Carlos Manez-Carvajal, Rocio Fernandez-Piqueras and Jose Francisco Cervera-Merida

Negotiation Strategies in Terms of Transformational Leadership: Empirical Design

Hussam Ali Mhaibes and Akram Salim Hasan Al-Janabi

Hybrid DSR: Evaluating AODV-Hello Messages on DSR Protocol

Hadeel N. Saad, Zaineb Abbas Harbi and Hanan Abbas Salman

Coconut Frond Activated Carbon as Adsorbent for Removal of Congo Red Dye

Rosmawani Mohammad, Leonardo Valentine, Hasmalina Faizol and Mardawani Mohamad

Experimental and Numerical Study in Horizontal Tube by using Swirl Device

Muna S. Kassim, Wajeeh Kamal Hasan, Hasanen Mohammed Hussen and Laith Jaafer Habeeb

The Effect of Audit Committee Characteristics and Firm Financial Performance: An Empirical Study on Listed Companies in Iraq Stock Exchange

Bahaa Hussein Mohammed, Hakeem Hammood Flayyih, Yassir Nori Mohammed and Hussein Qusay Abbood

Problems of Development of Continuous Multi-Belt Monitoring in Electroimpedance Tomography on the Basis of Data Acquisition System with LabVIEW Software

G.K. Aleksanyan, I.D. Shcherbakov, A.I. Kucher and N.I. Gorbatenko

Environmental Degradation: Impact of Plastic Materials (Polyethene) on Soil in University of Nigeria, Nsukka

C.N. Mama and M.E. Onyia

Multi Response Optimization of Pulsed Gas Metal ARC Welding Process Parameter of AISI 904 L Super Austenitic Stainless Steel using Topsis Approach

P. Manavalan and S. Ravi

Thermodynamic Study of the Solubility of Benzoin in Ethyl Acetate (1)+Ethanol (2) Mixtures

Alan Ernesto Garrido Romero, Jorge Luis Aroca Trujillo, Ruthber Rodriguez Serrezuela, Diego Ivan Caviedes Rubio and Daniel Ricardo Delgado

Trade-Off Between Cost and Time to the Project to Assist in Decision-Making Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm (MOGA)

Sarmad Nasser Mohammed and Ahmed Abdulrasool Alkhafaji