Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 15 Issue 10, 2020)

Strategies for Enhancing Community Participation for Effective Implementation of the Ube Programme in Junior Basic Education in Ondo State, Nigeria

Lambert K. Ejionueme, Olamire Ikuelogbon, Godwin C. Abiogu and Clifford E. Ogheneakoke

Functional Education as an Imperative Instrument for Curbing Domestic Threats in Nigeria

Lambert K. Ejionueme, Frances A. Alimigbe, Baptista C. Chigbu, Patricia Agu, Moses O. Ede, Clifford E. Ogheneakoke and Godwin C. Abiogu

Work Stress by Age of University Academic Administrators in South-East Nigeria

Patience Okwudili Nwosu, Eucharia Nchedo Aye, Ngozi Edith Ekesionye, Ikpechukwu E. Ibenekwu, Chidubem J. Nwogaidu, Matthew Ikechukwu Eze and Nkiruka Christiana Ohia

Impact of Educational Qualification on Work Stress among Academic Administrators of Universities in South-East Nigeria

Patience Okwudili Nwosu, Eucharia Nchedo Aye, Celestine O. Eze, Charles Onwuka Chukwujekwu, Malachy A. Ezeah, Mark E. Okoro, Fidelis O. Asogwa, Donatus U. Ajibo and Theresa Olunwa Oforka

Effective Instruction, Classroom Activities and Formative Assessment in the Maximization of Students Learning Behaviors

John J. Agah, Onisoman C. Zudonu and Moses O. Ede

Impact of Work Experience on Work Stress among Academic Administrators in Nigerian Universities

Patience Okwudili Nwosu, Eucharia Nchedo Aye, Celestine Okwudili Eze, Josephine A. Alumona, Malachy A. Ezeah, James S. Eze, Christian J.I. Mkpume, Monic C. Ugwuoke and Theresa Olunwa Oforka

Impact of Gender on Work Stress Among Academic Administrators

Patience Okwudili Nwosu, Eucharia Nchedo Aye, Celestine Okwudili Eze, Ngozi Edith Ekesionye, Ifeanyi E. Iwundu, Grace Ogechukwu Ugwonna, Matthew Ikechukwu Eze and Nkiruka Christiana Ohia

Economic Evaluation of Stress Management Intervention for Undergraduate Economics Students

Sylvester N. Ogbueghu, Anuli Regina Ogbuagu, Amos Nnaemeka Amedu, Daniel Munachiso Eze, Augustine Igwe Robert, Ifeoma Euphemia Opara, Benedict Ejiofor Ugwuanyi, Chukwuma Ogbonnaya Chukwu and Lazarus Bassey Abonor

Design Optimization of Connecting Rod for a Single Cylinder Four Stroke Overhead Valve (OHV) Engine Using Topology Optimization

A. Pandiyan, G. Arun Kumar and A. Louis Anthony Nelson

Evaluation of the Effect of Cost Volume Profit on the Profitability of Manufacturing Firms in Enugu State Nigeria

Emmanuel C. Ebe, Moses O. Ede, Virginia N. Onyeka, Jeremiah C. Aleke, John J. Agah, Ugo C. Amauchechukwu and Francisca N. Ogba

Analysis of Frequency and Voltage Control in Isolated Micro Grids

Safaa Abdulhussein and Hasson Al-Abboodi

The Impact of the Application of Energy Efficiency Measures on the Energy Consumption of Residential Building

Nada Yamoul, Latifa Dlimi, Khalid El Herrouni and Achraf Chakir Baraka

Calculation of Residual Stress on the Surface Layer of Workpiece When Surface Grinding the Aisi 1018 Steel

Do DucTrung, Nhu -Tung Nguyen and Hoang Tien Dung

Optimizing Factors Affecting Oil Yield Derived from Pyrolysis of Cypress Pruning Residues Using Response Surface Methodology

Ali Doorandish and Ghazanfari Moghaddam

Remote Diagnosis of the Footprint Using a Portable-Podoscope System

T. Ahmadi, P. Cifuentes-Guerrero, N. Cubillos Morales, C. Hernandez Garcia, B. Huerfano-Zapata and E.Y. Roa-Guerrero

Organic Fertilizers: An Agroecological and Commercial Bet on Small holders in the Sumapaz Region

Elizabeth Ann Escobar Cazal, Taha Ahmadi, Diego Fabian Bejarano Morales, Gonzalo Escobar Reyes and Natalia Escobar Escobar

Compression of Vibration Data by the Walsh-Hadamard Transform

Aime Joseph Oyobe Okassa, Jean Pierre Ngantcha, Guy -Germain Allogho and Pierre ELE

Effect of Nonlinear Radiative Heat and Mass Transfer on MHD Flow Over A Stretching Surface with Variable Conductivity and Viscosity

A.M. Okedoye, S.O. Salawu and A. Abolarinwa

Spatial Distribution and Vulnerability of Sea Water Intrusion in Makassar City

Meyke , Soemarno , Harsuko Riniwati and Andi Tamsil

Optical Properties and Photo Stability of Different Nanomaterials

Asmaa F. Mansour, Sawsan A. Mahmoud and Mostafa E. Elsisi

Corporeality of Ballet as an Alien Dance Form in the Context of I-San Social Culture: Cultural Identity, Cultural Transmission and the Otherness of Bodily Experiences through the Concept of West Meets East

Peera Phanlukthao

Evaluation of the Implementation of Coastal Community Empowerment Policy in Supporting Indonesian Maritime Defense (A Case Study in Surabaya City)

Beni Rudiawan, Sumartono , Mardiyono and Choirul Saleh

Analysis of the Determination of the Result of Welfare Rice Aid in Indonesia (Case Study in Palang Karaya, Central Kalimantan) Using SAW and TOPSIS

Agus Widodo

Real Time Internationalization and Information Dissemination for Object Identification using Image Processing Algorithms

Badr Almutairi

A Sentiment Analysis Approach Based on User Ranking using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Suitable for Online Social Networks

Magda M. Madbouly

Potential of Hydrolyzed Waste in Portunus sp. Non-Shell as Nutraceutical with Bioinformatics Analysis

Putut H. Riyadi, Yudhomenggolo S. Darmanto, Apri D. Anggo, Vivi E. Herawati and Retno A. Kurniasih

Effect of Crude Oil products on the Compressive Strength of NSC

Wisam K. Tuama, Nameer A. Alwash and Mohammed M. Kadhum

Synthesis, Characterization, Dyeing Performance and Biological Evaluation of Zn(II), Cd(II) and Hg(II) Complexes with Azo Dye Ligand

Abaas Obaid Hussein, Rana Abdulilah Abbas and Amer J. Jarad

Constructive Approach of Neural Network Approximation of Trigonometric Activation Function

Eman Samir Bhaya and Zaineb Hussain Abd Al-Sadaa

Experimental Investigation of Fire Damage on Precast/Prestressed Hollow-Core Concrete Slabs

Ameer Saleem Mohammed Al-Obaidi and Abd Alridah Saleh Al-Fatlawi

A New Approach To Solve Burgers’ Equation Using Runge-Kutta 6th Order Method Based On Cole-Hopf Transformation

Abbas AL-Shimmary, Sajeda Kareem Radhi and Amina Kassim Hussain