Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 14 Issue 7 SI, 2019)

Performance Analysis of PLC with Turbo Code and OFDM by Sending Image

Shahad W. Al-Amari and Kasim K. Abdalla

Preparation of Manganese Sulfide Thin Film by Thermal Evaporation Technique Deposition: Application of the Experimental Design Photodiode

Mazin H. Hasan, Fuad T. Ibrahim and Huda N. Abed

Feasibility Study of Applying a Pattern Waterflood Without and with Peripheral Injectors for Maximizing Oil Recovery Under Limited Water Sources Availability A Case Study of Heterogeneous Giant Carbonate Reservoir

Wisam Iessa Taher and Sameera Mohammed Hamd-Allah

Optimized Structure Investigation of Platinum Complex (VI) using DFT

Lekaa Hussain Khdaim and Abbas Abd-Ali Draea

Analysis Study of Laser Effect on Amino Acids in Cow’s Milk

Adnan W. Al Mudhfar

Influence of Alloying Element on Corrosion Behavior of (Al-Li) Alloys used in Aerospace Industries

K. Abdalwahid, Rajih Enass and L. Ali

Practical Study on the Effect of Frequency Changing on the Performance and Operation of Three Phase Induction Motors using an Air Conditioning Equipments

Dawood Salman Abdulrahman, Muayad Ahmed Hameed and Yaseen Jasim Mohammed

The Effect of Combine Harvester Speed, Threshing Cylinder Speed and Concave Clearance on Threshing Losses of Rice Crop

Almosawi Abdul-Aziz Abbas

Subclass for Higher-Order Derivatives of Multivalent Analytic Functions on Complex Hilbert Space with Some Applications in Fractional Calculus

Karrar Khudhair Obayes, Rasha Abbas Isewid and Abbas Kareem Wanas

Design and Development of Secure Efficient Wireless Communication System based on FHSS

Samir Jasim and Ahmed M. Alfadhel

Study of the Nuclear Structure of 13458Ce76 Isotope within the Framework of the Interacting Boson Model (IBM-1)

Kahtan Adnan Hussain, Hussein Abdalkareem Hussein and Mustafa Kamil Khaleel

Evaluation Drinking Water of Some Plants and Some Types of Packaged Drinking Water and Imported in the Province of Karbala, the Efficiency of Markets

Abbas T. Khlaif and Wafaa S. H. AL-Nasrawi

Study the Energy Level and Branching Ratios of 144Ba, 144Ce, 144Nd Isotones using IBM-1

Ali Y. Ghawi and Mohammed A. Al-Shareefi

Physicochemical Properties and Water Quality Index of Groundwater of Selected Wells in Najaf City Southern Iraq

Rahman Fayyadh, Zainab Ismail, Hussain Musa Hussain and Lotfi Aleya

The Effect of Moringa olifera on Some Physical and Chemical Parameters of Water and Wastewater

Alaa Adnan Obayes, Rana Abd Al-Hadi and Sundus Salah Nehaba

Water Quality Assessment of Rivers and Heavy Metal Analysis of Small Scale Black Pepper Farm in Singai Area, Bau

Sharifah Nadzirah Binti Wan Hamid, Bellona Joseph, Mathressa Mathews and Shirley Shireano Anak Karl

Characterization and Synthesis of CR-Rubber Reinforced by Cadmium-Zinc Ferrite for Microwaves Absorption

Firas A`aid Najim and Wissam Adel Hussien

Economic Democracy in New Competition (A Study of Law No. 5 of 1999 Concerning Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices and Unfair Business Competition)

Sri Widiyastuti, Moch Najib Imanullah and Yudho Taruno Muryanto

Determination of Adulteration in Milk Samples by using Geiger Muller Counter

Hussein Fadhal Hussein Ashur and Bshar Taha Jawad Al-Hamzawi

Synthesis and Characterization of Some Novel Monomers and Copolyesters Containing Bispyrazole or Bisdihydroisoxazole with Studying the Effect of TiO2 Nanoparticles on their Electrical Conductivity

Mohammed Abbas Fadhil Al-Samarrai, Luay Alidhahi and Osamah Mohammed Mahdi Alnaisani

Contact lens, high refractive index, abbe number, hybrid materials, fabrication, enhancement

Ali H. Al-Hamdani, Lina M. Shaker and Ahmed A. Al-Amiery

Methods in Single Phase to Ground Faults on Power Distribution Systems

Dur Muhammad Soomro, Adnan Hasan Tawafan and Feryal Ibrahim Jabbar

Optical Properties Study of II-VI Semiconductors NPs Prepared by Laser Ablation in Liquid Technique

