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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 15 Issue 4, 2020
Activating Organizational Culture to Achieve Requirements of Management by Wandering Around
Mahmoud Shuker Mohammed and Abdulazeez Barrak Mohsin
Employing Symmetry Concept and Unsupervised Neural Network to Detect Abnormal Regions in IR Breast Thermograms
Rabab Saadoon Abdoon
Trend Analysis of the Passiflora maliformis Productive Chain in Colombia
Juan Manuel Andrade Navia, Francisco Rivelino Bernal, Gloria Liliana González and óscar Andrés Benavides
Advance Natural Arabic Communication Recognition Uses a Speech Recognition Approach
Mohammed Basil Abdulkareem
Case Study on Determining the Critical Production Rate for Bottom Water Coning in the Majed (EE-Pool) Reservoir
Saad A. Balhasan and Daniel A. Michael
Luminescence and Lifetime of CaO-Al2O3-B2O3 : Yb3+ and CaO-Al2O3-B2O3: Ce3+ Rare-Earth-Doped Borate Glasses
G.R. Barrera, A.L.F. Novais, A.S. Almeida, L.F. Souza, C.M. Abreu, F.T. Galindo, F.C.L. Ferreira and N. Souza
eBiology Interactive Learning for Biology in Secondary School
Faridah Yahya, Nur Syahirah Zainuddin and Adidah Lajis
Web Service Selection Model using a Hybrid Approach
Sandile Thamie Mhlanga, Manoj Lall and Sunday O. Ojo
Recycling of Residues and Residues of Buildings to Produce Different Concrete Mixes Shapes and Sizes in Iraq
Noora Ayad Al-Harby
Follow-up to the Customs and Traditions of the Labor of Domiciliary Childbirth in Women of the Andean Communities of: Salinas, Cuatro Esquinas, Cachisagua and Santa Fe of Guaranda (Ecuador)
Silvana López Paredes, Víctor Hugo Núñez, María Olalla García, Mery Rocío Rea, Maura Muñoz Naranjo and Favian Bayas-Morejón
Identifying Natural Categories of Learning Tasks using Clustering Techniques for the DeMite Game
Rifki Wijaya, Agus Sukoco, Hashfi Rasis Hakim and Ary Setijadi Prihatmanto
Smart City Concept (SCC) to Ensure Transparency in Public Utilities and Services Sectors of Emerging Countries
Afaq Hyder Chohan and Jihad Awad
Measuring Brand Equity: A Perspective from Giant Hypermarket Customers in Malang City Indonesia
Mahmud , Widji Astuti and Junianto Tjahjo Darsono
The Compressive Strength of Concrete-Backed Stone Masonry Small Size Prisms
Nart Mawloud Abdel-Qader Naghoj
The Influence of Non-Physical Work Environment on Employee Performance Through Emotional Intelligence as an Intervening Variable (A Case Study of Balai Besar Pelatihan Peternakan Kupang)
Mahendra Fakhri, Alini Gilang and Tiwi Permata Mulya
Experimental Study of Subgrade Bearing Capacity and Deformation Behavior of Rigid Pavement Due to Wet-Dry Cycles
B. Siti Fauziah, Lawalenna Samang, Tri Harianto and A.R. Djamaluddin
Chinese Clay Building in Ubon Ratchathani Province
Songwoot Kaewvisit, Jarun Chaipratoom, Niyom Wongpongkham and Kittisan Sriruksa
Resonance Method for Determining Moisture of Cohesive Soils at the Plastic Limit
Philippe Daniel, Victor Yavna, Sergey Sulavko, Zelimkhan Khakiev and Andrei Kochur
Optimization of PV/Wind Power System Case Study: Supplying Large Industry Load in Egypt
Ashraf Nasr EL-Deen Mourad, Adel A. Elbaset and Hamdy A. Ziedan
Analysis of the Urban Pattern of Slum Areas in Cairo
Rania S. Shafik and Mariam A. Abouhadid
Performance Characteristics of Building Integrated and Freestanding Photovoltaic System with Various PV Technologies and Angles: A Case Study in NEU Grand Library, North Nicosia
Youssef Kassem, Hüseyin Gokcekus and Ülker Burcu Filitoglu
Experimental Study on Bearing Capacity of Soft Soil Stabilization using Overboulder Asbuton as Sub-Base Layer
Noor Dhani, Lawalenna Samang, Tri Harianto and A.R Djamaluddin