Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 13 Issue 1 SI, 2018)

Free Trade Area of Kenyir Lake: Potential of Developing Framework for Waterway Routes and Traffic Separation Scheme

Madzli Bin Harun, Wan Mariam Binti Wan Abdullah and Tengku Muhamad Hamdan Bin Tengku Zainuddin

A New Simulation Method for Charcterization of Mechanical Properties of Nanomaterials

H. Arabshahi

Modelling Learner-Generated Comic Production: An Initial Design

Farah Nadia Azman, Syamsul Bahrin Zaibon and Norshuhada Shiratuddin

A Review of Different Control Methods in Power Electronic

Ali Saadon Al-Ogaili, Ishak bin Aris, Mohammad Lutfi B. Othman, Yap Hoon, Dino Isa, Norhafiz B. Azis and Hamzah Fadhil Abbas

Nature Artists, Design Researchers and Scientists Collaborate on a Resource Scarcity Research Lab that Doubles as a Public Art Installation

Hyun Kyung Lee

Brightness and Contrast Enhancement of Medical Images (X-Ray and Fluoroscopy) and Quality measurement

Firas Miften, Hazeem Taher and Kadhim Obeab

Computing the Harmonic Index for Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes

Abdul Jalil Manshad Khalaf, Haneen Kareem Aljanabiy and Hussein Abdel Wasi

Graph Clustering for Images Based on Fractal Features

Firas Miften and Israa Hadi

Image Steganography Based on Variable Sized Segments

Samraa Adnan Al-Asadi

Complex Agent Network Approach to Model Mobility and Connectivity in Vehicular Social Networks

Muhammed A. Mahdi and Saad Talib Hasson

The Dynamics of the Fixed Points to Modified Jerk Map

Samah Abdulhadi Al-Hashemi, Zainab Abdulmunim Sharba and Najlaa Adnan

Landslide Prediction Using Classifier Models

Sukriti Paul, Arpit Garg and S. Chethan

Context-Aware Based Alert System for People with Hearing Impairments

Maythem K. Abbas and Bie Tong

S-RADG: A Stream Cipher RADG Cryptography

Salah A.K. Albermany, Duha Amer and Kamal

Generating test Cases for Model-Based Testing and Detecting Deadlocks Using Tarjan’s Algorithm

Yasir Dawood Salman, Nor Laily Hashim, Mawarny Md Rejab, Rohaida Romli and Haslina Mohd

Electronic Information Sharing in Transforming the Provision of Education Services to the Yemeni Public Universities

Y. Eman and I. Huda

Power Loss Optimization Using Distribution System Reconfiguration in Presence of DG

B.Y. Bagde, B.S. Umre and Nikhil Narde

Thermal Induced Vibration of non Homogeneous Tapered Square Plate

Amit Sharma

Effect of Tool Rotational Direction and Welding Speed on the Quality of Friction Stir Welded Al-Mg Alloy 5052-O

Ahmad K. Jassim, Dhia Ch. Ali and Amany Barak

Development and Design the Correlation Area Between Residential Neighborhood and Baghdad Al Mosul Highway in Baghdad City

Abdulredi Ebraheem Ahmed and Abdulkareem Naji Abbood

Enhancement Properties of Aluminum-Alumina Composite by Mechanical Mold Vibration

Rand A. Al-Shuraify, Haydar Al-Ethari and Saad H. Al-Shaafaie

Preparation of Nano Hydroxyapatite from Oyster Shell

Shaker Jahil Edrees

Effects of Heat Treatment on Erosion Behavior and Microstructure of High Chromium White Cast Irons

Israa Fayez Yousif and Ali Hussein Ataiwi

A Cloud-Based Encryption for Document Storage Using

Mehdi Ebady Manaa

Stock Market Prediction Using Sentiment Analysis Based on Social Network: Analytical Study

Salam Al-Augby, Noor Al-musawi and Alaa Abdul Hussein Mezher

Some Properties of Total Frame Domination in Graphs

Yasen Rajihy

Semantic Based Short Messages Classification with Topic Modeling Support

Ghaidaa A. Al-Sultany and Raghad M. Hatim

Determining the Best Method to Extract Interest Point for Video Hidden Object Recovery

Israa Hadi Ali and Qasim Jaleel

Follow-up Management System via. using Mobile Application (Follow App.) in Public Sector

Mohammed Morad Anad, Mahir Hassan Kadhim, Mohammed Abdulameer Mohammed and Karrar Albo Aaqer

The Society Empowerment of Religious Recreation in Maria Lourdes Cave to Increase Economy Social Society in Puh Sarang Village Kediri

Soewarno and Pamadya Vitasmoro

Study on the Plans for Improvement of Accident Compensation System for Public Officials in the Perspective of Fairness with Regular Laborers

Sunghyun Mun and Young-Chan Lee

The Effect of the Problem Solving Ability of Management Consultants on Satisfaction of Consulting Performance: Participation of the Consulted Firm as a Mediating Effect

Bong-Cheol Lee and Yen-Yoo You

Industry 4.0 on Keyword Network Analysis

Seong-Taek Park, Sung-Won Lee and Mi-Hyun Ko

A Study on the Technical Solution for Personal Information Protection in Telematics Environment

Da-Un Chung, Kyung-Su Yeo, Sang-Hyun Kim and Sang-Bok Lee

A Study of TV Audience Character Traits on TV Program Genre Preference

Jin-Sik Park and Hong-gyu Kang

Consolidation Characteristics Analysis of the Busan Region Dredging Clay

Hui Seok Hwang and Jong Ho Lee

Effect Analysis of Psychomotricity and Aquatic Psychomotricity on the Motor Ability of Children with Developmental Disorder

Dong Kyun Ko and Youn Tae Suh

Difference in Attitude on Autopsy of Nursing Students According to Presence or Absence of Anatomy Practice

Jae-Woo Oh and So-Ja Jeon

Evaluating Web Accessibility of Organizations Related to Radiation in ICT Environment

Kyoungho Choi

Factors Influencing on Attitude Toward Organ Donation of University Students in Korea

Hye-gyeong Cha

A Study on the Adding a Loop Function to the PSSI Technique

Keun-Young Choi, Hyun-Chang Lee and Kyu-Tae Lee

Natural Staining of the Coat of Allium cepa L. and Leaf of Camellia sinensis Var. Assamica to a Silk Fabric

Suk-Yul Jung

Level of UV Light Awareness and its Relation to the Factors and Information Sources Contributing to Sunglass-Purchase Among Women in Their 30 and 40’s

Ji Min Kim, Suk-yul Jung and Su-youn Park

The Comparative Study for Statistical Process Control for Software Reliability Property Utilizing Inverse Rayleigh and Rayleigh Distribution

Hee-Cheul Kim

Effects of Significance Recognition of Consulting Projects on Technical Impact, Project Management Capability and Corporate Image: Focusing on Government-supported Technical Consulting for Smes and Startups

Tae-Young Kim, Yen-Yoo You and Joo-Sang Jeon