Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 15 Issue 5, 2020)

A Novel Controlling Strategy for Mitigating the Impacts of Voltage Sagusing Dynamic Voltage Restorer

B. Durai Babu and P. Murugesan

Technique of Mathematical Simulation of Input Signals of Onboard Radars from Complex Scenes with Clutters and Targets

Andrei Likhoedenko and Victor Suchkov

Towards the Prioritization of Test Case by using NDBSC-FFNN

N. Gokilavani and B. Bharathi

A Comparative Study and Implementation of Blind Source Separation Algorithm using MATLAB and TMS320c6713 DSK

Mohcin Mekhfioui, Rachid Elgouri, Amal Satif, Aziz Benahmed, El-Mehdi Hamzaoui, Hadjoudja Abdelkader and Laamari Hlou

Experimental and Computational Study of the Structure on Selected Species Mineralogical of Kaolins in the Union (Antioquia), Colombia

M. Oswaldo Bustamante, Andrés M. Muñoz-Garcia, Martin E. Espitia, Luis F. Duque, C. Valencia-Balvin and S. Perez-Walton

Risk Analysis on the Causes of Safety Accident at Construction Site in Korea using Eigenvector

Jong-Sik Lee

Excavating Optimal Potential from Each Academic Through Crowdsourcing Conversation

T.A. Dandadzi, J.L. Thabane, T. Hungwe, M.M. Lekganyane, G.R. Miyambu, S.N. Mathiba, E.L. Sesale, T. Ramarumo, S. Mafike, T.V. Ndobe, K.D. Tshabalala, R.M. Molaba, G. Rakale, O.P. Mokoena and S.M. Seeletse

Multi-Floor Facility Layout Problems Solving by the Differential Evolution Method

Jittraporn Palakawong Na Ayutthaya, Nuchsara Kriengkorakot, Preecha Kriengkorakot and Prasert Sriboonchandr

Bayesian Parameter Inference of Explosive Yields using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Techniques

John Burkhardt

Online Intrusion Detection System using C4.5 Algorithm with Honeypot

Ismael Salih Aref, Ziyad Tariq Mustafa, Iraq Ali Hussain and Samah Jalil Sabaa

Assessment of Pollution Load Capacity and Control Strategy in the Surabaya River using QUAL2KW and AHP Method

Moh Sholichin and Shatirah Akib

Creativity in Isaan Local Dance

Sarawadee Phuchomsri, Kritsada Wongkhamchan and Niyom Wongpongkham

Stability of Generalized AQCQ Functional Equation in Modular Space

Murali Ramdoss, John Michael Rassias and Divyakumari Pachaiyappan

Techno-Economic Analysis and Optimal Planning of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

Chandarani Sutar, Deependra Singh and K.S. Verma

Assessment of Teacher’s Utilization of Innovative Teaching Strategies in Enhancing Achievement in Mathematics among Secondary School Students

Basil C.E Oguguo, Franklin Uzor, Roseline I. Ezechukwu, Catherine .U. Ene, Agnes Okeke and Augstina Nzeadibe

Intrusion Detection Systems Data Classification by Possibilistic C-Means Method

Aini Suri Talita and Eri Prasetyo Wibowo

Explore the Relationship between Human Resources Information Systems with Strategic Human Resources Planning to Attain Competitive Strategy

Hanady Al-Zagheer and Samer Barakat

Rainwater Harvesting for Adaptation to Water Scarcity in Refugees Camps in Jordan

Naser Almanaseer

Driving Strategic Leadership and Organizational Learning Culture towards Organizational Sustainability

Mohsin Naser A.N. Alharthi, Gamal S.A. Khalifa, Ali Ameen, Ahmed Hamoud Al-Shibamid and Osama Issac

Advances, Challenges and Opportunities in Continuous Sign Language Recognition

Nada B. Ibrahim, Hala H. Zayed and Mazen M. Selim

Impact of Potential Evapotranspiration Method on Sensitivity and Uncertainty in Streamflow Analysis for Kelantan River Basin

Mohd Khardzir Husain, Gasim Hayder, Lariyah Mohd Sidek and Ali Najah Ahmed

Development of an Algorithm to Enhance Routing Performance in the Internet of Things

Rahaf AL-Shaar, Yasser Jaamour and Khaldoun Khorzom

Design and Implementation of an Automated Residential Water Heating System using Sustainable Energy and PLC Techniques

Enaam Albanna, Hassaan Th. H. Thabet and Zozan Saadallah Hussain