Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 12 Issue 3 SI, 2017)

Requirements Modeling for University e-Ranking Dashboard System (e-RDS)

Hamzah Ali Alawi Al-Aidaros, Mazni Omar and Haim Hilman Abdullah

The Effect of Self-Efficacy, OJT and Classroom Training on Training Effectiveness in the Malaysian Construction Industry

Khalizani Khalid, Sam E. Eldakak and Fadilah Puteh

Computational Prediction on Structural Behaviour of Precast Lightweight Panel under Axial Load

Goh Wan Inn, Noridah Mohamad, Yee Cheng Lee, Redzuan Abdullah and Abdul Aziz Abdul Samad

Multi-Criteria Decision Making in the Selection of Mobile Network Operators with AHP-TOPSIS Model

Lam Weng Siew, Mohd. Abidin Bin Bakar, Lam Weng Hoe and Liew Kah Fai

Evaluation of Thresholding Techniques on 3D Fractal Dimension MRI Images

Iqbal Jamaludin, Mohd. Zulfaezal Che Azemin, Liyana Musa, Abdul Halim Sapuan, Zafri Azran Abdul Majid, Azmir Ahmad, Nor Azlina A. Rahman and Mohamed Arshad Sideek

Fish Feed Formulation using Black Soldier Fly Pre-Pupae from Fruit Waste

Foh Tze Jia and Wong Ngie Hing (Matthew)

Development of New Aquaretic Drug Based on Phenolic Glycoside Structure

Murashko Tatyana, Emanova Olga, Smirnov Vladimir, Ivanov Alexey and Smirnov Ivan

Role of Sugar Segments of Molecules in the Mechanism of Realization of the Diuretic Effect of Phenolic Glycosides

Smirnov Ivan, Murashko Tatiana, Emanova Olga, Smirnov Vladimir and Ivanov Alexey

Utilization of Social Media for Consumer Behavior Clustering using Text Mining Method

Harwati , Agus Mansur and Adnan Karunia

The Influence of Service Quality on Repatronage Intention: Examining Patient Satisfaction as Mediator

Sook Fern Yeo, Cheng Ling Tan and Yen Nee Goh

Auto Vertical Takeoff and Landing on Quadrotor Using PID-Fuzzy

Tri Kuntoro Priyambodo and Andi Dharmawan

Logistics Procurement Planning of Medicine to Mitigate Flood Disaster Impact

Agus Mansur, Siti IstiAnah, Wahyu Kurniawan, Muhammad Ulil Albab and Muhammad Ragil Suryoputro

Design Improvement of Supply Chain Information System or Public Transportation Services (Case Study: Trans Jogja)

Agus Mansur, Dian Janari, Nashrullah Setiawan, Muhammad Ragil Suryoputro and Firman Bani Albar

Evaluating Electronic Public Information Service Quality: A Proposed Model

Muhammad Rifki Shihab, Gde Panji Diarsa, Achmad Nizar Hidayanto and Bobby Nazief

Renewable Energy Plan for Mutiara Residence using Hybrid Optimization Model for Electric Renewable

Hadi Sutanto Saragi

Evaluation of Solid Waste Management Using Material Flow Analysis (MFA) for a Waste Utilization System in Shah Alam

Nurul Qayuum Farahin Saidi and Norashikin Ahmad Kamal

Determining Success Factors Influencing Construction Project in Northern Malaysia

Chan Hun Beng, Nor Janna Binti Tammy, Norhalifah Binti Ramlee, Siti Rashidah Binti Mohd Nasir, Raja Nor Husna, Binti Raja Mohd Noor, Adhilla Binti Ainun Musir and Nurulzatushima Binti Abdul Karim

Risk Factors Influencing Contractor’s Cost Estimating in Design and Build Project in Malaysia

Sabihah Saaidin, Intan Rohani Endut, Siti Akmar Abu Samah, Ahmad Ruslan Mohd Rizduan and Nur Nabihah Abd Razak

Improving Skills in Rounding off the Whole Number

Mohd Saifullah Rusiman, Suliadi Firdaus Sufahani, Rozaini Roslan, Kamil Khalid, Maria Elena Nor, Ku Gee Huei, Lim Soo Peng, Nun Shwu Mean and Soh Cher Wei

Analysis of Composite Laminate Under Ballistic Impact by Bullets of Different Types

