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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 14 Issue 21, 2019
A Review of Gas Emission Effect due to Air Fuel Ratio on Diesel Engine
Semin , Gusma Hamdana Putra and Putri Dyah Setyorini
Adhesive Strength of Primers for Automotive Repair Painting under Various Roughness Conditions
Ju-Ho Lee, Sung-Wan Hwang and Ho-Kyung Kim
Analysis of Structural Strength of Modular Floating Pontoon as the Beam of Floating House
Aulia Windyandari, Surya Daud Marulam Tua Sihite, Suharto Suharto and Samuel Samuel
Exploring Colors Inside the Dogma of 3D Malaysian Animated Film
Dahlan Abdul Ghani, Nurul Mirza Syazwina Binti Rohizat and Luqman Bin Mohd Razali
Analysis of Steganography on PNG Image using Least Significant Bit (LSB), Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) and Mean Square Error (MSE)
Priyandanu Filzasavitra, Tito Waluyo Purboyo and Randy Erfa Saputra
CPN-based Test Case Generation Approach for Testing BPEL-based Web Services Composition
Hosney Jahan, S.M. Hasan Mahmud, Md Altab Hossin and Sheak Rashed Haider Noori
Sidewall Roughness in Y-Shaped Waveguide: The Effect to the Signal Quality
Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman, I. Shyan Hwang, Ainon Najahah Abd Aziz and Foze Ater Saleh
Transferring Raw Data for Rasch Model Analysis
N. Lohgheswary, S. Salmaliza and H. Othman
On Notion Of βδ-Reduction for Main Canonical Notion of δ-Reduction
D.A. Grigoryan
Ethical Leadership as a Predictor for Employee’s Performance: The Mediating Role of Affective Organizational Commitment
Mohammed S. Alkathiri, Gamal S.A. Khalifa, Abuelhassan E. Abuelhassan, Osama Isaac and Ibrhim Alrajawi
Deep Learning-based Finger Big ROIs Extraction for Bone Age Assessment in Smart Intelligence Systems
Chansu Lee and Byoung-Dai Lee
Design and Implementation of Intelligent Water Dam Monitoring System using Fuzzy Logic
Sawsan A. Arif and Rabah N. Farhan
Results for Normal Matrices and Majorization Inequalities for their Eigenvalues
Tala H. Sasa
Development of Complaint Management System
Nur Izzati Binti Mohd Asri and Aruna Azariah Rajendram
Toward a Social Networking Context: Managing and Processing Data over Multi-Cloud Environment
Ahmed Barnawi, Abdullah Al-Barakati, Fouad Bajaber, Maraam Al-hafidy, Abdullah Almalais and Seyed Buhari
New Approach of RSA Algorithm based on Three-Pass Protocol
Aqeel S. Azez
The Addition of Bentonite to Improve the Compaction Energy of Soil
Saeed Abdul Ali Jaber
A Study on the Voice Authentication Security for Recorded Voice through Sound Color Marker Analysis
Bong-Young Kim and Myung-Jin Bae
On Cyclic Triple System and Factorization
Mowafaq Alqadri, Haslinda Ibrahim and Sharmila Karim
Vibration Control of Structures using Frictional Force
Hamed Khanger Mina and Waleed Al-Ashtrai
Modeling Average Prices of Garlic in Indonesia
Agus Widodo, Heni Kusdarwati and Samingun Handoyo
Downstream Performance Analysis and Optimization of 2.5 Gbit/sec GPON-FTTX using NRZ and RZ Modulation Formats
Mustafa H. Ali, Hiba A. Abu-Alsaad and Ali M. Almufti
Numerical Evaluation of 2-EGAOR Iterative Method on Image Blurring using Non-Linear Diffusion Equation
Nurul Afiqah Basran, Jeng Hong Eng, Azali Saudi and Jumat Sulaiman
