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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2020 Volume 15)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1816-949x (Print)
ISSN : 1818-7803 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 13 Issue 2 SI, 2018
Relationships of Social Support Perceived by College Taekwondo Athletes with Career Preparation Behavior and Career Exploration Behavior
Soo-Kyum Kim, Kyung-Hoon Min and Chun-Ho Yang
Design and Implementation of Teacher-Training Program for Computing Education Using Theme Based Approach Through Co-Teaching: A Case Study for Kindergarten’s after School Teacher
Yunroc Cho and Youngjun Lee
Partitioned Channel Allocation Scheme for Collision Avoidance in IEEE 802.15.4 LR-WPAN
Hyeopgeon Lee, Eunchul Park, Kiyoung Kim and Nam Kim
Analysis on Flow Characteristic According to the Shape Change of Mixer Blade in Urea-SCR System
Namwook Kim, Munseok Choe and Dooseuk Choi
Working Toward Inclusive Education: The Case of Korean Preschool
Yeonsook Choi
The Automated Weak Code Detection Tool for the Symbolic Execution-Based Vulnerability Analysis
Sang-Kil Park, Sung-Hwan Bae, Jae-Pyo Park and Yong-Joon Lee
Design and Implementation of Smart Home Security System
Young-Il Kwong, Jun-Yeong Park and Sam-Jin Jeong
Case Study of Application of Integrated Control and Management System Based on Inter-Collaboration Against Cyber Threat
Kyuil Kim, Wonhyuk Lee, Buseung Cho, Dongkyun Kim and Hyungwoo Park
A Phenomenological Study on Multicultural Adolescent Trauma
Kyung-Sook Kim, Minkyeong Kim, Sejin Ju, Eun-Jee Song and Min-Jung Kim
The Development of Mild Cognitive Impairment Prediction Model based on Random Forest with Focusing on Visuospatial Function and Language Ability
Sunghyoun Cho, Seonghun Yu, Heekyung Jin and Haewon Byeon
Factors Affecting the Korean Customer’s Choice of Hospitals
Mi-Joon Lee
Improvement of Operating Posture among Dental Hygiene Students Through Image Analysis
Su-Min Hong, Da-Yae Choi and Jung-Eun Ha
The Relationship Between Social Support and Health Promoting Behaviors of Participation in Regular Life Sports
Wang-Sung Myung
Effects of Ethics Education on Ethical Values in Nursing Students
Ok Hee Koo, Young Mi Ryu and Myung Sook Kim
The Comparison of the Upper Limb Muscle Activity According to Shoulder Angle with the Push up Plus Exercise
Shin-Hye Baek, Eun-Sil Mun, Jin-Seop Kim, Ji-Heon Hong, Jae-Ho Yu and Dong-Yeop Lee
Distortion Correction for Corresponding Points Estimation Using General-Purpose Camera
Dongwook Kim
Development of Open Source-Based Home Automation for Productivity Improvement
Youngkwan Ju and Hyung-Jin Mun
A Study on the Career Preparation Behaviors and Stress Coping Strategies in Nursing University Students
Sunyoung Jang
A Study on Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Intentions of Jewelry Design Majors in South Korea
Chin-Hee Chang and Sang-Hyun Choi
Linguistic Communication from a Semiotic Point of View
Joo-Eun Lee
Timestamp-based Key Exchange Protocol in Satellite Environment
In-A Song, Young-Seok Lee and Hoon Choi
The Analysis on Research Trends for Software Education in Korea
Eunkyoung Lee, Seong-Won Kim and Youngjun Lee
Study on the Standardization of Signal Intensity Scale of Pixel Value in Digital Radiography
Joon-Koo Choi, Gha-Jung Kim, Dong-Hee Hong, Hyeong-Gyun Kim and Dong-Kyoon Han
Study for an Individual Recording System Using Video-Based Tracking Target in Mobile Phone
Juwon Jin and Byeongtae Ahn
Improvement of Dimming and Transmission Efficiencies Based on Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Scheme in Optical Wireless Communication
Kyuntak Kim, Kyujin Lee and Kyesan Lee
Study on the Flow Characteristics of the Urea-SCR Swirl Injector Using the Unsteady CFD Technique
Eun-Jo Gwak and Sung-Young Park
2-Factor Based Fine-Grained Access Control Scheme for 5G Environment
Yoon-Su Jeong and Jin-Hee Ku
Design and Implementation of the Safety Application Execution Control System Using the White-Listing
Sang-Ann Nam, Jong-Chul Park, Jae-Pyo Park and Chang-Hong Kim
Effect of the Change of the DICOM Image Thickness on the Shape Surface of the Hearing Aid Ear Shell Manufactured by 3D Printing
Hyeong-Gyun Kim
Security Service Technology in Self-Driving Environment
Jin-Keun Hong
Design of a Monitoring System for Disaster Situation Using Ontology Crawling in a Mobile Environment
Kil-Hun Lee, Moon-Seok Jun and Jung-Oh Park
A Study on the Distinction Circuit of Logic Input-Level for Digital Logic Lab-Unit
Hyun-Chang Lee and Jong-Eon Lee
A Study on Interference Removal of Bluetooth Using Frequency Hopping
Hyun-Seob Cho
The Associations Between Satisfaction of Life, Mental Health, Resilience and Family Support in Korean College Students
Kyung-Sook Kim, Jung Hyun Choi, Sejin Ju, Hee Jeong Kim, Miok Kim and Mi Yu
Correlations Relationship Between Social Support and Career Decision-Making Attitudes of College Taekwondo Athletes
Yeong-Gwon Jo, Kwang-Sun Moon and Chun-Ho Yang
Design of Information System Audit Model for Information Security in Smart Work Environment
Hee-Wan Kim
Study of Bio-Feedback Signal Analysis Algorithm Associated with the Development of the Low-Frequency Face Muscle Motion System
Sang-Sik Lee, Jin-Hyoung Jeong, Jae-Hyun Jo and Ki-Young Lee
A Study of the Relationship Between the Big Five Personality Traits and Second Language (L2) Learning
Sunhee Choi
Key Resources Integrity Verification Scheme on Android Platform
Yongzhen Li, Zhenzhen Wang and Hyung-Jin Mun
Effects of Self-Achievement and Academic Self-Efficacy on Professional Self-Concept Targeting Nursing Students
Myung-Ock Chae and Ahrin Kim
A Study on the Effect of ERP Introduction Strategy and IT Consulting Service Quality on the Introduction Performance
Tae-Yong Ha and Yen Yoo You
A Study on Intention of Unethical Consulting Behavior by Consultants by Utilizing Theory of Extended Planned Behavior: Based on SMBs Consulting Supported by Government
Hyeong-Cheol Gil, Yen-Yoo You and Sang-Hyun Kim
Partner Risk Management System Considering Supply Chain in Construction Project
Sinjo Eom and Sangchul Kim
A Comparative Study on the Perception of Local Stakeholders Regarding the Development of Mountain Tourism in Gangwon Province
Song-Heui Oh, Seung-Koo Lee and Jai-Woo Oh
Shoulder Strength Ratio Between Baseball Players and General Population
Nam Yong, Ju-Hye Park, Dong-Yeop Lee, Jae-Ho Yu, Jin-Seop Kim and Ji-Heon Hong