S.L. Gombi and Chandan Inamdar

Effective Design on Induction Motor for Electric Vehicle

Ki-Chan Kim

Leveraging Personalized PageRank with Dynamic Initial Rank for Recommendation System Advances

Hayder M. Naji and Ghaidaa A. Al-Sultany

Modeling and Simulation of DC Offset in Wideband Direct Conversion Receivers

Zi Hui Lau, Heng Siong Lim, Alan Wee Chiat Tan and M.L. Sim

Establishing Cyberspace Norms using Bright Internet Principles: In the Case of the Korean Legal System

Sang Pil Yoon and HunYeong Kwon

Korea-China FTA: Changes in Consumer Awareness and Purchasing Behavior of Chinese Consumers

Hyung-ki Baek and Jinyong Lu

Empirical Analysis of Effective Misuse Intrusion Detection by Trace Classification using Conditional Random Fields

Kyung-Hwan Cha and Dae-Ki Kang

An Empirical Study of Influential Factors to Global Business Strategy of Korean SMEs in the Era of Multi-FTAs and Mega-FTAS: Focusing on China and Vietnam

Tae Ho Kim

A Study on Developing HMD-based Virtual Art Exhibition Contents

Jeong Min Lee, Jung-A Leum, Jong Ho Lee, Cheol Gyu Kim and Kyounghak Lee

The Relations among Oral Health Literacy and Oral Health-Related Quality of Life of Elderly Living in a Community

Young-Sook Kwon and Kyung-Shin Paek

A Study on Mash-up Analysis Algorithm for Electrical Hazard Risk Factor

Ki-Yeon Lee, Hyun-Wook Moon, Dong-Woo Kim, Young-Bea Lim and In-Ho Ryu

Implementation of Big Data Analysis System to Prevent Illegal Sales in the Cable TV Industry

Young-Woon Kim and Hyeopgeon Lee

A Study on Factors Affecting Resident’s Trust on Local Government

Sang-Yup Lee

Investigating IT Governance Implementation: Insights from an Australian Retailer of Home Improvement Products

H.M. Hasbollah, A. Simon and N. Letch

Analysis of Factors that Influence Electronic Payment Adoption

Mohammad Auwal Kabir, Siti Zabedah Saidin and Aidi Ahmi

Modeling a Mobile Arabic Learning Application for Children in Malaysia

Mohammed Abbas Neamah, Azham Hussain, Nurnasran Puteh and Osman Ghazali

Contributor-Content Verified for Establishing Trust and Privacy in Content-Centric Environment

Norliza Katuk, Hatim Mohamad Tahir, Mohd. Hasbullah Omar and Shahrudin Awang Nor

Mental Programs and Modal Models of Social Behavior of the Russian Youth in Education

Anatoly Vladimirovich Lubsky, Elena Yuryevna Kolesnikova and Anton Vladimirovich Serikov

Damage of Bridge Lifting Cranes and Crane Metal Structures

S.A. Nischeta, E.P. Chernyshova, M.Yu. Narkevich, A.L. Krishan and A.I. Sagadatov

Carbon Emission Reduction Through an Electrical Energy Audit in Thermal Power Plant-Indian Scenario

Anil B. Onkar, G.A. Dhomane, R.M. Moharil and Prashant P. Mawle

Mathematical Modeling of Food Graining Roasting Process by High Temperature Heat Agent

A.N. Ostrikov, E.Z. Mateyev, A.A. Shevtsov and L.I. Lytkina

Network Constraints Reduction by TORA in MANET

G. Madhusudan and T.N.R. Kumar

About the Best Basis for Cognitive Radio Signal Development

Evgeniy G. Zhilyakov, Sergey P. Belov, Aleksey G. Lipnitskiy and Nikolay A. Chekanov

Algorithms of Multidimensional Space and Time Values Interrelation the in System of LT Dimension Coordinates by B. Brown, R.O. Bartini, P.G. Kuznetsov

B.E. Bolshakov and A.E. Petrov

The Results of Joint Processing of Geotechnical and Geodynamic Monitoring Data of Karst Processes

Anastasia V. Grecheneva, Oleg R. Kuzichkin, Ekaterina S. Mikhaleva and Roman V. Romanov

Optimal Test Case Generation in Mutation Testing-A Hybrid Artificial Bee Colony-Penguin Search Optimization (ABC-PeSO) Approach

Jyoti Chaudhary and Mukesh Kumar