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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 3 Issue 2, 2008
Spatial Variability of Soil Moisture Deficit in Semi-Arid Region of Nigeria
Obiejesi Luke Ndubuisi and Ogochukwu Samuel Azi
Electricity Load Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks
A.O. Afolabi , B.O. Olatunji and A.O. Ajayi
Performance Evaluation of a Database Management System (A Case Study of INTERBASE and MySQL)
A.O. Afolabi and A.O. Ajayi
Production and Characterization of Castor Oil-Modified Alkyd Resins
O.D. Onukwli and P.K. Igbokwe
Energy Decay Law of Dusty Fluid Turbulent Flow in a Rotating System
Shamima Sultan
The Energy Potential of Brewer’s Spent Grain for Breweries in Nigeria
C.C. Enweremadu , M.A. Waheed , A.A. Adekunle and A. Adeala
Mechanical Testing of High Performance Vehicle Composite Flywheel for Optimal Performance
H.M. Sheidi and C.I. Ajuwa
Strategic Modeling of Single Sampling Attribute Plans Based on Quality Loss Function to Ensure Product Quality
S.M. Kannan , G. Manikandan and V. Jayabalan
Mass Transfer in Osmotic Dehydration of Potato: A Mathematical Model Approach
S.E. Agarry , R.O. Yusuf and C.N. Owabor
Fuzzy Logic Based Model for Optimization of Tank Irrigation System
N. Manikumari and A. Murugappan
Modeling and Predicting Male Urban Forward Cumulative Population of Bangladesh
Rafiqul Islam
Improving Biogas Yield Using Media Materials
S.B. Adeyemo and A.A. Adeyanju
Alternative Solution for the Replacement of CFC, Machine Absorption Refrigeration Coupled with a Solar System Application, Ouargla Region (South-Eastern Algeria)
Tahar Guermit , BaChir Bouchkima and Mourad Boumaza