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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 3 Issue 4, 2008
Effects of Initial Grain Size on Recrystalization and Mechanical Properties of Steel
A. Adebayo and I.O. Ogunleye
Prospect of Using Solid Wastes from Food Processing Industries in Livestock Feed Formulation
Ogbonnaya Chukwu
A Regression-Model-Based Approach to Indoor Location Estimation
M.C. Su , C.Y. Li , D.Y. Huang , S.C. Lin , G.D. Chen , C.C. Hsieh and P.C. Wang
Evaluation of an Interactive Copmuter Program for the Design of Grassed Waterways
O.I. Ojo , B.A. Adejumo , A.O. Adewoye and A.P. Adewuyi
Coupling of a Spherical Solar Still with a Collector
Z. Haddad and N. Boukerzaza
Review of Advances in Grading Systems for Asphalt Binders in Hot-mix Asphalt Pavements
A.S. Adedimila and A.O. Olutaiwo
A Forecast of Coal Demand in Nigeria
R.A. Adebimpe and A.G. Ibraheem
Wireless Data Transmission Based on Adaptive Modulation and ARQ Control
S.A. Emad
Prediction of Geometrical Instabilities in Deep Drawing Using Artificial Neural Network
K.K. Pathak , Vikas Kumar Anand and Geeta Agnihotri
Effects of Heat Treatment on the Corrosion Rates of Pipe Weldments and Pipe-Whip Restraint Devices in Saltwater Medium
J.T. Stephen , A.J. Alawode and O.I. Oluwole
Optimization of the Performance of a Super-Cruise Engine with Isothermal Combustion Inside the Turbine Using Exergy Method
A.S. Adavbiele and S.O. Amiebenomon
Interference Analysis of Partial Response Coded OFDM Signals
J. Jayakumari and Sakuntala S. Pillai
An Exploratory Study of Software Complexity Measures of Merge Sort Algorithm
S.O. Olabiyisi and O.A. Bello
Performance and Analysis of a Proposed Quadratic Koch Curve Dipole Fractal Antenna Design
Fawwaz J. Jibrael , Hussain A. Hammas and Mohammed F. Hasan