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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 1 Issue 4, 2006
Studies on the Pathogenic Characteristics of Non-01 Vibrio cholerae Isolated from Streams in Nigeria
Nwachuckwu E.
Attractive and Repulsive Particle Swarm Optimization for Reactive Power Optimization
K. Lenin and M.R. Mohan
Function Approximation by Feed Forward Neural Networks with a Fixed Weights Using Sigmoidal Signals
M. Ramakrishnan , K. Ekamavannan , P. Thangavelu and P. Vivekanandan
Reading about Marital Stress Reduction: Botswana as a Case Study
Onyewadume, M.A.
An Optimal Operating Strategy of an Integrated Energy System for a Typical Rural Village in Bangladesh
M. Shamim Kaiser, M. Arifur Rahman , M. Mostafizur Rahman , A.K.M. Fazlul Haque , M. Abu Taher and S.K. Aditya
Developing a High Level of Image Encryption Using Wavelet and Cipher Block Chaining (CBC)
Yas A. Alsultanny
Performance Characteristics of the Minkowski Curve Fractal Antenna
M. Ahmed , Abdul-Letif , M.A.Z. Habeeb and H.S. Jaafer
Experimental Investigation on Surface Potential Kinetics in Polyethylene Terephtalate (PET)
Lazhar Herous , Mohamed Nemamcha and Salah SAAD
Vibration Analysis of Rotating Machine by High Resolution Methods
K. Baiche , A. Lachouri , M. Zalmat , B. Harhoud and K. Mansouri
Instructional Software for Teaching PWM AC Voltage Controller Using MATLABíS Graphical User Interface
Ibrahim A. Altawil
A Guide to Selecting Glazing Options for Amman Buildings
Dajeh D.A.
Spectroscopic Properties of Tm3+ Transitions in 5NaF.9YF3 Fluoride Host
Labbaci K and M. Diaf
Artificial Neural Network Model for Emissions from Cofiring of Coal and Biomass in A Travelling Grate Boiler in India
K.V. Narayanan , E. Natarajan and B.S. Sreejaa
Effect of Confining Pressure on Lateral Strain of Cohesionless Soil
Chelghoum Noureddine , Boumekik Ahmed and Hamami Mounir
Computer-Aided Technique for the Determination of Reflection Point in a Microwave Path Profile Design
Michael C. Ndinechi and Henry U. Amadi
The Behaviour of Undrained Saturated Clay under Cyclic Loading
Hidjeb Mustapha and Boumekik Ahmed
Industrial Automation in Ghanaian Industries (The Case of Kumasi Metropolis)
Adejuyigbe S.B.
Static and Dynamic Response of a Pile Foundation Subjected to a Vertical Load
Salah Messast , A. Boumekik and M. Mansouri
Efficient Algorithm to Improve the Accuracy of Sessionizers in Web Usage Analysis
Meera Gandhi and S.K. Srivatsa
Application of Artificial Neural Network for Predicting Microbiological Pollution in Fresh Water
S. Bouharati , K. Benmahammed , Y.M. El-Assaf and D. Harzallah
Delineation of Potential Aquifer Zones from Geoelectric Soundings in KWA IBO River Watershed, Southeastern, Nigeria
M.U.Igboekwe , E.E. Okwueze and C.S. Okereke
Is the Passive Fit of the Cast in One-Piece Screw-Retained Dental Implant Superstructures Feasible? Theoretical Considerations
Konstantinos X. Michalakis , Konstantinos D. Chrysafis , Hiroshi Hirayama , Pavlos D. Garefis and Argiris L. Pissiotis
A High Frequency Characterization of a Thin Film Ferrite, Application to the BaM and YIG
Z.Zerrougui , A. Merzouki and D. Vincent
On the Influence of Crack Direction of the Rocks Massif on Degrees of It`s Crushing by Explosion
A. Hafsaoui , M. Chettibi and A. Hadjaj
Numerical Investigation of Melt Fraction of PCMs in a Latent Heat Storage System
Chang Ren Chen and Atul Sharma
Exploring Sustainability of Sanitation Systems: Social-Cultural Acceptability Analysis of Technology Options for Kampalaís Peri-Urban Areas Using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
Jimmy Zikusooka Muwuluke and G. Ngirane-Katashaya
Optimizing Post-Construction Lifeline of the Nigerian Road Network System: Failures and Causes, Preventions and Remedies
O.K.E. Oluwaseyi Lanre
Critical Energy Analysis of Fatigue Brittle-To-Ductile Transition in Polyethylene Gas Pipe Materials
R. Khelif , N. Zeghib , K. Chaoui and M. Nait-Abdelaziz
Impact of the Liquid-Vapour Equilibrium Modelling on the Simulation Performance of an Absorption Chiller
Nihel Chekir , Khalifa Mejbri and Ahmed Bellagi
3-D Dynamic Interaction Between Two Rigid Foundations Resting on Layered Soil Parte I: Homogenous Soil
B. Sbartai and A. Boumekik
Experimental Analysis of the Dynamical Response of a Flexible Rotor Including the Effects of External Damping
Jean-Jacques Sinou , Cristiano Viana Serra Villa , Fabrice Thouverez and Michel Massenzio
A Notes on Mass Transfer of Dispersed Phase in Isothermal Two-Phase Bubble Column Reactor
Subrata Kumar Majumder
Sliquid Specific Heat Capacity of Motor Lubricant Oils after Thermal Degradation
J.C.O. Santos and A.G. Souza
PLean Manufacturing and the Automotive Component Supply Industry
Daniel J. Fonseca , Gary P. Moynihan and Jennifer Freeman
Control Law Based on Backstepping Design for Controlling Lorenz Chaotic System
Laarem Guessas
Influence of Sisal-Fiber Content on the Tensile and Bending Strength of Sisal-Epoxy Composites
Gikuru Mwithiga and Janet Mutheu Mwania
Electronic Device for Blind Mobility Aid
Salah Bensaoula , Brahim Boulebtateche and Mouldi Bedda
Growth and Optical Studies of Erbium Doped KY3F10 Solid State Laser Material
S. Khiari , M. Diaf and K. Labbaci
Caustic Activation of Local Clays for Palm Oil Bleaching
C.A. Okwara and E.C. Osoka
Tool Wear Monitoring by Using Extended Kalman Filter with Functional Update
. Hameed Hussain and S. Purushothaman
Bandsís Rupture Prediction of the Conveyors by Reliability Analysis
A. Belhamra , A. Yousfi and E. Hadjadj-Aoul