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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 12 Issue 1 SI, 2017
Robust Optimization for Coal Transportation Planning
Marnwika Promban and Oran Kittithreerapronchai
Performance Enhancement by Implementation of Nanostructure Sensing Element for Bendable SAW Gas Sensor: Simulation
F. Sidek, R. Arsat, Z. Johari, A.A.M Idris and M. Arsat
Gas Condensate Conversion into High Octane Gasoline
Nazirah Abd Rahman and Suzana Yusup
Traffic Lights Extension Schedules Control System with Classic Fuzzy Logic and Petri Net Time
Tomi Tristono, Setiyo Daru Cahyono, Sutomo and Pradityo Utomo
Using Plywood Ash as Partial Substitution of Cement in Concrete
Rosyid Kholilur Rohman, Setiyo Daru Cahyono and Rochidajah
A Study of PDMS Printing Plate for Fine Solid Lines Image in Micro-Flexographic Printing Process
S. Hassan, M.S. Yusof, M.I. Maksud, M.N. Nodin, K.A. Mamat, M.S. Sazali, W.I.S. Zainun, M.Z. Rahim and M.H. Rahman
Safety Control for EMC Facility at AITC
Hafizah Binti Mustapha, Mohd Khairul Hisham Ismail and Terence Jerome Daim
Study on Hydrolysis of Oil Palm’s Empty Fruit Bunch using Microwave Irradiation
Maya Sarah, Seri Maulina, Sinta Widyastuti, N. Dwi Siska, Isti Madinah and Siti Salamah
Comparison of Information Criterion on Identification of Discrete-Time Dynamic System
Md. Fahmi Abd. Samad and Abd. Rahman Mohd. Nasir
R-K 4th Order Mathematical Model of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Validation with MATLAB Simulation
Sanam Ayub, Muhammad Yaqub Khan and Qadir Bakhsh
Optimization of Wavelet Weighted Fuzzy Model for Time Series Data and its Application to Forecast Jakarta Composite Index
Agus Maman Abadi, Nurhayadi and Musthofa
The Properties of Fuzzy Green Relations on Bilinear Form Semigroups
Branch and Bound for the Cutwidth Minimization Problem
Mochamad Suyudi, Mustafa Mamat, Sukono and Sudradjat Supian
Investigated Performance of Davidson Model for DVB-T2 Propagation in Medium and Small Urban Area
Pitak Keawbunsong, Pitchaya Supannakoon and Sathaporn Promwong
The Study of Needing Ethical Education on Digital Literacy
Jungin Kwon and Seongjin Ahn
The Effect of Parental Attachment of Teenagers on Cell-Phone Dependence: Focusing on Mediator Effect of Self-Esteem
Yang-E Kim, Hye-Jeong Choi and Hye-Sook Lee
The Relationship Between Achievement Goal Orientation and Academic Burnout for University Students: The Mediating Effect of the Learning Flow
Ju-Hyun Kim and Sung-Joo Park
Antecedents of Wechat Group Chatting user’s Stickiness and Organizational Commitment
Guozhong Li, Seong-Taek Park and Hong Jin
A Development on S-STEAM Education Program Utilization of a Machine for Early Childhood in Korea
Hyoung-Jai Kim
Study on Ways to Stimulate Traditional Markets Based on Cultural Community Space Creation-Focusing on the Hongcheon Central Market
Hyeon Wook Park and Jong Ho Lee
A Study of Evaluation Method on Image Recall Capacity using EEG
Ssang-Hee Seo
Algorithm Development for Fault Location in Power Transmission Lines of Branched Medium Voltage Circuits
I.N. Lizunov, E.F. Khakimzyanov, R.G. Mustafin, R.Sh. Misbakhov, I.F. Immamutdinov, O.E. Naumov and A.M. Touitiyarov
Feature Selection for Optimization Algorithms: Literature Survey
R. Mythily and W. Aisha Banu
Improvement of the Irradiation Facilities Effectiveness
Olga Yu. Kovalenko, Svetlana A. Ovchukova and Yuliya A. Pilshchikova
The Substantiation of Parameters of Mechanism for the Drive of Cutting Machine with a Double-Way of the Knife
Omirserik Zhortuylov, Anuarbek Adilsheyev, Vladimir Golikov, Askar Rzaliyev, Gani Zhumatay, Ulan Bekenov and Murat Suranchiev
Experimental and Analytical Study of the Beet Pulp Drying Process by Overheated Steam in Active Hydrodynamic Conditions
A.A. Shevtsov, A.V. Drannikov, A.A. Derkanosova, A.S. Muravev and A.V. Kvasov
Determination of Basic Operating Parameters of Solar Photovoltaic Modules for Farms
Rashit Omarov, Seitkazy Keshuov, Dauren Omar, Murat Kunelbayev and Sabit Amirseit
Unsteady Hydromagnetic Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Past an Impulsively Started Infinite Vertical Surface with Newtonian Heating in a Porous Medium
M. Sulemana, Y.I. Seini and M.I. Daabo
New Perspectives of Organization and Reproduction of Regional Industrial Policy
Salih A. Bayzulayev, Elmira G. Shurdumova, Leily M. Guzieva, Zalina H. Gergova and Zarema N. Yagumova
Biological Assets: Problems of Reliable Reflection in the Reports of Agricultural Enterprises of Russia
Oksana V. Moshchenko, Boris N. Hosiev, Ahmed H. Malamatov, Yulia V. Safronova and Aleksandr Yu. Usanov
The Myth of Human-Animal in Jiroft Artifacts
Afsaneh Nazari, Reza Afhami and Mojtaba Yazdan Panah
The New Purpose of Friction Stir Welding Corner Design to Increase the Strength of the Joint Running Title: The New Purpose of Friction Stir Welding
Widia Setiawan, Djarot B. Darmadi, Wahyono Suprapto and Rudy Soenoko
Innovative-Oriented Cluster Systems as Performance Growing Points in Agroindustrial Complex of the Far East of Russia
Shashlo Nina Vladimirovna and Petruk Galina Vladimirovna
Energy Aware on Demand Routing for MANETs based on Intermediate Node Residual Status
Mahabubul Haq Atif and Syed Abdul Sattar
Effect of the Calling, Moral Sensitivity and Recognition of Good Death of Nurses on Terminal Care Performance
Jung-Hee Kim, Yang-Sin Kim and So-Ja Jeon
An Approach Direction and Position Scheme for Marine Satellite Track Projection
N. Anand
Management of Coastal Structures based Marine Climate Variability
R.N. Raju
Linkage Efficiency for Exterior Vehicle’s Submerged Acoustic Modem
P. Ravichandran
Radio Waves to Copying Compound Optical Phenomena: Wire Metamaterial of Tailoring Diffusion Uniqueness
R. Durga Singh
Design and Analysis of Bridge Structure using Stadd Pro
Bhagawant Singh Siddhu
Water Intensity Control of Small-Scale Hydro-Generating Units by Fuzzy Logic
D.T. Jacob Jai Kumar
Marine Vehicl-Economic Energy Management System used for Diesel-Electric Marine Vessels
D.T. Jacob Jai Kumar
Implementation of Solar Inverter for Light Applications
R. Rajendr Prasad
A Low Cost BLDC Motor Drive with Sensor Less Speed Estimation and Minimum Torque Ripple Powered from Photo-Voltaic Source Fed SL-QZS Inverter
A. Sundaram and G.P. Ramesh
Potential Use of Banana Lectin to Detect or Cure Ebola Virus
Rungsang Nakrumpai