On Chromatic Polynomial of Elementary h-Uniform Hyper Cycles
Abdul Jalil M. Khalaf and Mahdi Gareep Sabbar
Scientific and Technological Trends in the Agroindustrial Field
Juan Manuel Andrade Navia, Alejandro Orjuela Garzon, Elias Ramirez Plazas and Alexander Quintero Bonilla
An Assessment Framework for the Websites Effectiveness in Iraqi e-Government
Ahmed Abbas Jasim Al-Hchaimi, Ahmed Ghanim Wadday and Ahmed Jamal Ibrahim
Android Based Low Cost Harmonic Analyzer
Mat Syai`in, M.S.A. Sidik, N.H. Rohiem, M.F. Adiatmoko, Adi Soeprijanto and A.M. Hatta
On Logarithmic Order and Logarithmic Lower Order of Integral Functions
Aseel H. Abed Sadaa and Mustafa A. Sabri
A Cognitive Approach for an Effective e-Learning System using Learner Personalization Characteristics
A. Kanimozhi and V. Cyrilraj
Understanding Child Labour in Economic Activities to Avoid Ecological Damages Through the Precautionary Principle Towards Sustainable Development Goals
Muhammad Nur Ali, Golar , Yunidar Nur, Muhammad Fardhal Pratama, Hasbullah , Sharifah Zarina Syed Zakaria and Muhammad Rizal Razman
Cryptanalysis and Improvements of a Timestamp-Based User Authentication Scheme for Wireless Communications
Jaewook Jung, Younsung Choi, Youngsook Lee and Dongho Won
Alternative Approach of Wind Driven Optimization for Flood Control Rule Curves
Anongrit Kangrang, Rapeepat Techarungruengsakul, Rattana Hormwichian and Ounla Sriwanpheng
Optimal Power Flow Based on Bird Swarm Optimization and Genetic Algorithm
Ahmed Muhsin Abdul Majeed
Dynamic Voltage/Frequency Scaling for EDZL Scheduling in Multicore Real-Time Systems
Sangchul Han, Minkyu Park and Woojin Paik
Self-Disclosure in Indonesian Social Media User: What Leads People to Self-Disclose in Social Media?
Rena Latifa, Chairunnisa , Imam Subchi, Yusuf Durachman and Ujang Maman
A (Near) Real-Time Traffic Monitoring System using Social Media Analytics
Goboitshepo Ororiseng Leroke and Manoj Lall
Strength Evaluation of Cocos nucifera Fibre Reinforced Concrete
O. D. Atoyebi, O. M. Osuolale and E. M. Ibitogbe
Development of a Low Power and Speed Hygienic Vegetable Slicer
I.A. Ola, A.C. Ogunniyi, T.M.A and E.S.A Ajisegiri
IHDGAP: Deep Learning based Intelligent Human Diseases-Gene Association Prediction Technique for High Dimensional Human Diseases Data Sets
N.K. Sakthivel, N.P. Gopalan and S. Subasree
ECAGS: An Enhanced Cancer-Association based Gene Selection Technique for Cancer Patterns Classification and Prediction
S. Subasree, N.P. Gopalan and N.K. Sakthivel
The Comparative Studies Between Malaysian Animation and Japanese Animation
Dahlan Abdul Ghani, Nor Masliza Binti Md Azahar and Luqman Zulhilmi Bin Abdul Alim
The Concept of Information Asymmetry in the Energy Consumer Theory of Firms
R.A. Burganov, E.R. Altynbaeva, L.V. Maimakova, E.A. Dolonina and L.R. Urazbakhtina
A Study of Intrinsic Factors and Extrinsic Factors that Affect the Knowledge Absorption of Employee’s in the Thai Automotive Industry
Poramet Eamurai, Napaporn Khantanapha and Rapeepun Piriyakul
A Conceptual Framework for Denial-of-Service Attack Mitigation and Prevention in Cloud Computing
Nancy Awadallah Awad
The Neural Network Art which uses the Hamming Distance to Measure an Image Similarity Score
V.D. Dmitrienko, A.Yu. Zakovorotnyi and S.Yu. Leonov