Lamis Faaz Nassir

Study the Copper Plasma Generated Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

Noor M. Saadoon, Naseer M. Hadi and Sabah H. Sahaah

A New Line Search Method to Solve the Nonlinear Systems of Monotone Equations

Karrar Habeeb Hashim, Nabiha Kahtan Dreeb, Hasan Hadi Dwail, Mohammed Maad Mahdi, H.A. Wasi, Mushtak A.K. Shiker and Hussein Ali Hussein

Physical and Mechanical Properties of Magnesium (Mg) Matrix Composites Reinforced with Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Fabricated by Powder Metallurgy Technique

Hayder Muneam Abed Zaid, Abdul Rahman N. Abed and Hala S. Hasan

Preparation of (Rubber Blend/Oyster Shell Powder) Composites and Study Rheological Properties

Mousa Hawan Naeem and Sameer Hassan Hadi Al-Nesrawy

Statistical Analysis of the Total Annual (Maximum, Minimum) Temperatures and Total Annual Evaporation for the Period 2011-2017 for the Governorates of Babil and Najaf

Khawla Ali Abd Al-Hameed

Solving a Large-Scale Nonlinear System of Monotone Equations by using a Projection Technique

Nabiha Kahtan Dreeb, Karrar Habeeb Hashim, Mohammed Maad Mahdi, H.A. Wasi, Hasan Hadi Dwail, Mushtak A.K. Shiker and Hussein Ali Hussein

Efficient Solar Radiation Estimation Method based on a Curve Fitting Approach

Zahra`a Talib Almosawy, Mahmoud Shaker Nasr and Shamam Alwash

Effect of Magnified and Equality of Irrigation Water in the Soil Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity and the Soil Water Infiltration in Clay Loam Soil During the Growth Stages of Barley Crop (Hordium Vulgare L.)

Kawther A. AL-Mosawi, Ali H. Mohammed and Sabah Sh. Al-Hadi

Isolation of Legionella Pneumophila from Air of Water Coolers in Baghdad

Nassir Abdul Hussein AL-Hindawi, J. K. Abed and Jassim M. Salman

Effect of the Magnetic Field Interacted with Two Aspergillus Species in Degradation of Some Chemical Pesticides

Salwan Abd Alzahra Jabbar Allwbawi, Sabah Lateef Alwan, Nihad. H Mutlag, Adeeb Kitab Abid Zaid Alshafiee and Hussein Rasim Sabboree

Grobner Basis for Bivariate Normal with Missing Data Model Estimation Problem

Saad Abed Madhi and Saad Ali Sultan

Study of the Effect of PANI Polymer on the Optical Properties of Malachite Green Dye

Lazem H. Aboud, Rajaa K. Mohammad and Alaa H. Jassim

Preparation and Characterization of Acid Resistant Rubber Composites Reinforced with Nano Silica

Fadhel Abbas Hadi and Rheam G. Kadhim

An Engineering Study of a Soil for Residential Project in Karbala Province

Amer Atiya Al-Khalidi and Ahmed Qasem Mahmood

Government Spending and Economic Growth in Rental Countries: Dynamics of Conjugation and Correlation

Haidar A.H. Al-Jubouri and Hayder H. Tuama

Formation of Nano-Void and Characteristics of Nano-Particles in Material Physics-Review

Khelfa Fadelshedhan Muselmawe and Abd Al-Abass Abd Al-Ameer Shakir Al-Hamadani

Response of Esherichia Coli to the Alcoholic Extract of Green Alga Chlorococcum Humicola

Raad Abdul Hadinayyef and Thaer Mohammed Ibrahim

Developed a Hydraulic Model as a Useful Tool in the Improvement of the Water Pipe Network in Al-Hilla City

Alaa Hussein Al-Fatlawi and Teeba Salih Merjan

High-Assurance Security in Swift Component

Hala A. Albaroodi, Aseel Ismael and Mohammed Abomaali

Simulation of Solar Collector Performance under Different Operating Conditions

Abbas Sahi Shareef and Shahad Sattar Moneem

Augmentation of Nano Fluid (γ-AL2O3/Water) Heat Transfer with Different Forms of Twisted Tape in a Horizontal Tube

Riyadh S. Al-Turaihi and Sarah H. Oleiwi

Analysis of Impacting Wave using Piezoelectric Sensor for a Pressurized Thin Aluminum Plate Covered with a Composite Material

Ali Kamil Jebur