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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 1 Issue 3, 2006
Assessment of Heavy Metal Content in Some Selected Agricultural Products Planted Along Some Roads in Nasarawa State, Nigeria
M.O. Aremu, A. Olonisakin and S.A. Ahmed
Exergetic Analysis of a Mixed-Mode Solar Dryer
A.O. Akinola and O.P. Fapetu
Analysis of Continuum Spectra for 64Ni(p,d)63Ni reaction at 65 MeV
S.A. Sultana
Analysis of Transient Visual Evoked Potential (TVEP) Using Phase Spectral Periodicity Components
Sivakumar, R.
Analysis of suspended air particulates along four sawmills in Nigeria during the wet and dry seasons.
F.O. Abulude
Theoretical and Conceptual Aspects of Innovation: Supply Chain Management of Automobile Manufacturing Industry
Oluwoye, J.O.
Analysis of Different Solutions to Multivariable Constrained Predictive Control: Application to A Distillation Process
M. Sedraoui and S. Filali
Denoising of Transient VEP Signals Using Wavelet Transform
R. Sivakumar, B. Hema , Pooja Karir and N. Nithyaklyani
A study of magnetic properties for sputtered amorphous films Tb-Co based alloys
N.E. Chakri , M. Guerrioune and G. Fillion
Triangles in Lattice Parabola and Lattice Cubic
Hybrid Options Analysis for Power Systems in St. Martinís Island
Shamim Kaiser , A.K.M Fazlul Haque , M. Arifur Rahman , M. Mostafizur Rahman and Abu Md. Zafor Alam
Direct Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Systems Using Radial Basis Function Network
M. Bahita and K. Belarbi
CAD/CAM in Nigerian Manufacturing Industries: The Case of Nigerian Casting Industries
Adejuyigbe, S.B.
A QOS Aware Network Design for Future Wireless CDMA Networks
Sasi Praba T. and S.K. Srivatsa
Effect of Fiber Treatment on The Mechanical and Rheological Properties of Polypropylene/Broom Fiber Spartium Junceum Composites
S. Nekkaa, F. Chebira and N. Haddaoui